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JAISPI – Read and Write to the PS4 flash?

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  1. sam says:

    Step by step… 😉

  2. enigma85 says:

    1st and yay!

  3. sn37ip says:

    i think it will happen fast, in future i see ps3 game capability and stuff like that

    • Acid_Snake says:

      sorry to bust your ignorance bubble, but the ps4 will never play ps3 games by pure software, it’s not powerful enough, not even the most powerful commercial PC is powerful enough.

      • svenn says:

        Since ps4 uses x86 (same as computers) and ps3 uses CELL, so x86 need to “emulate”. I think tho in time, commercial PC’s will be able to do so, just not today.

        As for ps3 compatibility, Sony will offer a game-stream service, also you will be able to rebuy your games in ps4 format for new games, and why would you wane play ps3 games, in lets say a year ?

        • Dmaskell92 says:

          PS2 games still aren’t perfectly emulated on PC, I see all kinds of texture glitches. A real PS2 is best to play them. Just like a real PS3 is best to play PS3 on. I still have a Dreamcast because I like classic gaming, but anything older than Dreamcast I just emulate. I wouldn’t mind a Gamecube to play Phantasy Star private servers.

          • Valhalla says:

            Most PS2 games are emulated wonderfully though.

            I see PS2 emulation as a real possibility for the PS4 and if Sony doesn’t provide the feature themselves I will personally do all that I can to help the scene get it there ourselves.

        • aerinas says:

          The main reason emulation is so slow that it usually takes a ten times stronger machine to emulate is because certain hardware optimizations can’t be made. If Sony would put some of their ps3 engineers and some of their developers together they could come very close to emulating ps3 on ps4. But I doubt they would ever do that, It’s probably easier to just port the most popular games to ps4 and let the rest die in peace.

      • sn37lip says:

        btw im not as concerned as you are about some kind of useless ***, go outdoors have a real life for once and grow the f*** up

  4. PlaGeRaN says:

    I hope you can solder the chip back on, just read the chip must be removed from the board……..

    I’m not good in that department. (already sc*** up my psp for a usb charge hack)

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      I don’t think everyone needs to do this. Only a select few need to analyze the data to eventually understand it. Then maybe they can produce some kind of CFW, or release the files so somebody else can.

  5. Ninjakakashi says:

    I hope not!!! I would at least hope 2 years before a start let alone a finish. If it is hacked to early xbox win the console wars on games…

    • Acid_Snake says:

      The wii was hacked early, the xbox 360 was hacked early, the PS3 was hacked pretty late and it’s still harder to hack than the other two consoles, did the PS3 win the console wars? nope.
      I’m sorry but your logic is hugely flawed and is the same *** game companies have been trying to sell us for a lot of times: “Piracy kills a console”.
      I’m sorry but it didn’t kill the PS1 and I’m sure as heck it didn’t kill the PS2.
      Matter of fact, the PS1 was immensely pirated, heck PS1 hacking is what invented modchips, while the N64 stayed piracy-free for almost all of its lifespan, yet the PS1 sold 4 times as more as the N64 did.
      To add insult to injury, the Vita is not even hacked and it’s already dead.

      Read a bit of console history, you’ll be surprised about how much wrong you are.

      • svenn says:

        I totally agree on this. Piracy, is the best thing a console can have, aslong as its not final, and sony is able to close the gate, people will buy a console, then buy games anyway.

      • Dmaskell92 says:

        I have always thought this. Just look at the PSP sales. In a way I wanted a PSP more than my Vita, I will have both eventually thanks to TN-V4. My PSP was in my pocket during a heavy rainstorm I was caught in. It never turned on again. But I fell in love with the analogs on the Vita, so it’s ok.

      • makak1984 says:

        +100% agreed Acid

      • Giovanni says:

        just what I thought, man 😉 You’re right and yes look at the PSP, Wii ,X360, PSone and 2, they were sold like heck all around the world ! The PSP even got it’s highest saling amounts when it got completely hacked before the e1000 model came 🙂

      • CNPalmer says:

        BOOM! Goes the dynamite!

      • Thrawn says:

        Don’t forget the NDS, it was hacked early and there was a CFW for it. But only a few did that and then flash cards arose over the horizon. Did this kill the NDS? NO.
        heck the NDS is/was the most selling portable console ever. Its sold consoles equal the sales of the ps2!
        AND there was piracy on the nds all around.

    • Bullshiters says:

      ummmm, the PS2 was hacked since day 1 iirc, but hey look, its the most successful console of it’s generation.

  6. svenn says:

    “Yes, that’s a computer and yes, it does run linux” It also runs Android and RISC OS if you are in that kinky stuff 😉
    Great article!

    • Theredbaron says:

      Plus BSD, ReactOS, Plan9 and even FirefoxOS (yes, that last one is linux too, but so is android).

      • Quade321 says:

        Yes. Just ordered a Pi myself. Linux/BSD/Other Open Source OS nerds unite! (But I’m not gonna be touching a PS4 flash memory. Haven’t even got one. It’s only to play around with. 😉

        • Quade321 says:

          xD I don’t like the picture system. Why did it make me angry? :p

          They should all be happy faces. That’ll probably cause mis interpretations and lower the flames of Internet rage in the comments. ^_^

  7. Vita means life. says:

    This guy is legit. He made a firmware emulator on PS3 if I recall correctly.

  8. Giovanni says:

    Yeah man ! I remember JaiCrab being a legit and professional dev, so I believe in his little new device 😉 I think the scene will get hotter and hotter in 2014 and this could be the first step 😀

  9. CLOUD says:

    THAT PIC IS A LIE LOOK http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWpLcq0ZiYA AT 1:41 ITS THE SAME BOARD ITS CALLED RASPBERRY PIE

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