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ReCAP – Raising My Voice About PS4 Voice Recognition

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  1. Mike says:


  2. gamerdad7 says:

    Calm down boys eventually its going to be released.

    Voice recognition will be very cool. I just hope Sony will give the option to personalize it like in smart phones. Saying “switch off” will save you from physically pushing the button which will make you even lazier.

    • CNPalmer says:

      Completely agree. It seems “almost” like an after thought with just enough features to not be left out of the competition. I’ve seen plenty of companies do this with products where they include some slight implementation of the feature just enough to check off the box to say “yeah, we have that too”.

  3. PS4 is missing quite basic stuff, gaming aspect of it is fine tho

  4. mangosteam says:

    voice recognition could be a good add on to ps vita system someday.. and i hope vita 3g users can get additional system functions too.

    • CNPalmer says:

      I would like to see it extended to the Vita as well! If you are using it as a second screen type of controller you’d like to perform some additional functions there anyways. Why not leverage the handheld as much as possible especially if that is the direction Sony is trying to take the Vita in with the symbiotic relationship to the PS4.

    • anterlop says:

      yeah i want extra feature on 3g vita, like sms app.

  5. Mamimi says:

    Don’t forget, voice recognition is available with the headset that comes with the system, right out of the box. 😀

  6. jake says:

    I’m not 100% sure but I think this’ll end up being one of those gimmicks which are there simply because it adds on to the number of features a console has. Just like remote play between the PSP&PS3 (unless you had cfw mind you)

  7. GuitaristMatt says:

    The camera times out when I try to use it. My best use of it is going from Netflix and “Playstation back-to-game”

    • CNPalmer says:

      I’ve found that if you are already speaking and then try to have it respond to certain commands it just won’t work. It works much better when commands are used word by word, one by one.

  8. x-eye says:

    Palmer this sounds like technology In its infancy. On one hand the idea of having a dialogue with a character in a game is kinda exciting. On the other hand it has a niche/never gonna work right – feel to it.

    • CNPalmer says:

      Currently, I think you are right, but with the right updates and new features it could take off. It’s a matter of allowing devs to implement the API correctly AND having Sony increase the basic usage of it outside of a game. Sony can’t be the only ones promoting or using the features, otherwise it will die a slow death.

  9. x-eye says:

    * just think ps2’s infamous unsupported guncon and you’ll get the idea. 😀

  10. ss says:

    when i connected my pulse elite headset with my ps4 controller i was surprised by the suggestion bubble about voice commands pop up. i was like orly and looked up the online manual about the feature.

    has anyone compaired voice commands with a mic vs the camera?

    • gunblade says:

      idk hardware wise the bluetooth and wifi is tied into the secondary cpu the camera to wy it can wake the ps4 from stand by but i think the camera uses the same ram as the front usb and the audio and video..

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