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US PSN Accounts Struck By Unannounced Passwords Reset

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  1. Parker

    Check your spam folder. Same happened to me a week ago, didnt know what was going on, checked my spam folder and Sony had emailed me about it.

    • Reamer87

      I found out my password wasn’t working anymore then I did the whole forgot my password thing to reset it. An entire day later I got the email about them resetting the password on my account.

      Seems they’re obviously being hush hush about this actually being a nation wide thing.

  2. Haze7

    I almost thought I was hacked XD

  3. roastable

    I got an email. :/
    Though I would like to have known more details about the “suspicious activity” associated with my account (and everybody else’s, I assume)

  4. Kk

    Okay big problem. My email account tied with my PSN account has been deactivated(damn Yahoo!). So now what do I do to reset my password?

    • ZxLeGiOnSnIpezxZ

      Go to play station.com and either call them or wait for a live chat with a support agent and ask for a password reset and provide a little proof that its your account.

    • DiabloNocturnia

      @kk had the same problem when the European accounts reset last Thursday, you HAVE TO call them, e.mails will be answered after a few days telling you that calling is the only solution. They will want your details, last games bought, and a photo/photocopy of some photo ID. It will take from 1-7 days for them to sort it out. I called Saturday and got my account back today. Hope this helps

  5. carlos

    I got an email too..

  6. solidsnake

    I am able to connect to my account in the media go and download psp content on my pc. But I can no longer use the charles trick with my vita 2.61. Media go never asked for a password reset. What?

  7. solidsnake

    using charles my vita says that 2.61 is the lastest firmware, but I try to sign in to psn and it says i need to update the firmware!

    • Mr. MaGoo

      You have to change you password online. I dont rememer the web address but im sure ubcan find it onle and save your proxy.

  8. Vitality

    Happened to me when I was playing my PS3 and realized that my account was not signing in. When proceed to signing in, the password was incorrect and then I thought that my account has been hacked. So, I proceeded to reset the password, make a new one and can log in just fine afterward.

  9. Bronson

    All of NA was hit by this because my account is canadian and it is also ***

  10. wizardinblack

    both of the problems you mentioned in your post affected me. the new terms of use agrement made me unable to sign in to certain apps for a whole week! not to mention i was unable to play any games online. yestrday, i had about ten mins to spare before my CS class and wanted to play soul sacifice, but you will never guess what happened then! it took me all day to finally try password reset and everything was fine. I got no email about this (which really would have solved everything). but i get no problem recieving their psn ads once a week. i think sony really needs to step up their customer service game

  11. Mr. MaGoo

    Bast part about all of this is that I got an email notifying me of the password change about 2 hrs after the password change.

  12. Cobaltex

    This happened to me as well, and as I’m Canadian I think I can safely say this is happening with the Canadian PSN as well.

  13. anent

    Same thing happened to me in EU 1 week ago. I freaked out, thinking my account was compomised! Finally I called support the other day, and after some identification stuff, I was send a reset email.
    Thinking about that, a warning email, would save me about fears of someone stealing my account and thinking back at 2011 psn security breach, is was not good!
    I am still angry about that anyway, since they didn’t warn me about the reset!

  14. dragonkid6

    I got an email but it was late in the afternoon. None-the-less I got one and it was before I logged onto my Vita.

  15. SSJ-Vita

    I grew up Nintendo, S Nes and Sega Genesis!!! From ps1 on I knew playstation was in it for the graphics, my abandoning the other platforms was met with the worlds greatest system ever known, the Playstation 2!!! But now I see the wretched and disgusting garbage phucken filth that gaming systems are utilized for now. They were never at all intended for what they are doing, and for some reason it’s okay and acceptable. Go Ouya or some other people made platforming, *** nsa and their graphics!!!

  16. Driverdis

    I had my account password reset and an email was sent saying this:
    The Sony Entertainment Network team regularly monitors for any suspicious activity on our network. When we discover suspicious activity, we sometimes reset passwords to protect consumers and their account information. Your account password was recently reset as part of this process and you will need to create a new password the next time you access your account using the “Forgot Your Password” option on the Sign in screen.

    really, I use a good strength password and only use it for PSN, so for someone else get my account flagged for suspicious activity, someone would need to hack into Sony’s server(s) and get my password that way.

    either that or Sony is full of ***, and that they just reset a whole bunch of account passwords because a few got compromised by social engineering techniques or phishing.

  17. psYos

    I live in the US and after reading this article i tried logging into psn……. no password reset. Logged right in. Are they doing it in waves? Or am I just one of the “lucky” ones?

  18. ??

    my acc pass didnt get reset o.0

  19. jcsero

    I got email notifying psn password have been compromised.

  20. Warlord698

    I actually got an E-mail from them notifying me about the action taken place…..must’ve hit your spam folder

  21. fatman01923

    I was so *** when this happened too, which was for me around 10:45pm EST -5:00. But then I hopped the phone to call Sony only to be on hold until 12:01 midnight… So while near falling asleep around 2:50 am, I figured out the phony Date of Birth that is needed to reset the password. This has taught me to be more careful with phony birth-dates as it can come back to haunt you like it did me.

  22. drugs r bad 4 health

    Can someone tell me the actor’s name in the gif please ???

  23. Tnutbutter

    I thought my account had got hacked -.-

  24. health

    Can someone tell me the actor’s name on the gif please ?

  25. Fcukface McMuffentahl