New way to download games to your older FW PS Vita – No Proxy required!

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127 Responses

  1. Nazar_Ops says:

    That is pretty clever! 😀 Thanks for the tip :3

  2. Instagator says:

    That’s cool. Wish I hadn’t updated. I want to try this.

  3. Timber says:

    That’s fantastic.

  4. Dark GOD says:

    Trying this right now.
    On FW 2.12 will post back soon.

  5. Obito says:

    I did this when I bought Megamix, to save time. It automatically downloaded. Never thought about using it on a lower firmware though, I’ll try on the next firmware update 😀

  6. exo_gurei says:

    This only works on firmwares right before the latest firmware e.g. 3.00 because the latest is 3.01. I’ve done this before even without updating. that’s why I have two exploits. Gamocracy and Arcade Darts. This is just the same for the proxies, only works for the Firmware right before the latest. After that(after another FW), it did not work anymore. This is proven.

  7. Dark GOD says:

    Still great for all you at 3.00. :)
    I’m just not ready to give up my 2.12 firmware.

  8. PspJunkie says:

    Yep. Doesn’t work on 1.81 US account. Oh well..

  9. Anon says:

    Not working for me on 2.61 sadly. I’ve tried multiple times but it’s not going through.

  10. aniki says:

    Do you need to own the game or have money onthe SEN acount?

  11. bladeboy says:

    wouldn’t work for me I’m on 2.12 and every time I try to sign in to my account it keeps saying airplane mode is on it just wont let me go through period.

  12. BeastyX says:

    Oh How I Can’t Wait To Try This When Sony Puts Out An Update. I Triggered The Download At The Online Store, When I Pressed Download On The Game I Wanted It Gave Me The Choice Of My Account Linked Systems That Were Compatible Of Course I Chose My Vita It Said Pending For About 30 Seconds Give Or Take Then The Game Popped Right Up In My Live Area On My Vita. I’m On 3.01 So Its Not That Significant But I Guess The Vita Doesn’t Do Firmware Checks Unless You Go Directly To The Store From The Vita Itself I Assume? This Would Make Everything So Much Easier

  13. Zer01neDev says:

    Sony will probably patching this fast.

    • Vita means life says:

      Funnily enough it would be stupid of them. They’ll get more money by keeping it open. This is assuming they can block it.

  14. Trebuin says:

    I’ve tried it on 2.02 and no luck as of yet. I’m interpreting restart as Power Off, then Power On…other than that, I’m following the directions exactly. Anyone else seen this?

  15. Trebuin says:

    Actually, I think my problem is that I’m not logged into the playstation network on the vita, and it asks me to update the firmware when I try to log in.

    • abdou005 says:

      me too, and because i was always trying to use charles proxy before, that’s why it logged of automaticly i think . it will work only for log in “psn users”

  16. BlueLemming says:

    Didn’t work for 2.02. Oh well, just updated to 3.01 anyways.

  17. TheUnforgiven says:

    Nice, but i think it has been better if it was released after the next patch :)

  18. fatman01923 says:

    I think everyone should just update to 3.01 anyway. The extra ram only really affects the N64 emulator anyway which doesn’t even run that smooth will most games. Like hgoel0974 said in his article here , you shouldn’t update only if don’t want to buy another exploit game if already purchased on 3.00. If you still don’t have an exploit game then definitely update to 3.01 as its silly to be without PSN access when you don’t have to.

    • Charles Fasano says:

      Since I already have Arcade Darts there is no reason for me to update past 2.12 as I am not going to spend $10 more on another game I will not play. Besides I already have a second Vita that has PSN access for my PS+ games.

      I’m staying on 2.02 until TN-V4 is released then I will update to 2.12.

    • MC808 says:

      The N64 emu is most definitely not the only emu that takes advantage of the extra RAM. You’re spreading bad info by telling people that, and you’re saying that people “should update to 3.01” on that basis. If you don’t have all the right info then you shouldn’t act like you do.
      “’s silly to be without PSN access..” Really? There’s nothing silly about. Some of us don’t give a *** about PSN. The only thing “silly” here is the uninformed blanket statements made by you.

  19. Garrlker says:

    And I just updated to 3.01 from 1.6 last night because of not wanting to do a proxy. Dang.

  20. StepS says:

    I think the reason it does not work for firmwares below 3.00 is not really due to the proxy not being fixed yet, but probably because this auto-download feature was added only on 3.00.

    Am I right? :)

    • The Z says:

      The feature has nothing to do with any “autodownload” functions of the Vita.

      • StepS says:

        I meant specifically for PS Store delayed-game-download, sorry if that wasn’t clear, but if this really worked before 3.00 then I’m sorry, it was just a guess (I’ve been out of all this for a while now…)

  21. Mr A says:

    Anywhere I can get that wallpaper?

  22. Deathhell says:

    I Have Only One Question, On The First Step: Is It Saying To Just Restart The Vita(holding power button and tapping turnoff) Or To Format The Vita Since I See That The Picture Below Look Factory Reset

  23. twfaf says:

    If I am on an airplane mode, how can I login to online store in the first place?

  24. isnizal says:

    HI,so easy.huhu.i wish my ps vita is older firmware

  25. Mr B says:

    When save data file will be available ?.Thanks.

    • Hellbelial says:

      I agree they make us wait so long for the exploit and now again for save data,they should release both at the same time.

  26. SpiderBALLS says:

    The files need to be released tonight before Sony looks into finding the games vulnerability then patching it in the next update which can be as soon as the same week.

  27. Aneudi2012 says:

    Thank You The Z. Now I can finally download Terraria when it releases in the U.S. even if the store gets blocked!

    • exo_gurei says:

      Sorry, but it might not work, because the game should now have the latest firmware requirement. Even if you had successfully downloaded the game on an older FW you still can’t play it. It will only prompt you to update. That is the rule for newly release games. If you want to play Terraria, you should be on the Firmware on the time of its release.

  28. tokia says:

    im still 3.0 the exploit are working?

  29. patty says:

    total Buul , doesnt work and wil not

  30. F says:

    Awesome, now I can update to 2.12 and get Fieldrunners.

  31. Vita means life says:

    Excellent. I am much more likely to get PS Plus now :P.

    Hope Sony can’t block it.

  32. JoeVoldox says:


    bought 101-in-1 Megamix only for testing in 3.00
    works fine for me!
    I’m waiting for TN-V4

    • Hellbelial says:

      Huh? how you made it work? isnt tnv4 files needed? i dont understand.

      • JoeVoldox says:

        I just bought it the game 101-in-1 Megamix($9,99)
        and I’m still at FW PS Vita 3.00
        I know, I will upgrade to 3.01 later, I was just seeing if it worked
        and it was perfect!
        thanks Wololo !

  33. imbapete says:

    did not work for 1.81 :)
    or i did sumthing wrong.. XD

  34. Ricky D says:

    Doesn’t work on 3.01. You need to be signed in for it to work which defeats the purpose if you’re running stuff on your vita you shouldn’t be running

    • JoeVoldox says:

      Just log-in on the sony website and try buying or downloading something.
      follow the simple tutorial in description.

      if you are in 3.01 then can connect with psvita on psn,
      this is for anyone who is on a lower firmware and can not connect to the psn.

  35. BeastyX says:

    Give It Time Gosh You Bet For The Release Then Demand The Files Have You Never Heard Of Patience?

  36. g3dn says:

    working on firmware 3.0 even not doing the airplane mode thing. i purchased king pool and restarted my vita wait for a minute and download started.

  37. twfaf says:

    If I am on an airplane mode, how can I login to online store? Do we need to login on another device simultaneously?

  38. G36cBossMan says:

    Wow so it look like after all the terrible news we heard over and over there is finally some good news to follow lol

  39. xyphon says:

    The Z, I have some question about your post
    1. How to “restart” vita?
    2. Can you show the picture about the step 2?

  40. craptalk says:

    How can i freaking sign in or log on to my online psn account on fracking airplane mode?

  41. TRUTH00 says:

    If you use the pc and ps3 way it works in the us too. I used it to put the game on my 2nd vita. Also I used it to link my 3rd vita to my psn account. So I have 3 portable systems on my account when you really can only have 2. If you need me to write a tutorial let me know

  42. SebasTorron says:

    It was deleted by the user…

  43. bobo says:

    with a browser.

  44. Brian says:

    Worked like a charm here
    Thanks a bunch

  45. xyphon says:

    Well The Z, I have tried this method. However, I always stuck on the second step. After I click the “PS store” icon, my vita tells me I am in the “airplane mode”. So where’s the problem?

  46. hotdogicn says:

    I just updated to FW 3.01,this method still works(with an account in HK server)

  47. SpudOfDoom says:

    Hey this is really great. Thanks for doing this, now I can pull down all those PS+ games without having to break CFW compatibility.

  48. Octos says:

    Now that we got the obvious ‘does not work on XX.X firmware’ out of the way, onto important business. Can this be used to get a PSOne game that is not in the Vita shop onto a Vita without using a PS3?

  49. bruno says:

    hello!!im new here!and i have ps vita 2.12 and id like to put some emulator what is the first stap??can some one teach me ? ive read the posts but im still confused what should do.Thanks all

  50. Valerio says:

    Firmware requires 3.10, PSVITA on 3.01 works

    • The_Ogrenator says:

      further confirming that this works on 3.01 as of 2014/03/27. was actually about to make an article for in /talk, but glad i did a search first :/ (my potential for making an impact was just shot down)

  51. this_is_a_throwaway_account says:

    I reset my Vita a while ago, so there’s no way for me to access PSN on my Vita without upgrading my firmware. So I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. :/ Again.

    FML. FML, FML.

  52. psx119 says:

    don’t get mad at my noob questions but i don’t get it. do i have to restart meaning shut off and turn on my vita? or reset it completely and re-link it to my account again? also don’t i need to be logged into my psn account to see my download list? if so, shutting off wifi and enabling airplane mode doesn’t work. it just says flight mode is on. and is this done from the vita,ps3 or both. plz help without trolling. thanks guys 😉

  53. crazygamer says:

    tested on 3.01 3/29/2014 works like a charm. now i can download ffx2

  54. George Sam says:

    I’m on 3.01.I buy a game from the PSN , then i open my vita but there is no download activity on my vita.What shall i do.Please help me

  55. Stoneson says:

    tested on March 30, 2014 and still working!
    for those who are not able to get it to work, on step 2 you have to go to the Online Store on your PC. do all of steps 2 to 4 on your PC. then follow rest and it will work.

  56. Matt says:

    Heads up…I tried this and it deregistered my vita, when I bought the game online and tried to download it…It said I need to register my vita..even though I have purchased things before. Anybody know another way to access psn from my device?

  57. nocturnalsteve says:

    This worked fine last week for Final Fantasy XHD but today trying the method to get Football Manager Classic 2014 nothing downloads!!! I dont want to lose my TN-V – am I sc*** – have Sony blocked this? Anyone?

  58. nocturnalsteve says:

    Right. Can anyone else on 3.01 confirm that this DOESNT work anymore?

    I deleted one of the FFX from my Vita and added it to the que via PSN and did the trick above, no download :(

    Other than update and lose TNV is there any other solution or have people still got this working??


    • godmod says:

      When I tried downloading Numblast, it didn’t transfer over to my Vita from my download list. 3.01.

      Not working for me either -_-

      Please help!

  59. Fedora says:

    I’m also on 3.01 and couldn’t download from my queue after repeating these steps, I tried downloading SFxTK last night.

  60. avexnsx says:

    Just tried it again today and it doesn’t seem to be working. Anyone else can confirm?

  61. jafery says:

    Hi, can we still use this method on new vita firmware 3.30?

  62. Glauke says:

    Hi everyone, i buy Sports Superbike 2 on but how i’m supposed to add the game on my psvita ? i can’t connect to the store if i don’t update.. and still don’t work when i “add game to download queue” help me plz guys

  63. ipostnakid says:

    i am having the same issue as the user GLAUKE above. i read about this new hack and went to buy the game KING OF POOL. i am on firmware 3.0. i followed the steps above and my PSVITA doesnt start downloading anything. what am i doing wrong please? thanks.

  64. hrosales says:

    Awesome!!!…still working, downloading Best of Board Games.

  65. BongMucker1337 says:

    Doesn’t seem to work anymore.
    Tested it on 3.18 firmware.

  66. Remedy says:

    Yeap… tried on 3.18, and nothing happens on Vita when I connect to the internet. And at the online store the game is on download queue.. Any clue?

  67. SneakinG says:

    i think the problem here is that you are not login to your psn acc. Thats why the download is no popping…im so stupid that i log out my account.when the latest firmware is 3.01

  68. Papapsofos says:

    07/12/2014 System Firmware 3.30 still working!!!!!! :)

  69. int says:

    It’s a shame that you speak about Sony in such way Z, what if they deliberately left a loophole, I for one would be offended and patch it straight away with such manor of speaking. The same way the hacking side suffers from b!tching, you’re throwing it right baxck at them. Try thinking about it the next time you write an article.

  70. Dizzle8 says:

    Still working on 3.36

  71. DLJ says:

    This worked on my vita firmware 3.36! Thanks!!

  72. slava says:

    как добавить игру в список загрузок? там только в корзину можно

  73. RageGuy says:

    Working for Pool Hall Pro hack as of 7AM, 4/5/2015.

  74. yara brandao says:

    is this method still working as of ABRIL 4 of 2015? i have been away for a while, i am on firmware 3.36 still. i wanted to download the free psn plus games for my vita without upgrading my firmware :(

  75. timbo says:

    worked on my 3.36 vita 6th/March/2015

  76. AdrenaliN says:

    Can somebody confirm that it Still Works on Fw 3.18?


  77. James says:

    what if my PSTV japan is not yet activated but i do have a psn JP, will it work if i buy the game in PSN?

  78. K says:

    I get this message when I try to download from the online store through PC. Am I doing something wrong?

    Sorry, we were unable to queue your game for download on the PlayStation(r)Vita
    Please try again.

  79. leonalchemist says:

    Still working as of 24 june 2015 on 3.51fw, thx :)

  80. a_rahban says:

    hi i tried that method but it didn’t work. please help me

  81. Me says:

    No longer seems to work as of 7/9/15.. On 3.50.

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  83. Mr. 0 says:

    I tried now on the fw 3.52, and it worked 😀

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