Games for PS4

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  1. schmief says:

    #FIRST. no but srsly omg i dont have ps4

  2. someg6 says:

    hmm thanks for the review help, been wondering what games to purchase.

  3. ShadowMax says:

    I think my best is Assassin’s creed IV and the worst Fifa14

  4. Frank says:

    You forgot to talk about Lego Marvel Heroes that came out for PS3 but also for PS4 at its release 🙂

  5. sathriel says:

    Resogun is the only thing for PS4 remotely interesting; n-th iterations of FPSes and sports games – pass. Well, eventually we have to get some new games with fresh ideas… or at least Infamous 😛

    Also Rovio fails at logic with the ridiculous pricing on Angry Birds.

    • Jah Nix says:

      Check the Xbox One – its $69AUS !!!!

    • Skippywilcox says:

      Resogun isn’t even that great imo

    • UnknowablE says:

      He didn’t mention a number of other games on the ps4.

      Contrast I would actually rank as the best game on the ps4 atm, sure it is a puzzle platformer and relatively short but it is well made and the whole phasing to shadows thing is very cool.

      Resogun is fantastic, much deeper than you would initially suspect and hard as nails if you are going at it ironman style.

      Warframe is a fantastic game but just isn’t up to the standard compared to the PC version yet. It really is an amazing quality F2P game though and don’t let it’s initial tps looks fool you it is a very challenging game that calls for lots of co-op no pvp, varied scenarios and clever loot loadouts.

  6. Vitality says:

    FIFA 14 definitely the bad ones since they made a very subtle upgrade. Even the graphics still look technically the same as in PS3; unlike NBA 2K14 which has massive graphics improvement for next gen hardware.

  7. Tryrush Deppy says:

    BEST: Trine 2 The Complete Story / Sound Shapes «tie»
    WORST: COD Ghaysts

  8. k3nn says:

    i think angry birds for android has 1 level only and you need to buy the rest 🙂

    no FF nor MGS so not really interested right now + i suspect hackers can make this work on PC, you never know…

    • titegtnodI says:

      I’ve never paid for an Angry Birds game on the Android. I’m pretty sure they’re ad funded or you can pay to have the ads removed.

  9. Nintendo Masterrace says:

    no games

  10. Timber says:

    Well all those games look ***, I miss 2D.

  11. drd7of14 says:

    There were a lot of games not included in this list. Trine 2, Escape Plan, Flower, War Thunder…
    The full list is right here

  12. Something x3 Darkside says:

    you forgot Knack, that was a PS4 Launch title

  13. Bullshiters says:

    Call Of Duty Ghost is the best for you?! 0_o REALLY!!?

    And yea you forgot Knack

  14. emr says:

    Right now, Resogun is my favourite. Arcade shooters are my videogame fetish and I was anticipated about it for some time.
    Can’t say anything about a worst title as I haven’t fully dabbled into the games yet. Knack kind of feels let down by linear play, minor repetition, checkpoint issues and a plot that is not 100% inspiring. In spite of that, I praise Knack for taking into film-like action, impressive visuals and a giant hulking titan that is fun to boot around now and then.

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