HowTo: use a proxy server with your PS4 to sniff PSN traffic (SKFU Pr0xy)


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34 Responses

  1. k3nn says:

    this may be the beginning of a great(?) hack :)

  2. Instereo4 says:

    nothing of PsViTa Exploit???? T_T

  3. Timber says:

    Nice guide, thank you.

  4. xyphon says:

    Wololo, I have some few question about the SKFU Pr0xy. First, can it also work on psvita? Second, if it can, will the vita’s firmware be forced to update to the latest version?

    • titegtnodI says:

      1. Yes
      2. Sort of, if you’re one FW behind you can prevent the update for a while, but eventually you’re asked to update again. (Example: You used to be able to get on the PSN using 2.61, while the latest is 3.00, but that was recently “fixed”)

      • xyphon says:

        Thank you very much, titegtnodI. However, I still have three questions.
        1.Can I download games on PSN through SKFU Pr0xy?
        2.Can this program also work on 3ds?
        3.If can, will SKFU Pr0xy block the firmware update?

    • It was originally called PS Vita proxy or Vita Proxy, but as it works on anything, it was changed to SKFU Proxy.

  5. Gus says:

    This method still works for PS Vita 2.60/2.61?
    (For Vita 3.00 no longer works, just to test), thanks.

  6. Namor says:

    While there may be a bit of interesting items to gleam, for the most part this is pretty useless, unless you can get a legit cert/key and for the SSL address so you can see the encrypted traffic. Even then, what are the chances that Sony decided to bake the SSL fingerprint of their SSL provider and maybe even their key into the firmware? (Google Chrome does this)

    • thewizard says:

      thanks. now im never going to browse confidently with chrome ever again! how dare you warn of potential security threats.. but really. that sounds like a dumb thing to do.

  7. ecnj10 says:

    will this also solve my problem of getting NAT type 3?

  8. kaveman says:

    Can i download ps4 games to pc then make the ps4 download from the pc copy rather than psn?

  9. kaveman says:

    Can i download ps4 games to pc ,then use proxy to transfer into ps4 later

  10. kaveman says:

    Can i download to pc and redirect psn link from ps4 to pc just like in ps3 with proxy?

  11. Nik says:

    Hello there, I’d like to use the same application to log on PSN o my vita 2.61fw, which method must I follow?, thanks.

  12. JackQ says:

    wololo , “Because there is no way to sniff SSL on PS3/4 without hacking the certificates, and guess what ? 99% of the PS4 traffic is using SSL.
    Thanks Werelds for the explanations you did above, that’s basically what I think about SKFU.”

    that’s true?

  13. Robert P. says:

    Well amazed at how many people are yet discovering proxies.
    You can also use Squid by the way, if not on Windows.

    This topic reminds me I have to try and sniff my PS3 in hopes to sync my trophies (and just that) without getting banned from PSN.

  14. skyo says:

    I have been able to sniff a psn downnload link from my ps4 and copy the link to IDM.

    NOw I have the psn game downloaded on my pc, but how do I transfer it back to the ps4 like we used to do with the ps3proxy??

  15. kavechick says:

    now put the pkg in the right folder and start d download again,email me for a chat,ive not got ps4 yet but you could run some tests,crafteck at gmail. com

  16. kavechick says:

    got a ps4,im sc***,my internet isnt good,was hoping to use proxy server,resogun was like 450 mb,i downloaded with proxy and transfered 2 ps4 but couldnt launch it,i bought fifa 14 but each time i try to download it,it comes up as 4 gb instead of 9gb….helllppp…im hoping theres a proxy server that can help out

  17. Kave Man says:

    now using skfu proxy,seems the download of fifa which is meant 2 be 9gb is broken into 3,4.xxgb,4.xxgb and 345 mb…will try downloading in parts and try feeding files back 2 ps4,really wish sum1 could help

  18. Dave says:

    Hi I have a question about the proxy,

    Can I use this to see ip addresses of people I’m connected to?


  19. Andre says:

    On my ps4, i put the adress and it goes again to proxy server…. :( What i have to do?

  20. shubham says:

    i have downloaded the game in pc and now i want transfer the .pkg file into my ps4 … to do that ?

    reply fast ?

  21. kali says:

    Is there anyway this program can be used to redirect quieres and such while playing call of duty games in order to force host? or to boot other players? or to flood data of XP to somehow get max prestige?

  22. Leor says:

    Great article.

    Տtop bу my paǥe … Leor

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