Firmware 3.01 available – Some usermode exploits fixed, …

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  1. airkingbr

    I really dont understand how have people dont discovery the ninja game with this comments, i see hints and more hints, already ok, only waiting! =)

    • sptrk75

      I think the hints are more obvious when you already know the title. Otherwise they may not be as apparent.

    • pagliara

      Yeah I’m pretty sure I figured it out with the hints. I already have 2.12 with Gamocracy so I’m going to wait until I am able to see the ninja release before I buy.

  2. b3lokk

    could you post what the hints are.. that would be greatly appreciated

  3. boobs

    Bomb is in the name of the exploit. 😉 big hint

  4. kaotik-snake69

    If im correct in my guess of the game that iv had it for about a year lol and if I got it wrong then il just wait for public release as I can see my ninja release as of yet…

  5. b3l0kk

    there are alot of games on there that have the word bomb in it

  6. ickn28

    December 25, 2013 merry christmas to all.. TN-V4 🙂

  7. kaotik-snake69

    I can count on one hand how many games I found with bomb in the name im using the eu psn store

  8. 420

    I wouldn’t trust his/her word on that game title. We just have to wait.

  9. kaotik-snake69

    Im more then happy to wait for this lol as I said in another post this is worth the wait.

  10. Alex


    I’m not going to ask the exploit game’s name. But I’d like someone to explain me why are you all calling this a usermode exploit, if it is capable of executing PSP games… Shouldn’t it be a kernel mode exploit?

    Please, someone explain me this, im on URBANIX firmware 1.81 and I want to be sure I don’t lose any functionality. Please…

    • jeff

      this isnt the actual kernal exploit, that will be released later. Basically to run the kernal exploit you need a way to run unsigned code, thats where this usermode exploit comes in. you run the usermode exploit to be able to run the kernal exploit which otherwise wouldnt be able to run.

  11. Max7731

    I stay on 2.60 with arcade games exploit

  12. i’m sure the game costs 10$ , giving the fact that i couldn’t find any “bomb” named game priced at 10$ so he’s clearly lying.

  13. Anas

    I knew the exploited game. Please release tn-v4 asap.


  14. masta

    Währung 3 days now 🙁

  15. Max

    When and will be published for everyone???

  16. Gasmaniak

    Guys, i am from russia. I represent the Russian community PS Vita.
    Please tell the name of the game for hacking.
    I promise not to distribute the name of the game. Only for our community

    My mail:

    P.S. Sorry for my English.

    • Ricky D

      You promise not to distribute the name of the game, but you say you’re going to give it to your community.

      Just wait for the announcement like everybody else. Having the game name early doesn’t mean anything. It will be made public soon enough and there will be time to buy the game. Just keep watching for the announcement

    • Yakov Smirnov

      Halo 4 is the game

  17. Edude52k


  18. max7731

    Thank you for your travail.Sur the exploies and TN-V4.

  19. Gorek-X

    Yes! they also already have the game!. I’ll give you a hint: the game does not cost more than $10 😉

  20. michele

    what is the exploit name?? pls pls

  21. WoIolo