Vita and PS4 games 50% more expensive in Europe (or why and how I moved to a US PSN account)


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64 Responses

  1. Hobz

    I have considered switching to an US account as my “main” account when I had to choose one for PS+
    The prices are better, ps1 games run at 60fps and sales seem to be more frequent.

    In the end I decided to stick to an EU account because my friends are on EU and don’t read English fluently enough to even consider switching from French to English UI and games.

    • Hardin

      Very few PSX games run at 60fps. Off the top of my head I can only think of Omega Boost and maybe Threads of Fate. I’m sure at least one 3D fighter runs at 60fps as well.

      • link6616

        He’s talking about the difference between PAL and NTSC, many pal games are noticeably slower than the ntsc counterparts

  2. Argg

    Throphies are a trap , I think they are the only reason I haven’t switch yet on my vita.

    On my PS3 though I already made the switch, let’s hope sony won’t fix theses tricks

  3. dboyz

    well another region to be considered is Asian(HK) PSN, the price is quite comparable to US PSN , for JRPG & jap game fans, u guys can get most of the games from Asian PSN

  4. Different55

    I don’t know why you keep talking about needing to know English well. I think everyone here knows it well enough. People don’t usually hang out on sites that don’t use a language they don’t speak

    • tangra87

      A friend of mine does not speak english, but he is every day hare , he use google tranlator. buton a game on the go ,in the subway he can’t if the game is not on his language , or on the languages that he do speak.

    • GuitaristMatt

      There are quite a few people who hop on here and use google chrome + google translate.

  5. Josuke

    I do the same, I am Australian and use a US PSN account for my Vita partly for the prices and partly for the PS+ which was far better for US accounts at the time (I think it has swapped now) and a Canadian 3DS for Atlus games and cheaper eShop.

    heck, even Steam can be extremely overpriced for me, but that one is usually solved by having a foreigner assist me.

  6. Bunk3r

    Well, sometimes the mexican PSN has better prices for games than in the US PSN, but is very limited in other things :S

  7. azh_97

    Yeah, This remembers me when I stuck at the region select, thinking which region is the best to choose when signing up psn for the first time.
    Unlucky for me, after 5 minutes thinking, I eventually pick the EU account.
    This have made me regret until now because US account are far more benefit and convenient for me than EU.
    (Main problem, PRICE DIFFERENCES and PSN WALLET)
    The only reason why I haven’t switch to US is because I have an exploit in the EU account..
    I really hope to change the region, but for me, it’s hopeless as I doesn’t own a ps3.. Hmm, what a bummer..

  8. goforthewall

    If you factor in the great prices that offers in their newly opened own PSN digital store, it’s even better! Got Killzone: Mercenary for $19,99 as a digital download code!

  9. someone

    Can you still play with friends with a European account when you have an American account?

    Why are the prices so different? And can’t we somehow convince sony to make the prices the same

  10. Pirate Cat

    European prices are terrible <_<.

  11. dimighost

    It cant be denied, but PSN Plus from Europe is much better than US.
    Many freebies from PSN Plus US i certainly will not play, in Europe is different.

    When i want to play US games i just bought physical.

    • codestation

      This. The European selection of free games PS+ is a lot better than the US. They seems to get more retail games so if one has a plus suscription this can balance things out.

  12. jonny2jo

    I also switched to a US PSN account cause of the 1year free PSN dev license “not available in switzerland” cheaper games and the demos not available on the EU PSN

  13. Esude

    Well I am happy to live in the USA! Also I found a trick of my own. It is to remove sales tax from purchases from PSN. So those who switch to USA and need to add a valid address (not sure if you need to or not), make sure it is in a state that doesn’t have sales tax.

    • Charles Fasano

      What’s funny is I live in a State that has sales tax yet I am not charged sales tax when I buy from PSN even though I am using my legal address.

      In Europe they have huge import taxes. In Brazil a $300 PS3 would cost $1200 there.

      Then of course certain countries have banned games or require games be less gory. (Like Germany).

    • Adam


      If you could spare a minute. Pelare send me an email with an adress I can use without the tax.

  14. Nosmas

    I will stuck for JApan PSN for sure… I mean Japan PSN has much better game and all Japanese game are in Japanese voice not TERRIBLE ENGLISH voice. The price might be a a little bit more expensive but your choice of games is much larger

  15. Timber

    I moved from the UK to USA 7 years ago, everything’s better here gaming wise.

  16. Lyon

    Sooo you are a french that lives in japan… cool, do you think its easy for a Foreigner to live there?

  17. willy

    in the french psn and in last week’s “offers of the week” The Splinter Cell HD collection was sold for 4,99 Euro the offer was there for three days only now the same collection is back to 19,99 Euro..that’s an insane offer December 2012 i bought Tekken 5 for 4,99

  18. sathriel

    Wololo, what you are writing is true… mostly. The prices on US PSN are lower and the content is more plentiful but the IGC content… not necessarily. I use both EU and US accounts as it allows me to get the best of both worlds tho it is annoying the hoops you need to jump through to make PSN account from a different region work.

  19. chrisgomez3030

    so this is the reason that EU ps+ members get better games than the US ones.

    • wololo

      Examples? People keep telling me that and I am barely seeing any difference.

      • GuitaristMatt

        It was several months ago, but EU was getting “AAA” games like Batman Arkham City while in the same month US had Pacman DX Championship Edition. From what I remember, the Vita selection was also effected. US accounts tend to have better, and more common, sales.

  20. Moxx

    How can i know which store is my account now cause i got little confused thanks

  21. Dozer

    Yeah.. Now try using the Norwegian store. I paid 549 NOK for Need for Speed Rivals for the PS4.

    549 NOK = 65.66 EUR
    549 NOK = 89.33 USD

  22. Gie

    I checked my region PSN store, i can buy PS+ 1 year subscription with 30 USD, cheaper than US PSN Store.. Tearaway for 34 USD, which is cheaper too.. But, Rayman Origins cost 40 USD, much more expensive. Luckily, i downloaded Rayman Origins months ago for free as a PS+ member benefit. It seems we can’t tell which region is cheaper or more expensive, the price difference varying for each title or maybe the currency strength toward USD.

    • wololo

      You are right that depending on the game, sometimes a given country will have a great deal, so it is difficult to say for sure that a country is more expensive than another. I think it’s part of the trick to confuse gamers. Which is why my methodology for the Vita was to take the 12 most popular games and compute an average.

  23. svenn

    They take prices $ = € and that doesn’t make any sense at all. But 59.99$ => 69.99€ is just greed. I doubt anyone is stupid enough to buy that, since even in stores its only 50€.

  24. choca

    Very interesting… I will change my PSN account

  25. Shapeshifter0100

    Lol ur rates in every other country are dirt cheap
    In my country a $20 game would cost $60 instead and ps vita costs $500 here ps2 $100 and ps3 $400 and I forgot to mention they all come without any special extras etc its just the base pack even the games don’t have dlc included and very few game dlcs are available
    There’s an online retailer here who is very trusted etc just like amazon (which also just launched in my country) but sells games cheaper than the amazon here and still both retailers always seem to have defective stock :(

  26. Shapeshifter0100

    Sorry for double post i forgot to mention the rates I mentioned here are ps vita games
    Ps4 hasn’t launched here yet and ps3 games cost $70 here

  27. Thrawn

    You know wololo, it is the same problem with nintendo. I know this is a mostly playstation blog but it has to be written here:
    With the 3ds, the wii and wiiU its even worse because they are region locked, you simpliy can’t set up a us account on a PAL device, let alone buy anything.
    I do so happen to own a us 3ds and every now and then I visit the e-shop (can’t buy anything due to credit card not being us) just out of curiosity and I always look at the sales, for example etrian odyssey 4 was charged 19.99$ while at the same time in the german e-shop they charge us full 44.99€. And this continues also to newer titles AND older ones, in the us e-shop being generally cheaper by far.
    And the online services of nintendo are by far inferior, for example there is a ninty video app for the 3ds free of charge available in most e-shop regions, back then when I got my wii I created a german ninty account (I live in austria) because ninty wasn’t able to establish an austrian shop channel for over SIX whole years. Now back to this ninty video app, naturally I would use my german account on the 3ds because of the impossibility of creating an austrian one, downloaded that thing, launched it, AND: There are no videos available for your region. Just because that $hit app has an ip filter (ipism, you’re familiar whith that, right?). So free stuff and no use.
    Only middle of this year $hitendo found it worth of creating an austrian e-shop, luring us fake germans to swap with a measly bribe of 1000 stars, but there was a phrase that stuff we bought on the german account might not be available on the austrian shop ultimately leading to the point that we can’t download our purchased stuff anymore!!!
    Also that streetpass service is since the 3ds launch NOT available in austria, and I believe it never will be. The very same rant I have about the playstation movie, music and mobile stuff, it is not available here in austria.

  28. Enrike

    Ah bon… t’es francais je savais pas… ahaha ^_^’

  29. balls itch

    That’s why its best to get your system modded and skip the nonsense of having to pay for the same games you own on disc or etc.

  30. thedicemaster

    hidden region locking is a problem though.
    if you buy a physical game you can’t get dlc unless your account is from the same region, and in some cases multiplayer won’t work either.

  31. edukarlo

    but now with “12 deals of christmas (12 deals of winter in some areas)” offers, EU accounts may be a good choice afterall.. but im expecting no FREE offers in EU when the Vita 2nd birthday comes.. but looking forward to 50% offers.. US usually gets the free offers..

  32. jaimen

    A potential entrant would enter if prices (or other product characteristics) were raised (or lowered) substantially.

  33. skpg

    That’s not really bad if you think about it. It gives you an incentive to pirate. I don’t know the copyright laws in Europe, hopefully they are not as bad as in the US.

  34. japanese

    jpn account is the best.
    forget about others.

  35. Red

    Is it possible to use more then one accounts at single console (ps vita)?

  36. Chris

    You can get around the sales tax on by using an address from Delaware as they don’t have sales tax. Also try playasia for digital codes as their tax free so you pay less for the USA ones than their intended value :-)

  37. jz12388

    the only thing that is better from the EU psn is that they actually have spyro and crash available for the vita…

  38. Dragar

    Australia isn’t that much more expensive, sure some games are much cheaper in the us store (Persona 2 being $50 in AU and $10 in US) Most games are only slightly more expensive due to GST and Conversion rate, nearly everything i’ve purchased has been average price compared to the us store.

  39. FreEm1nD

    I have non-us psn and some games I bought were “ps vita digital codes” in the amazon website, which sometimes is even cheaper. I’ll stick with my region for the moment because I think that way I’ll have less problems with connection blocks if that happen and I can play with better latency.

  40. SugahRuzz

    I only ever buy games on the UK store when they’re on sale – and I usually get a little PS+ discount as well. I don’t mind waiting, to be honest. Buying at full price is a suckers game, anyway.

  41. bearmon2010

    I am surprised that gave the wrong idea that they are 50% expensive in Europe to me which mean its everything in Europe are expensive than in America. No. Some Europe like DE (Deutschland (Germany)) could be a little bit expensive for the games. Some are more affordable here in Europe than in America. Depending on where. like for an example, in Portugal because I was from Portugal. :)

    Many American people do not understand the Europe. The European selection of free games PS+ is better than the US. Of course, they seems to get more retail games. American people needs to notice it.

  42. Doesn't Matter

    Hi, i’m from Portugal i have a ps3 and the prices are the same here on PSN than in France and other EU countries probably. For example FIFA 15 and COD: Advanced Warfare will come out as 69€ . And at the US psn store will come out 59$ i think.
    So i think many of you know about gamesharing and i want to know if i can create a US account on my ps3 , use the amazon method to buy those 2 games from there and them play it on my main EU account… Because many of you are talking about changing from EU to US account and i don’t know why, i mean, just why don’t you use the US account to buy the game and then just play it in your normal account :)
    Thanks for reading and if possible reply me i will come back tomorrow and after to see or just reply to my email.

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