Firmware 3.01 available – Some usermode exploits fixed, …

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  1. DiabloNocturnia says:

    I am currently on fw 3.00 and have recently bought a new game, is there any benefit in me updating or should I stay where I am ?

  2. anonanon says:

    “We can be lucky that both, TN-V4 and the (soon to be announced) ninja release usermode exploit game are still working. If you did not get the exploit game, you should better hurry, before Sony releases a Firmware 3.02 which could patch it (, if you know which game you have to get)”

    >TN-V4 and the (soon to be announced) ninja release usermode exploit game are still working

    >If you did not get the exploit game, you should better hurry, before Sony releases a Firmware 3.02 which could patch it

    I’m confused, you’re saying the ninja release has not happened yet, and telling people to download it now?

  3. Reynkz says:

    “If you did not get the exploit game, you should better hurry, before Sony releases a Firmware 3.02 which could patch it (, if you know which game you have to get).”
    Ummm…I’m confused by this statement; the game hasn’t even been announced right? Also I’m on 3.00, should I go to 3.01?

  4. andre104623 says:

    It’s obvious that Sony has a team of people that are going game by game trying to make them crash. Then releasing a firmware that patches the games they found in hopes that one of them is the one that we are using. But I’m really surprised that almost 2 years after getting my Vita I can still download games that can hack it thank you wololo it’s been nice run but I think this might be the last ninja release I will ever see.

  5. that says:

    what the ???? psvita like psp the new version

  6. jake says:

    Arghhh! Never could register to the forums thingy. Like seriously, the first and like 2 characters of “: ak6sdferadf:” (no quotes included) should be “: f:” (no quotes included) or “: f:” (no quotes included)… am I doing something wrong? =/

  7. Dmaskell92 says:

    It’s like 11:30PM here, how will I be able to sleep tonight? I am excited lol.

  8. Wraddek says:

    Hey is it possible that you could release the name of the ‘leaked’ game that was patched? I mean, it’s patched now anyway right so what more harm can it do.. I’m just thinking that for those people who wish to stay at 3.00 who don’t have access to the new game (due to psn regions) that is gonna be released soon with tn-v4 could download the leaked game onto ps3 and transfer it over to their 3.00 Vita.

  9. Lai says:

    Sony always gives surprises to every maintenance.. gawd..-_-

  10. Thecount007 says:

    wait it says that the ninja release started? So why isnt it visible upon login?

  11. pikootkoh says:

    i can’t get the exploit game yet…. coz i still can’t see the banner T^T… checking the forums a couple of times everday.. T.T

  12. Rasel says:

    where is the ninja released exploited game???

  13. b3l0kk says:

    i like to get this before they have a chance to roll out 3.02

  14. Player says:

    Is the ninja release alreday online?

  15. ZiN says:

    Do I need to be an old member to see the ninja release banner?

  16. swaga says:

    calm down ppl just a mtter of time before you can see it

  17. loljejelol says:

    Oh god i have bad luck :( , until December 16 I get my vita hopefully not take out an update to patch the game before i have it

  18. BahamutBBob says:

    When I saw the other article earlier, I was scared that I had wasted…some amount of money getting the new game, glad that I don’t have to worry about the update breaking the kernel exploit. (yet)

  19. Hellbelial says:

    Ninja what? its an indie minis or what.

  20. acknologia says:

    lucky i went of twitter, saw wololo’s tweet about this article, read this article decided to go to fourms cause well ninja

  21. John_Scott says:

    I hope there is another game coming for the ninja release. One that is available in New Zealand.

  22. BeastyX says:

    I’m Stoked Just Updated And Got My Hidden Package 😉

  23. bmlzootown says:

    Can’t wait for tn-v4! Just got my Vita the other day. =D

  24. MrDo! says:

    Not sure where or when I will see this banner that shows up. I’ve been looking where the random homebrew banner is. Is this the right spot? Thanks.

  25. dante says:

    sadly i’m a registered member and i can’t see it , maybe because i’m new and it’s only available for older members.
    anyway says i lost the chance to grab the game in time , can i have it later on when sony relese new firmware and put the game back in the store so then i use the oipenCM ps3 method , does sony usually patch the the game or just the firmware?

  26. Beastes says:

    I dont see ninja release and im afraid little i wait long for this tnv4 and have no exploit game
    I need this game exploit thank

  27. mangosteam says:

    whew that last statement is very wrong. people panic … im a year member now too and i still havent receive it but ill just patiently wait for it and hopes i get it on time and work wont make me regret it….

  28. G36cBossMan says:

    Lmao how much longer will it take before there are no exploits left? Now we lost a total of 22 figures..

  29. qwikrazor87 says:

    No patches were made on the kernel side, it was only an update to patch usermode exploits (8 games patched), the games that will be used for TN-V4 are still usable on 3.01.

  30. wangxing says:

    Can you give me a rough time

  31. wangxing says:

    im from china ,im inglish so bad ,i find all the wed ,i don not konw this game’s name ,can you tell me.think you

  32. McLoven says:

    2min remaining on my update as I’m scouting the forums for any new discoveries/news on TN-V4 compatibility or errors. Sony u sneaky sonofabish =)

  33. Thrawn says:

    Well, either sony is now aggressively gathering crash reports of vita and software AND/OR they have hired a bunch of devs/hackers for the sole purpose of finding weaknesses in their own firmware and psp emulator.
    So I believe, the more exploits there are and being often tested and/or used, the sooner sony notice those crash logs and begin to analyze them.

  34. qq says:

    Was the game already removed from being announced on the forums? I’m not seeing anything. :<

  35. alfred says:

    i am a registered member.. but i cant see it :(

  36. gpodgl says:

    I hope the tnv4 be released shortly. or anytime the sony ends the game. must have spy here in Wololo, just might.

  37. gpodgl says:

    I am registered and have not seen anything. what game have to get?

  38. Max says:

    it will work with apache overkill???

    • tangra87 says:

      yes if your aat the FW recuared for this game. if you still are, yes and you dont have to update,unless you want the ps4 compability and wana buy the new exploytable game.

  39. TheZ says:

    The TN-V4 exploit game is called Brain Challenge. Get it before sony takes down the game!

  40. Egelsetzer says:

    Why do you even release the game? Why not keep it secred and just release TN 4? This way sony might not know about the game even after the tn 4 release.

    • tangra87 says:

      simple becouse there are many usermode explotable games ,but kernel exploits are only few,so it is more important keep the kernel files in secret ,than an exploitable game that can be changed with anotherone.

  41. uncledave says:

    Has it been released or not? All these posts are confusing, Im a registered member and have been searching the forum for over a hour and can’t see anything yet people make it out like the ninja release is out?

    • tangra87 says:

      I have the same problem .
      I think it is , but nider I have it. I dont understand it ider ,becouse I reseaved older ninja releses , but this I havent. But as long as I understand it is relesed yet ,and the only thing we can do is update and wait. :(

  42. LuKe_AA says:

    If it was utilized for a simple “Hello World Hack”, that’d explain how Sony could successfully patch it without anyone even leaking it.

  43. SebasTorron says:

    I was checking out the update 3.01 in wikipedia and I found the details in the exploited game for no reason:
    -System stability has been improved.
    -A savegame exploit within “Cubixx, King of Pool, Urbanix (a second flaw, first flaw was fixed in 2.00)” and other games has been patched, disallowing the usage of VHBL/eCFW via the games.

  44. DethOfChaos says:

    I have registered with wololo forums twice and I stil don’t get these ninja releases…

  45. Noobies says:

    Guys, help me !!!
    what is the ninja release ?
    how can i get the exploits game ?
    currently im at 3.00

  46. neoshagrath says:

    Getting a 403 forbidden error when trying to log-in in the forums. Is it just me?

    • wololo says:

      Try again in 4 hours. We have an anti-spam mechanism, it probably warned you a few times then banned you. We reset the list of banned IPs every 4hours

  47. megaman781 says:

    I heard it was not safe to update yet, are you guys 100% positive it doest patch the exploit?? I already updated :/

  48. How do I register to get the list of games compatible with hacks?

  49. jeje says:

    done DLing the game..better DL PSP game so excited 😀 tnx THE Z and other’s

  50. dangerdave says:

    How can you be done when the ninja release isn’t out yet…

  51. KishiyoJin says:

    so if i have the exploit… would i still be able to buy games on PSN? or use psvita game cards?

    • arcthelad says:

      Afaik you would be able to access the store if there’s no new FW update after the release.

      As for the game cards, newer ones won’t work probably (say a game that uses 3.02+ FW)

  52. mangosteam says:

    whew i feel like my c0mments had been erased

  53. Whackm says:

    Hey guys, just a quick thing I noticed. I have two vitas, one at FW 2.11 and another at 3.0

    I grabbed the game using the 3.0 Vita, saved it, and then attempted to transfer it to the 2.11 Vita using OpenCMA.

    It starts the transfer, but just at the very end, I get a “Some Content Could not be copied” error and then it quits.

    It seems there is some Firmware checking when transferring PSP games, which is odd since the transfer of Vita games does work regardless of the FW version between the two vitas. You can get an error when starting a game on the 2.11 vita which requires a higher firmware, but it still seems to allow you to transfer it.

    Oh well. Bye Bye 64 MB :(

  54. eviLucifer says:

    So in summary, is it ok to update to 3.01 or stay at 3.00 for the exploit?

  55. anonanon says:

    Hopefully requesting this much info is all right, I need to prepare a new PSN account since I will probably have a very short window to grab the game before I’ll be without internet access for a few days.
    Will I be better off with a US or UK PSN account for this exploit, and what size PSN store card will I have to purchase off Amazon?

  56. seigerem says:

    So, If I download the actual exploit game at 3.01 It will still work?

  57. honey103 says:

    what game should i download 3.01 for tn-v4 release?

  58. jin799 says:

    Thanks for the info.
    I just wanna make sure again …..
    I have the arcade bowling& air hockey so I do not need this exploit do I ?[I’m on 2.60 firmware]

    • wololo says:

      Right, you should be fine. Unless you want to use the opportunity to update.

      • jin799 says:

        No thanks I’m fine as I am…. I do not wanna update !!!
        Thanks for clarifying that up wololo …..

      • Martin Mikael says:

        Wololo Hello, I’m French and not working at all at Sony, but I do not understand and do not know how m up because I have not twitter, I just wanted to short and if you acceptier you can give me the name of games. Thank you in advance and sorry for my poor English

        • Hellbelial says:

          Sure the name of the game is Fatal Frame Vs Clock Tower,seriously?,if you put this:I’m French and not working at all at Sony,that’s because you are working for Sony,and if im not right you shouldn’t say that *** because most of us will think you work with sony it’s just stupid to say that.Hey guys,can you tell me how many pirated games you have on your home or pc? im not the police,TRUST ME IM NOT!!!,what do you think the believe?,why is he asking that,is very far away from home “For example” -_-

  59. dgjg0622 says:

    I found
    I will not say

  60. honey103 says:

    help what game should i download if i update 3.01 and w8 tn-v4 relase?

  61. phil says:

    I am following this page and I keep watching and refreshing the forum page (I am a registered user for quite some time and downloaded a previous exploit) and still I don’t see any information about the game some of you say they know the name. So what am I doing wrong this time ?

    • Spartacus says:

      You didn’t do anything wrong persay, just for whatever reason it didn’t feel like sharing the release with you. I was able to see the name of the game so I know it’s working well.

  62. CARLO says:

    what is that game? 0.0

  63. wz says:

    Hi, how do i register? and how do i know what is the game? thanks you

  64. muchas says:

    i update my vita fw 3.01 so that i can access to psn store what game name is this us, eu or jp psn? and w8 tn-v4 release pls help bec Z said you should better hurry, before Sony releases a Firmware 3.02 which could patch it…
    im noob pls help me

  65. Spartacus says:

    I thought TN-V4 was a kernel exploit and not user mode. I’m confused

  66. Guti says:

    What is the game please? I ‘m registred

  67. Se7EN says:

    the ninja release showing depends on how long youve bee registered the longer u have been registered the faster you get to see it

  68. NinDTendo says:

    He means , if U KNOW which game, download it…
    Ninja release wasn’t released yet, but many people know that there are more games that are working!
    So wait for ninja release …LIKE ME XP

  69. Isaac says:

    can any one tell me? Pls!!! :(

  70. Isaac says:

    Im registred but i cant see the Exploit game
    pls tell me the game :(

  71. Brian says:

    Im @ 3.00 Should I Update To 3.01?…..What Is The New Game Title?….

  72. DaDude says:

    General rules for Ninja releases

    1st rule: You do not talk about ninja releases


    3rd rule: You do not ask for information regarding the ninja releases.

    4th rule: If you were left behind wait for the public release.

    5th rule: If you were a registered user and found out later that there was a ninja release and you never found out don’t go whining about it in the comments.

  73. Relax says:

    just w8 they will release a exploit game just prepair ur psn wallet 10 to 20 dollars i think…. when the day comes ninja release what game we should get in psn store together release of our precious and most exciting tn-v4… so be patient guys !!!

  74. Devin Smith says:

    Sounds like sony has a team looking for exploits to patch before the community can find them.

  75. seigerem says:

    The only thing I want to know if the exploit in the forum for the 3.00 still works for the 3.01?

  76. Braw971 says:

    seigerem, you can see it on the forum, i update my vita to 3.01. Wait & See.

  77. kazuya says:

    Hey guys, quick question. I’m on 2.02 with Uno exploit. I want to update to 3.00, will Uno still work with TN-V4 on 3.00 or do I need to get the new? I’d appreciate some help.

  78. oxi says:

    My Vita will arrive on Christmas and I hope to still be able to buy the game then.
    Please wait as long as you can with releasing TN-V4.

  79. oxi says:

    It could be smart to confuse Sony by announcing the wrong game (some very cheap or free game) as a ninja release, before announcing the real ninja release.

  80. Tony486 says:

    I’ll not buy this game. I’m waiting for the kernel exploit! You can’t load ISO with a usermode exploit

  81. Brian says:

    F@$# Now I’m At 3.01 Now What?….

    • Ricky D says:

      Looks like a lot of people don’t read things properly. You’re fine on 3.01. Grab the ninja release if/when available to you and wait for the files

  82. bmlzootown says:

    So the thread regarding Ninja releases is still correct in that all registered members will have access to the ninja release before the public release, aside from trusted members having even earlier access, no?

  83. Ratchtet says:

    I hope it’s comming soon :3, WE WANT IT 😀

  84. Mike says:

    Where I can download the new exploit?

  85. Xperimental says:

    Can someone tell me how to fix the the files for half minute hero, I just got the psptoolchain up and running again
    my Vita is on 2.61.


  86. huss0406 says:

    Waiting for the game!!! 😀

  87. chrisgomez3030 says:

    was scared since i already have the announced game, happy to hear that one didn´t got patched :)

  88. Instagator says:

    Stupid question, where in the forums can I find the info on the ninja release? I’m registered, but new.

    • bmlzootown says:

      From what I understand, when it becomes available to you, it’ll show up at the top of the forum. The background color of the area appears to be different (going off the thread about Ninja Releases), so it should be noticeable. Just look for threads pertaining to the Ninja Release.

  89. I will update to 3.01 or 3.00 I stay in?

    • Spartacus says:

      I’m sticking to 2.02 and I have the ninja release on my PS VITA just waiting on standby to get a 100% confirmation that 3.01 will work, otherwise I downloaded the 3.00 if I must and will manually update via the guide posted by The Z

      • ZhaJi says:

        Even if it isn’t a 100% working, the main components that run the exploit should still be working. Since the one and most important thing the developers of this exploit probably checked right away after the update was whether or not the emulator still worked. Likewise, if the emulator still ran games. But, I agree with you, better play it safe, but for people who only found out today or haven’t received it yet will have to download it and hope it works. Its been two days so its safe to assume they haven’t found any ground breaking discoveries that would destroy the exploit. I personally ended up updating my ps vita since i want to play online games while i still can lol…

  90. NeverSayDie says:

    I love this trusted member stuff. Exploited game going to be removed and these non trusted members miss out that’s amazing because I sure don’t want the exploit you know.

  91. wolf says:

    Well, the ninja release has been on Neogaf…hopefully the exploit gets release sooner than later now.

    • NeverSayDie says:

      Give me some proof. Plus the Ninja Release is a waste of time without the files

    • anonanon says:

      Thank you for the hint – I think I found the name of the game now. It seems to fit all the hints I’ve gathered from the comments so far, so I’m hoping it’s correct (Not a registered member of Neogaf, so didn’t get it from the same place as you).
      In case anyone replies to this comment asking for the name of the game – No I will not give it to you. Only reason I went off to try and find it elsewhere, is because I’m leaving in a few hours and will be without internet for a few days (Going overseas) I’m not even positive I got the right game, but it was all or nothing as the next time I’ll have internet, it’ll probably be off the store.

  92. jatrix says:

    Patiently waiting.. :)

  93. b3l0kk says:

    same here… been watching the site all day

  94. jake says:

    One more quick question guys. Does the ninja release mean that *all registered users get it first but a select users we trust get it earlier* or *all registered users get it before the public release but in order of how trustworthy they are (ie post count/activity ect)?
    So basically is it (1) *trustworthy* then *registered* then *public*
    or (2): *person 1* then *person 2* then *person 3* ect ect
    Thanks guys!!! 😀

  95. kingfukitty says:

    I’m waiting for the Total_Noob’s TN-V release now. Thank’s the z and everyone else.

  96. omeguy says:

    agh this error 403 I cant login my account :( help!!!

  97. jake says:

    Is the setup procedure for this the same as when setting up a user exploit. I once did it for the Apache Overkill exploit (i’ve updated to 3.01 and I lost the original game though)… so the game [Insert Name (actually don’t 😉 )] we’re going to soon get revealed is ALL we need?
    ie you publicly release the exploited game… Is that game ALL we need before you release the files needed?

    • The Z says:

      You just need the right game installed at your Vita.

      Then, when we release the files, you get the files and put them on the vita.

      Launch the game, load the savegame (maybe some additonal stuff, like menu navigation) and the exploit should trigger.

      • jeje says:

        Z can i ask…if i play psp games on my vita using the kernel exploit…is it possible to play online on the game? plss it supported..?

  98. jeje says:

    i am so excited…..its good that before they released the game…its sembreak hahaha….i hope…i hope monster hunter will run smoothly in the new kernel or tnv exploit hahah tnx to our programmers

  99. Anas says:

    What is the exploit name. I want to buy it before 3.02 fw.
    Please replay

    • ResleyZ says:

      Nobody will tell you here. Register at the /talk forums and hope that you’ll see the ninja release. You could already add around $10 to your wallet so you have enough money.

    • Braw971 says:

      you have to be a trusted member. there is a thread about this on the forum. Wait & see then… im sorry for my lack of language… im french.( and thats true, cmd tracert :) )

  100. Sunohara says:

    Sony`s going to find a big surprise in their sales report this month.Depending on how many people grab the announced game and run to their nearest retailer to buy a vita if they dont own one yet.

  101. Patrick says:

    Does this 3.01 Exploit with TN-V4 has Kernel access? Because currently I am on 2.02 UNO exploit. I want to play the new games via original game cassette, but also want to play my PSP Games via TN-V.

    A short yes would satisfy me.

  102. Sugoi says:

    ( if you know which game you have to get)

    No, i don’t, could you please tell me?.

    i have never get a VHBL so, i guess i gotta buy the right one for the tnv4 “( if you know which game you have to get)”
    So if you do, woul be extremly nice if you tell me <3.

    Let me guess, it is a PSP game, am i wrong?

    With love… Sugoi.

  103. icyheart says:

    Every one please Donate Dont get the game and and just set down !!! Remember your Brother work

  104. kaotik-snake69 says:

    Just a quick question I had an account on the talk forum but forgot all my login details as im using a new phone (upgrade) so 8 have made a new account does that make a difference to me getting the ninja release?

    • GeeKd says:

      A lost account is a lost account. For all the sites that I’m registered to, I only have 2 usernames and 2 passwords. If one username doesn’t work, I use the other username. If one password doesn’t work, I use the other password.

  105. percival says:

    hi i just got the ninja release game but its wierd i cant play the game whats wrong with this game when i select single player nothing happen. Is there a problem with game or just my ps vita.

  106. Vitality says:

    Can’t wait. My PSN wallet has few more dollars to be spend for the exploited game.

  107. BusteD! says:

    I just sign up for the forum. Does that mean I have to wait for public release of the game? I hope I get it before Sony pull the game. Finger X

  108. Galford73 says:

    Hi everyone can someone tell me what is the exploited game please send me a message thank you.

  109. kaotik-snake69 says:

    You shouldn’t ask for the name of the game just be patient and it will be revealed soon I hope as my ninja banner is not showing I am waiting as well all good things come to those that wait and im sure this is worth waiting for. Keep up the good work guys

  110. GEEEK says:

    Am so glad 3.01 will be compatible w\TN-V4
    This is a great Xmas present! tHANNKXXX

  111. huss0406 says:

    Luckily I know the name of the game(DON’T ASK ME WHAT IS), now I’m waiting for the files to be released, I hope I could play my psp games ’cause my psp phat I had to sell it and now I regret

  112. TRUTH says:

    What would you do if you found a game exploit? Like a ps vita title game that you can buy out the store, but I can only get a picture to pull up at the moment? Basically I am saying from that game exploit I may have created/found would it be possible for a ps vita custom firmware?

  113. BeastyX says:

    Then PM Somebody With The Info Someone Trusted I’m Sure There Are Plenty Of People Here On The Forums That Could Into It If Its Legit

  114. jeff says:

    after the game is off the store, and a firmware update is released to patch the exploit, will i still be able to swap between my main psn account and the account i bought the game on (different memory cards) or will i be blocked from deactivating/activating the accounts without updating or could the game data on the memorystick be blocked apon activating afterwards?

    • jeff says:

      really need an answer to this. Can you deactivate/activate a psn account on a ps vita when you are not on the latest firmware

  115. Fate says:

    won oh won meegle mux <- psp

  116. ZenoGia says:

    Got a question, if im locked out of the PSN store on my vita because i refuse to update, how the heck to i purchase the game thats said to hack my vita? I mean I can’t even connect to my ps3 because it requires me to update to 3.01. the content manager will not allow me to connect to anything. I don’t understand how thats going to work, am i missing something?

    • sptrk75 says:

      Hasn’t the ninja release title been confirmed to work on 3.01? If so, I don’t see the harm in updating if your goal is to run TN-V4 via it.

  117. b3lokk says:

    is there a way i can just donate 5 bucks and you can unlock the ninja release link on the talk site ?

  118. airkingbr says:

    I really dont understand how have people dont discovery the ninja game with this comments, i see hints and more hints, already ok, only waiting! =)

    • sptrk75 says:

      I think the hints are more obvious when you already know the title. Otherwise they may not be as apparent.

    • pagliara says:

      Yeah I’m pretty sure I figured it out with the hints. I already have 2.12 with Gamocracy so I’m going to wait until I am able to see the ninja release before I buy.

  119. b3lokk says:

    could you post what the hints are.. that would be greatly appreciated

  120. boobs says:

    Bomb is in the name of the exploit. 😉 big hint

  121. kaotik-snake69 says:

    If im correct in my guess of the game that iv had it for about a year lol and if I got it wrong then il just wait for public release as I can see my ninja release as of yet…

  122. b3l0kk says:

    there are alot of games on there that have the word bomb in it

  123. ickn28 says:

    December 25, 2013 merry christmas to all.. TN-V4 :)

  124. kaotik-snake69 says:

    I can count on one hand how many games I found with bomb in the name im using the eu psn store

  125. 420 says:

    I wouldn’t trust his/her word on that game title. We just have to wait.

  126. kaotik-snake69 says:

    Im more then happy to wait for this lol as I said in another post this is worth the wait.

  127. Alex says:


    I’m not going to ask the exploit game’s name. But I’d like someone to explain me why are you all calling this a usermode exploit, if it is capable of executing PSP games… Shouldn’t it be a kernel mode exploit?

    Please, someone explain me this, im on URBANIX firmware 1.81 and I want to be sure I don’t lose any functionality. Please…

    • jeff says:

      this isnt the actual kernal exploit, that will be released later. Basically to run the kernal exploit you need a way to run unsigned code, thats where this usermode exploit comes in. you run the usermode exploit to be able to run the kernal exploit which otherwise wouldnt be able to run.

  128. Max7731 says:

    I stay on 2.60 with arcade games exploit

  129. i’m sure the game costs 10$ , giving the fact that i couldn’t find any “bomb” named game priced at 10$ so he’s clearly lying.

  130. Anas says:

    I knew the exploited game. Please release tn-v4 asap.


  131. masta says:

    Währung 3 days now :(

  132. Max says:

    When and will be published for everyone???

  133. Gasmaniak says:

    Guys, i am from russia. I represent the Russian community PS Vita.
    Please tell the name of the game for hacking.
    I promise not to distribute the name of the game. Only for our community

    My mail:

    P.S. Sorry for my English.

    • Ricky D says:

      You promise not to distribute the name of the game, but you say you’re going to give it to your community.

      Just wait for the announcement like everybody else. Having the game name early doesn’t mean anything. It will be made public soon enough and there will be time to buy the game. Just keep watching for the announcement

    • Yakov Smirnov says:

      Halo 4 is the game

  134. Edude52k says:


  135. max7731 says:

    Thank you for your travail.Sur the exploies and TN-V4.

  136. Gorek-X says:

    Yes! they also already have the game!. I’ll give you a hint: the game does not cost more than $10 😉

  137. michele says:

    what is the exploit name?? pls pls

  138. WoIolo says:

    7 Wonders Of The Ancient World..
    This is a game.

  139. SERGIO says:

    im a member how do i get the ninja release please help


  141. Nosmas says:

    Can somebody who knows the exploited game tell me if this game is on Japanese PSN store or not? Cuz if it’s not I don’t have to wait and just forget about it and continue my life as usual.

    • Ricky D says:


      It’ll be worth the wait….or not…who knows :)

      • nosmas says:

        wow that’s pretty helpful -___-
        all i rly want to know if it is on Japanese PSN or not, i understand that people dont want to tell the name of the game, but is it that hard to tell me if it is on Japanese PSN or not… since usually the exploited game is US/EU only.
        But thanks for your reply anyway… not trying to be rude:(

  142. tokia says:

    what OFW version recommended for now?

  143. Instagator says:

    Ninja!! Woot woot! Thanks!

  144. максим says:

    please send to my gmail name of exploited game!! im from russia,and i cant find it on russia forums.(( sorry for my bab english) im was never learn english in to school))
    that is my gmail –

  145. maxim says:

    почему мой коментарий удалили, чем я хуже других.. на несколько постов выше есть подобый коментарий, но вы же его не удалили.. я просто хочу модифицировать свою ps vita и ниего более.. я ведь не какой то зассланный шпион из комании sony.. разработчик, я тебя прошу, отправь мне название , нужной игры, пожалуйста… мне его бльше негде найти..(

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