Chipworks reverse engineer the PS4’s CPU, GPU, RAM, and other modules


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  1. fate6

    pfft just 11 Grand? I’m on it!

  2. Bullshiters

    yea, 11k is pocket change,
    I’m not even interested in something that cheap

  3. PspJunkie

    I’m gonna hold off for the Vita-Ps4 report bundle.

  4. Halathos

    Or you could just have access to a $90,000 multilevel x-ray machine at work. If I wasn’t afraid of nuking anything (batteries and x-rays eek) I’d definitely help on that scale of hacking the vita. Or a spare m-board kicking around. If you can see my e-mail feel free to message me xD. Just have to see if it can export to file.

    • Bektas

      I have been thinking the same thing…
      There are Micro-XRF systems which can create the elemental mapping of the samples. It will be very close to the real picture with several colors (each unique color indicates to a unique element.)

  5. Timber

    Lol imagine trying to get a Vita replaced under warranty telling them you dropped it sulfuric acid, by accident.

    Very interesting company, if I had the cash I would definitely purchase that report and donate it to somebody in the community. Would that be useful to have?

  6. Thrawn

    BTW Wololo, did you notice that the ps4 and the xbox one use the same cores from “AMD/ATI” (Jaguar) so graphics wise they would talk the same language (microcodes) and it will be much easier to port from xbone to ps4 and vice versa.

    • Acid_Snake

      I think you mean processor-wise, graphics-wise they are different.

      • Z

        Technically speaking, no. The only real difference is the amount of compute units. Other than that, and the difference in RAM( which is minimal, since GDDR5 is based off of DDR3), they’re both based on the same AMD GCN architecture, so there would be little to no porting between the two.

  7. PlaGeRaN

    Chipworks! Y U No give PS4 to meeeeeee!

    I can’t believe they did that!

    Make a movie out of the process and watch grown men weep!

  8. beastes

    if the repport can help you why dont ask donnation for tying 50 cent or 1 $ each is cheap no

  9. PSPcfwDUDE

    11k? Puh-leese, that’s pocket change! xd

  10. gunblade

    so its jus dual core …. 2x 20 16 x512mb 1x 10 8x512mb 1 409.6…(8xm512)…..(3x shared).. two gig cpu 6 gig gpu..?

    • gunblade

      think the ps4 cpu alright think if it hard an extra Jaguar it would be boss think could put like a fx8350.. think i would 4x the 2 gig then could add en extra gpu… ps4 motherboards alright i was like wy they have the front usb with like 4 gig ram then was like it probly usb 3.0 i like the harddrive set up.. so there 2 gig for the hard drive bluray and 25g ..

      • gunblade

        can sony flash my ps4 back to stock..? or can i network boot my ps4 with my vita

      • gunblade

        the ps4 wifi and bluthooth antena look real shity or its like real tiny…ooh and think to cool down the ps4 the 8×512 of ram on the outher side of the heat sink could use like a heat sink or try to cool both side of the ps4 motherboard around the cpu gpu crazy i think sony thought to cool jus the cpu buts its a cpu gpu lucky ram heat sinks r cheap on amazon..

  11. Xuxuxuxu

    Thats just 11 or 12 bitcoins 😛

  12. 110706

    Vita is a sinking ship anyway.

  13. Light_Xela

    Hi Wololo, Total Nobb and others
    Make the TN V4 paying, 1€/1$ each download and buy with the money the vita reverse engeneering to make a nativ hack so we can start developp some good homebrew or emulator like ppsspp pcsx2 dolphin and moar desu.

  14. Garry

    Make a kickstarter campain for the reverse engineering funds.

  15. Obito

    “apparently putting your Vita’s CPU in a sulfuric acid bath will void your warranty.”


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