Official TN-V4 changelog revealed!

PS Vita Slim running TN-V4

It is already the 2nd December 2013 and we are still patiently waiting for the official release of the new TN-V4 eCFW, which will bring us a kernel mode to the firmwares above 2.02 (up to 3.00+) and will turn all usermode exploits, that we’ve released this year, into kernel mode. But now let’s take a look at the changelog of TN-V4:

Official TN-V4 changelog:


      Added high memory support for

FW 2.1x ONLY.
(Update to Firmware 2.10/2.11/2.12 and get one of the 2.12+ exploit games!)

Added an option in the recovery menu to apply the PS Vitas registry (Registry hacks ->). (These registries will be applied: PSN, language, button assign, password lock, date, adhoc, wifi)

Added automatic recovery menu boot at first use. (This prevents you to boot into an error message)

Added ‘Fix exploit savedata’ option. (With this enabled, you can play the exploit game. The first 2 letters of the savedata folder will be replaced with ‘TN’)

Added possibility to hide the exploit game in XMB.

Added ISO category support for GCLite.

Added possibility to change HOME and NOTE combo buttons (Advanced -> Advanced configuration ->). (If no buttons are choosen, you can HOLD the Livearea button (the blue PlayStation button) to simulate the HOME button)

Added patch to enable 6.60 kernel modules decryption.

Fixed CPU underclock.

Fixed infinite bluescreen error.

Fixed lots of Sony’s msfs driver bugs.

Fixed all bugs made in TN-V3.

Fixed original pscode region determination.

Fixed bug that did not allow you to go to the Livearea screen.

Fixed bug where HOME button was simulated, when you opened the Vita OSK.

Dummied Temperature and Volt power functions to avoid long negative strings.

Improved ISO cache core.

Improved ‘Install Addon’ feature. This option is now removed from recovery menu and is always enabled.

Removed semaphore wait in flash0 emulation. This enhances the reading speed of flash0 files (most noticable in Theme Settings).

Made some cosmetic changes in VSH Menu and recovery menu and added possibility to change the color of these menus.



This sounds like a lot of awesome and great new features and functions. With the released TN-V4 changelog, we might can expect TN-V4 to hit soon~ish.
Remember, TN himself gave us a time frame which was ‘November to January’, so it is possible that TN-V4 can hit in the next few weeks.

And now, since people like pictures, some pictures of the new functions.

New VSH Menu

There are a few colours to choose from:

Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Cyan and Yellow.

New Recovery Menu Options #1

Same for the recovery menu. The following colours can be chosen:

Red, Blue, Green, Cyan, Purple and Yellow.

New Recovery Menu Options #2

You can use 2 buttons to simluate the Home and the Note button. You can choose from the following buttons:

Up, Down, Left, Right, Start, Select, Cross, Circle, Square, Triangle, L and R.
You can not choose the volume buttons or the touch screen.

New Recovery Menu Options #3

This will apply the PS Vitas registry to the PSPemulator. This includes the language, the PSN account, the Nickname (PSN Name) and other settings.

We can’t say this enough, be sure to prepare your PSN Wallet and keep an eye at our forums. TN-V4 might be available soon.

Source: hackinformer

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  1. Timber’s avatar

    There seems to be an incredible amount of confusion going on here with people and their wallets, lol.

    If you already have an exploit, you’re all set, just wait for the TN release.

    If you’re on 3.00, and don’t have an exploit installed, you need to buy the next exploit game once it’s announced.


    1. RP’s avatar

      Yes, however, some of us have purchased Gamocracy One (US) or Fieldrunners (US) but are still on 2.02 with the Uno exploit. For those of us who have Gamocracy One or Fieldrunners on their PS3s, is is “safe” to update our Vitas to 2.12 or are we going to lose all of our kernel mode exploit goodness?


    2. RP’s avatar

      Yes, however, this does not answer the question that I asked. Some of us have Gamocracy One (US) or Fieldrunners (US) on our PlayStation 3 consoles but our Vitas are still on 2.02 with the Uno exploit. Can we safely upgrade our Vitas to 2.12 and use the OpenCMA/PS3 trick to copy an exploit game over? Are we going to lose our kernel mode goodness?


      1. wololo’s avatar

        I am not sure I see the point of upgrading to 2.12. In theory that would work, but why not stay at your current firmware?


        1. Seth’s avatar

          I just bought a vita and its on 2.06, How do I go about getting the new TN-4?


        2. RP’s avatar

          The extra RAM and faster start up with Fieldrunners are incentive. They’re not necessities IMO. They would be nice to have but I can live without them.

          Sorry for the double post above. It looked like the first one got eaten somewhere so I retyped it.


  2. Xperimental’s avatar

    Hi wololo,

    Will the TN-4 be ported for the U.S Half minute hero
    for FW 2.61?


  3. mdtodd229’s avatar

    I have a ps vita that came with 2.05. I had the game exploit for 2.06 “Apache Overkill” . That was the only game I had got with any hack that has came out since the 3.00 update. Now I’m have the new update 3.00 but no games on my vita. I would like to know what can I do about the upcoming TN- V4. Thanks.


  4. ノリケン’s avatar

    does anyone know of a way for us to access PSN if we’re not on OFW 3.00?


    1. ChaosedLolo’s avatar

      Yeah, There is no way, Charles Proxy doesn’t work anymore. Out of luck if you don’t have an exploit. Sorry bro :’(


    2. speedy’s avatar

      If you have a ps3 with ofw then you can use your ps3 to download the game then put it into your vita.


  5. BigBossJC’s avatar

    I would like some clarification. I have my vita at 2.02 with the UNO kernel exploit a ps3 and a ps4 I got on launch day. I really want my vita to be 3.00 so I can connect with my ps4. When this exploit comes out will I be able to upgrade to 3.00 buy a new game install the exploit and get my kernel access back? Thanks for any help.


    1. Theredbaron’s avatar

      Yes, as long as you get it before it is removed from the store, TN has already said there is a kernel exploit he plans to release. That with a usermode exploint = TN-V on any firmware up to the one it is relased on (the exploit is normally patched on next update).

      However, there are some cavats to consider. I too am on 2.02, and since that is below the 2.12 cut off, that means I could get the high mem (64mb vs 32). However, that means crappier web browser, youtube, and no PS4 connection. I have not yet decided if those are worth updating and loosing the high mem support.


  6. Chris Knight’s avatar

    I dreamt myself standing in sort of sun-god robes on a pyramid with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing exploits at me. ¿Anyone else have that dream?


    1. Bullshiters’s avatar

      yup,same here


  7. Noobies’s avatar

    Well, i didn’t understand.. currently im at 3.00 … can i use this to play psp iso on my vita.. someone pls explain


  8. ChristianRO’s avatar

    I’m a bit confused too. Just one question. I have 3.0 firmware, and I’ve found UNO somewhere. Once I’ve installed TNV-4, can I copy uno exploit without getting the “You’re not the owner. etc. ” error and run the damn thing ?


    1. Theredbaron’s avatar

      No. Uno only works on 2.02. You will need to buy a new game, which one hasn’t been released yet. Just keep checking in on the forums and watching the blog. As soon as you see the game, buy it. Then wait for the exploit to be released. Then it will work.


  9. gunggong’s avatar

    I could not see the logic releasing the changelog. There is no actual product has been released.


    1. wololo’s avatar

      Getting people aware that things are happening. If you don’t know it is happening, you will miss it.


  10. honey103’s avatar

    i been waiting to release tn-v4 excited to install on my vita version 2.61 pls release together with tutorial bec im noob on how to install in my vita…. so 4 my bad english


  11. spankymcspankerson’s avatar

    Since the rise of PPSSPP for PC and Android this is kind of a waste anymore. Is anyone making a real effort to let us play backup content of our Vita software?


    1. Timber’s avatar

      One step at a time.


  12. Himbu’s avatar

    Hello guys! I have some question to clarify. I have vita 2.12 i dont install any exploit yet.. Is it possible to intall tn-v even without exploit? Do i need to install exploit for 2.12 before can i upgrade to tn-v? Thanks in advance


  13. Smoker1’s avatar

    Already got my 64GB Vita Card and now have 30GB left on it for my PSP Backups, and PSP Homebrew!!!!! Bring on the TN :D


  14. inVisiBLe’s avatar

    Hi Guys !!.. This HacK Can Run iSo Vita Games ?,


    1. Hellbelial’s avatar

      No man,pay for them like everybody else or just do this if think the games are expensive,buy one plus membership for a year enjoy them and when expires you can maybe buy some old games at good price 20usd or 10.Sould sacrifice is out about months and now i have for free with plus,when i pay for another one next year maybe it will be at less price.Remember that if you buy a game for 20,15,or 10 dollars with plus,you wont loose the game because you pay something for it.


  15. mizu’s avatar

    So…What does this do? Can I play PsVita game backups, or just psp ones? Can I use homebrew? What version of Firmware do I need for this?


    1. wololo’s avatar

      - psp
      - yes
      - this will work on any firmware up to 3.00


      1. mizu’s avatar

        What game will I need to buy for this? Has it been released? Id there a tutorial to install this?


  16. jianghp’s avatar

    Will Tn-V4 will be release at this weekend?


  17. jianghp’s avatar

    I have a suggestion why not release TN for system below 3.0 to meet most of ours requirement ?


  18. honey103’s avatar

    jainghp why u suggested for tn systerm below 3.0 read carefully what wololo said this will work on any firmware up to 3.00…


  19. kinect’s avatar

    what games does this need? has that game been released yet?


  20. Mika’s avatar

    Hey guys, I have the uno exploit on a 4gb card. Can I transfer the files on my new 32gb card? Thank you.


  21. w0w0002’s avatar

    Great!!!!what time……


  22. Pyke’s avatar

    Is there a way to put a shortcut icon of TN-V4 in live area of PSVita? Or every time that I want to run TN-V4 I really need to run the exploited game first?


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