Official TN-V4 changelog revealed!

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  1. Do you think it I should update and then use this when released or stick to my old Uno Exploit on 2.02? I mean theres no other benefits considering maybe compatibility and things mentioned in the changelog but since i am already on an exploit is it truly recommended?

    • tnks06 says:

      I think TN-V3 is good enough. No need to update at the moment!

    • Jonathan says:

      If you ever plan to get a ps4 and want to crossplay, then its worth it. I had the uno exploit but updated since I wasnt playing any of the psp games and wanted some of the games available on ps plus.

      • OrbisVita says:

        Exactly the same thing I did. PS4 Link and PS+ were too tempting and I didn’t even complete any PSP or emulated games on my UNO Exploit. My 1000 is always waiting for me.

        • Thanks for the response guys! I will definitely hold onto the exploit until I buy a ps4 later in the year otherwise keep it and enjoy the portable emulators for the time being.

          But I definitely agree, with all the ps+ and ps4 cross play, it is definitely a big tease to get off the exploit and keep it official.

  2. smitty88oh says:

    Sounds like a lot of work went into all of this!! And I appreciate all the hard work everyone has done to make this possible! !

  3. Awesome. Patiently waiting.

  4. Merwen says:

    can i use this one to play psp pirated games? Thanks

  5. CPU says:

    @Merwen – of course you can.

  6. Streeti says:

    Added high memory support for
    FW 2.1x ONLY.
    (Update to Firmware 2.10/2.11/2.12 and get one of the 2.12+ exploit games!)

    Ohh , no compatibility urbanix and 1.81 xploit ?

  7. Ureafag says:

    wished the word “changelog” was not in the title…gah!

  8. missle says:

    AHHHH Can’t wait!! Thanks for the update! Looks great!

  9. b3l0kk says:

    so this new version does work on 3.00, but will not have high memory support unless your on 2.0X

  10. Beastes says:

    Wow super nice thank to TN and to WOLOLO
    for every hard work in all realese. This gonna be
    A christmas gift

  11. honey103 says:

    i think it’s compatible 2.61 to 3.00 watch youtube fielrunners and half byte run emulator sit back and relax they work hard… this is Xmas gift 4 us

  12. psyu65 says:

    any of you guys have a clue of how much the needed game will be?

  13. mangosteam says:

    Whew luckiyly i plan to update from 1.81 its not supported,
    Maybe theres only few cool changelog because of compatibility issues on 3.0 so i still say thank u very much!
    but i hope atleast ftp wont have problems anymore.

  14. bopz says:

    no psx sound… useless for me then but good work

  15. A.J. says:

    How much do we keep on our psn wallet? Please tell us…

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      Saying the cost of the game narrows down the list of possible exploits. This makes it easier for Sony to patch before release, thus as I understand, they never post the cost of the game. Just when adding funds don’t be shy, and say tuned.

  16. oxi says:

    Please release this in late January so that anyone who receives or purchases a Vita on Christmas could profit from it.

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      Nov. – Jan., most likely means a Christmas, or New Years release. I waited a year without any Kernel exploit, the sooner the better.

  17. deathhell says:

    will tn-4 be able to connect to psn since the latest ofw for psp is 6.60 and thats wat version that tn-4 is?
    just want to make sure to see if we could connect to internet to play online

  18. oxi says:

    Does firmware 3.0’s no high memory support affect PS1/PS2/PSP backup compatibility?
    Could it affect potential future TN-vX PS2 sound support compatibility?
    And does firmware 3.0 affect OpenCMA compatibility and PS3-offline-transfer compatibility?
    Would you recommend to upgrade from firmware 2.x to firmware 3.0 prior to the TN-v4 release?

  19. Techni Myoko says:

    “We can’t say this enough, be sure to prepare your PSN Wallet”

    We can’t say this enough, tell us the amount to put in!

  20. Proto-Tyrant says:

    yes great new’s Z! I wait on 2.02 and have from a friend soul sacrifice, but i can’t play it ^^ The vita system say to me please update your system on 2.50 or so hehe
    I have only two vita games, gravity rush (as download) and soul sacrifice xD
    you bring interesting and good new’s thank you Z and a lot big thanks to TN for shear with us!


    greeting Proto

  21. taronish3 says:

    it wiil be remember in history tnv4 this season.

  22. NeonAera says:

    I’m so pumped for this! Looks like a ton of awesome updates and fixes for sure! Total_Noob, your grade for TN-V4 is A+! Can’t wait for TN-V4!

  23. Leon says:

    I am using TN-3 under 1.81 system. I am wondering should I upgrade the system to 3.0 and wait for TN-4? Also I don’t understand why we need to prepare PSN wallet beforehand, can’t I just top up the account and buy the game on the same day when user mode exploit release?

    • wololo says:

      Yes, I think the z means you better be ready :)

    • Theredbaron says:

      As to if you should update now, well, that depends. If you don’t, when you see the game you will have to update. What if during that time the game is pulled? That would REALLY suck. But, if you do use TN-V everyday, then without it the Vita is useless to you. So, eh.

      At least if you do just update then you will get a much better browser and youtube.

  24. hsiao758 says:

    PSone game has sound?

  25. VictorWei says:

    What about the OPEN CMA for the 2.12? If that is not available, I cannot use the TN although I have an exploit of 2.12.

  26. Hellbelial says:

    Slim? doesnt worth it,LCD screen sucks

  27. makak1984 says:

    So UNO (2.02) will have got 64 mb ram support or it is only on 2.1X?

  28. PlaGeRaN says:

    “How soon is now?!” Ta Tu XD!

  29. xlovenuggetx says:

    Please I have a question: I thought TNV4 only required a file download from the internet, then uploaded to vita and exploited. I did not know you had to buy a game. How do you buy a game on PSN if you’re on an earlier firmware? This will be the first kexploit i have been around to see. Will someone briefly explain it to me?

  30. bob saget says:

    prepare your wallets

  31. EddySakamura says:

    Install addon feature like a ps3 package installer? sorry for my bad english

  32. inVisiBLe says:

    it’s important To But a game From The Store to Use That HacK ,??

  33. inVisiBLe says:

    it’s important To Buy a game From The Store to Use That HacK ,??

  34. DragonQuest says:

    Sorry, but the TN-V4 need to buy a game from the store ?

  35. Light_Xela says:

    Hi Wololo, Total Nobb and others
    Make the TN V4 paying, 1€/1$ each download and buy with the money the vita reverse engeneering to make a nativ hack so we can start developp some good homebrew or emulator like ppsspp pcsx2 dolphin and moar desu.

  36. Splifward says:

    so is this exploit compatible with fw 3.0+?

  37. DragonQuest says:

    inVisiBLe yeah i think is necessary to buy game :(

  38. inVisiBLe says:

    DragonQuest : Oh Shiit .. Why Bro !! ?? do you think This hack can run ps vita games For Free in The internet ?

  39. Running_in_the_90s says:

    COME AT ME BRO, my vita is wainting

  40. Smoker1 says:

    Already have a 64GB Vita Card coming so I will not run out of space. Already got all the Games I am going to get. Seems like they are not releasing anything noteworthy anymore. Except for the GTA:SA later on, I dont see the Vita doing much for Sony.
    As I said before, hopefully it is a Game I already Purchased, that way it will be easier. LOL
    Also, Is Open CMA going to be Updated soon? I tried to use the latest Release I found, but when I tried to use it last night, my Vita said I had to Update it.

  41. inVisiBLe says:

    DraGonQuest: Can you GiVe Me YouR Fb PlS !!

  42. mlc says:

    So does this confirm that high memory support only works on 2.10 to 2.12, and not on 2.06, 2.02, 1.81, etc?

  43. ipod says:

    i want it NAAOW

  44. Draven says:

    So, if I understand correctly, the expanded RAM will not be available to those of us still using the UNO exploit on OFW 2.02, but it will work on any firmware of 2.10, 2.11 or 2.12?

    Also, the expanded RAM will basically just allow some of the higher-end homebrew to function properly, like MacroFire and PSP States, or the Quake port, right?

    I just want to be able to keep my PSP homebrew, and still be able to play some of the newer Vita titles.

    If I don’t care about the homebrew that the expanded RAM enables, I am just as well off purchasing the new game once it gets announced, because I really won’t be losing anything.

    • Nani says:

      Yeah!, but I guess u might be losing the latest Kernel exploit with which u can play PSP games @ better FPS !

      The last sentence of this post says that they gonna release a user mode exploit too for FW 3.00 + Get that to have the best of ur Vita ! :)

  45. RP says:

    Can someone confirm or deny if the OpenCMA/PS3 trick still works for Gamocracy One (US) against firmware 2.12? Last post I can find in the forums is about 6 months old.


  46. francis says:

    tnx tn..ill wait also..for info only.. if we get ur kexploit.. automatically we update..then the exploit games are also automatically patch…wud that be just fine?

  47. Nani says:

    We were confused with the phrase “Prepare ur wallets”, it means that we already have an user mode exploit and we need to buy another for kernel exploit, How come bypass the update issue (with Charles Proxy?) to get the new exploit ?

    FW 2.12 Gamocracy Legend blah blah exploit.
    Is this enuf to get Kernel files working ???

    • mlc says:

      Yes. The “prepare your wallets” is for the 3.00 User Mode exploit that will be released along with TN-V4. (or more likely slightly prior to TN-V4’s release) So if you want to upgrade your firmware, you’ll need to get the new exploit, but otherwise you’ll just need to wait for the 2.12 Gamocracy files.

    • wololo says:

      If you have a working exploit today, this is all you need. If you want to use the opportunity to upgrade to 3.00, you will need the new exploited game.

  48. Charles Fasano says:

    Gamocracy One still hasn’t returned to the US PSN Store.

  49. Timber says:

    There seems to be an incredible amount of confusion going on here with people and their wallets, lol.

    If you already have an exploit, you’re all set, just wait for the TN release.

    If you’re on 3.00, and don’t have an exploit installed, you need to buy the next exploit game once it’s announced.

    • RP says:

      Yes, however, some of us have purchased Gamocracy One (US) or Fieldrunners (US) but are still on 2.02 with the Uno exploit. For those of us who have Gamocracy One or Fieldrunners on their PS3s, is is “safe” to update our Vitas to 2.12 or are we going to lose all of our kernel mode exploit goodness?

    • RP says:

      Yes, however, this does not answer the question that I asked. Some of us have Gamocracy One (US) or Fieldrunners (US) on our PlayStation 3 consoles but our Vitas are still on 2.02 with the Uno exploit. Can we safely upgrade our Vitas to 2.12 and use the OpenCMA/PS3 trick to copy an exploit game over? Are we going to lose our kernel mode goodness?

      • wololo says:

        I am not sure I see the point of upgrading to 2.12. In theory that would work, but why not stay at your current firmware?

        • Seth says:

          I just bought a vita and its on 2.06, How do I go about getting the new TN-4?

        • RP says:

          The extra RAM and faster start up with Fieldrunners are incentive. They’re not necessities IMO. They would be nice to have but I can live without them.

          Sorry for the double post above. It looked like the first one got eaten somewhere so I retyped it.

  50. Xperimental says:

    Hi wololo,

    Will the TN-4 be ported for the U.S Half minute hero
    for FW 2.61?

  51. mdtodd229 says:

    I have a ps vita that came with 2.05. I had the game exploit for 2.06 “Apache Overkill” . That was the only game I had got with any hack that has came out since the 3.00 update. Now I’m have the new update 3.00 but no games on my vita. I would like to know what can I do about the upcoming TN- V4. Thanks.

  52. ノリケン says:

    does anyone know of a way for us to access PSN if we’re not on OFW 3.00?

  53. BigBossJC says:

    I would like some clarification. I have my vita at 2.02 with the UNO kernel exploit a ps3 and a ps4 I got on launch day. I really want my vita to be 3.00 so I can connect with my ps4. When this exploit comes out will I be able to upgrade to 3.00 buy a new game install the exploit and get my kernel access back? Thanks for any help.

    • Theredbaron says:

      Yes, as long as you get it before it is removed from the store, TN has already said there is a kernel exploit he plans to release. That with a usermode exploint = TN-V on any firmware up to the one it is relased on (the exploit is normally patched on next update).

      However, there are some cavats to consider. I too am on 2.02, and since that is below the 2.12 cut off, that means I could get the high mem (64mb vs 32). However, that means crappier web browser, youtube, and no PS4 connection. I have not yet decided if those are worth updating and loosing the high mem support.

  54. Chris Knight says:

    I dreamt myself standing in sort of sun-god robes on a pyramid with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing exploits at me. ¿Anyone else have that dream?

  55. Noobies says:

    Well, i didn’t understand.. currently im at 3.00 … can i use this to play psp iso on my vita.. someone pls explain

  56. ChristianRO says:

    I’m a bit confused too. Just one question. I have 3.0 firmware, and I’ve found UNO somewhere. Once I’ve installed TNV-4, can I copy uno exploit without getting the “You’re not the owner. etc. ” error and run the damn thing ?

    • Theredbaron says:

      No. Uno only works on 2.02. You will need to buy a new game, which one hasn’t been released yet. Just keep checking in on the forums and watching the blog. As soon as you see the game, buy it. Then wait for the exploit to be released. Then it will work.

  57. gunggong says:

    I could not see the logic releasing the changelog. There is no actual product has been released.

  58. honey103 says:

    i been waiting to release tn-v4 excited to install on my vita version 2.61 pls release together with tutorial bec im noob on how to install in my vita…. so 4 my bad english

  59. spankymcspankerson says:

    Since the rise of PPSSPP for PC and Android this is kind of a waste anymore. Is anyone making a real effort to let us play backup content of our Vita software?

  60. Himbu says:

    Hello guys! I have some question to clarify. I have vita 2.12 i dont install any exploit yet.. Is it possible to intall tn-v even without exploit? Do i need to install exploit for 2.12 before can i upgrade to tn-v? Thanks in advance

  61. Smoker1 says:

    Already got my 64GB Vita Card and now have 30GB left on it for my PSP Backups, and PSP Homebrew!!!!! Bring on the TN 😀

  62. inVisiBLe says:

    Hi Guys !!.. This HacK Can Run iSo Vita Games ?,

    • Hellbelial says:

      No man,pay for them like everybody else or just do this if think the games are expensive,buy one plus membership for a year enjoy them and when expires you can maybe buy some old games at good price 20usd or 10.Sould sacrifice is out about months and now i have for free with plus,when i pay for another one next year maybe it will be at less price.Remember that if you buy a game for 20,15,or 10 dollars with plus,you wont loose the game because you pay something for it.

  63. mizu says:

    So…What does this do? Can I play PsVita game backups, or just psp ones? Can I use homebrew? What version of Firmware do I need for this?

  64. jianghp says:

    Will Tn-V4 will be release at this weekend?

  65. jianghp says:

    I have a suggestion why not release TN for system below 3.0 to meet most of ours requirement ?

  66. honey103 says:

    jainghp why u suggested for tn systerm below 3.0 read carefully what wololo said this will work on any firmware up to 3.00…

  67. kinect says:

    what games does this need? has that game been released yet?

  68. Mika says:

    Hey guys, I have the uno exploit on a 4gb card. Can I transfer the files on my new 32gb card? Thank you.

  69. w0w0002 says:

    Great!!!!what time……

  70. Pyke says:

    Is there a way to put a shortcut icon of TN-V4 in live area of PSVita? Or every time that I want to run TN-V4 I really need to run the exploited game first?

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