Persona, Persona, Persona and Persona during Atlus’ announcement

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  1. Zack says:

    Yes! Finally!! P5!!!

  2. Owen says:

    Lots of exciting stuff announced today – I’m still a bit confused with Dancing All Night, but I’m super excited about Persona 5 and very interested to see how the 3DS game turns out. I was hoping that Persona 5 would be on the Vita as well as the PS3, but maybe that still has a chance of happening later on. I wouldn’t mind at all playing it on the PS3, but I feel that Persona 4 (my introduction to the Persona series) felt very at-home on the Vita.

  3. Persona5 says:

    P5 ofcourse, cus I don’t want buy a 3DS just for PQ.

    • mlc says:

      The 3DS actually has some pretty good games. It probably has a better library than the Vita (perhaps only equally good, if you like more of the Vita games than I do), plus full support for DS games. I’m very glad to have bought a 3DS XL, though my wife doesn’t like it because she says it’s uncomfortable to hold. But there were a bunch of games for it that I wanted, like Mario Kart, FF Theatrhythm, Kingdom Hearts, Code of Princess, SF4, etc., so if the only series you’re interested in is Persona then you’re surely correct.

  4. BahamutBBob says:

    I’m not very far in P4 (just got Chie as a party member) but so far it hasn’t impressed me much.

    This might change, and I might love this news, in a few weeks time, after putting more hours into P4G.

    • kay says:

      I agree. P3 was loads better.

      • Parhelion69 says:

        Actually I just finished P3P (I played an undub version, meaning it has the original japanese voices, so, much better), I had never played it before and wanted to know what the fuss was all about.
        I didn’t quite like the characters (except yukari who I loved), Ryoji seemed like an afterthought, and I mildly cared for Aegis, but that’s it. I wanted to punch Junpei in the face, damn he annoyed me and I could go on. The lack of poligonal characters (as in the PS2 version) hurt the game’s presentation a lot.
        The music was nice though and Nyx battle is one of the best final boss songs ever.

        While I haven’t finished P4G just yet, it’s better in every aspect so far, a story that unfolds quickly (and isn’t the usual overused save the world one), more interesting and real characters, far better interactions which don’t feel disjointed and actually improve the plot (on P3 the social interactions felt like a total different game…) P3 just didn’t feel cohesive. P4G does.
        I could go on and on, P4 is just the superior game, and the hype and “milking” it is getting shows it

        • TelgarDrakore says:

          I might actually pick P3 up again simply because of the hype ive heard for P4. I thought P3 was an ok game with an interesting story that was completly ruined by its *** combat and dungeon system. that game garnered so much hate from me because of it, but I might just try to play it again if only to slog through the crappy gameplay and enjoy the story, which I was doing prior to throwing it at the wall for the combat hate.

          Thank god I got that abysmal game on ps+ instead of paying.

  5. Thrawn says:

    P:Q 🙂 so happy to be owner of a 3ds.

  6. Lemski07 says:

    I got both handheld consoles.. but you still cant play them because no localization yet…

  7. Coracoronoideus says:

    1° Big fan of Rythm games
    2° Big fan of OST of all the Persona games
    So?, the Vita release of Dancing gonna be one heck of a experience (^-^)V

  8. fatman01923 says:

    Give it some time man, it will probably be ported later. Anyway I actually want the dance all night game, love the ost for the persona games and rhythm games so its a match made in heaven. 😀

  9. Casmut says:

    YEEEEEEEEEES!!! I’m a huge fan of the Persona series! And I want ALL.OF.THEM. *-*

  10. mlc says:

    While this all sounds wonderful, I was hoping for a Persona 4 Arena Vita release. Hopefully P4U will make it to Vita in a year or two.

  11. Tryrush Deppy says:

    eh, where is the PS4 Persona??? now that would have been NEWS!

  12. Sakuryu says:

    I watched this and the emergency announcement 😀 It was awesome (Even though I don’t understand Japanese) I saw the english all over and thought localisation too. It was amazing :D!!

  13. sathriel says:

    Persona 5 is of course the one that interests me the most but Persona Q is yet another incentive to get a 3DS.

  14. Shinny says:

    Well yeah, i might as well start gathering money.. Love Persona games, and waiting for the P3 movie, and the Q looks nice, and cant wait for the OST.. ITS THE ONLY REAL REASON I KEEP COMING BACK TO OLD GAMES 😀 Want new songs from LJ 😀

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