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How to take good care of your Vita

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  1. Sky Yuki says:

    Hm am i the only one here who doesn’t use screen protector???
    Yeah now it got scratch all over it but i keep it clean
    Some question thought
    Does ps vita “Sticker” protect your screen??
    It look great i might get one

  2. com'on says:

    come on guys. using screen protectors is just like using a cond0m. You won’t feel your VITA!

  3. Nice Guy says:

    Glad to see many people still take care of there electronics as well as I try to do.
    Every device I’ve bought still looks near mint condition.
    And all I had to do was apply a screen protector and use some case since day one.
    My portables used most:

    Vita -looks new (check)
    iPhone -looks new (check)
    3 PSP’s -look good (we’re built from used parts)

    So yeah whatever I get in whatever state it’s in when I buy it it usually stays in the same condition till the end of me owning it. (Until I sell it)

    • Thrawn says:

      I know what you mean.
      I recently bought a very very heavy used gba (not sp or micro) for about 15€. Screen completely scratched, on off swicht nonfunctional due to finger grease and god knows what else, sound poti broken.
      Well, on off switch cleansed, poti desoldered and new one soldered in and I’m currently polishing its screen window. The biggest scratches are only tiny ones now and the former small ones are now just barely visible if you hold them in a certain angle against a light source.
      I’m already looking forward to play zelda 4 swords mhmmmh. 🙂

      • Nice Guy says:

        Sounds great.
        GBA SP was my favorite portable during my childhood.
        Also had several original GBA’s I would sell the old one and buy the next best new color that would come out. 😀
        Good times, good times.
        Seems like GBA days during my childhood were the most fun I had in gaming.
        I still love playing my old favorites on my PSP.

        Advance Wars 1 & 2
        Golden Sun 1& 2
        The Legend of Zelda – Minish Cap
        The Legend of Zelda – A Link To The Past
        Metroid – Zero Mision
        Metroid – Fusion

        And even go back to the old classic GBC ‘Legend of Zelda Links Awakening DX’ that I loved most doring my childhood. There was no other game that stuck with me till now.
        And even now with all these amazing games out there it remains to be my #1 favorite game for the fun I had playing it as a kid.

        • Thrawn says:

          Yeah those were really good times. Lufia and Fire emblem and F zero maximum velocity, zone of the ender fist of mars… I could count up all my gb/gbc/gba cartridges, that would take a day.
          Well I didn’t buy the sp because the gamecube connetion cable blocks the charging port and if you play zelda 4 four swords adventures there is nothing more annoying than a gba that runs outa power 😛
          With the normal gba you can hook it up to the wall plug AND play.
          But thats only for this specific game. This game has in my opinion the best action multiplayer party mode. 4 guys slightly drunk playing dat zelda game on a beamer always resulted in a shitload of stuff happening XD

  4. mangosteam says:

    Yes nice I just learned something so useful and cool haha tnx

  5. FBJ says:

    Two other things that I do to ensure the longest health out of my Vitas are:

    If you have a foam pouch with a pocket for your Vita that has a snap button, be sure you place the Vita in it with the back of the unit against the button to ensure you don’t scratch your screen.

    Next, when removing or inserting your headphone connector, use extreme care (especially when removing) so that you reduce the chance of the Vita’s headphone terminal ever breaking. Also, ensure that you do not put any lateral pressure on your headphone connector while it’s inside the Vita.

  6. com'on says:

    Sony designed the vita not to be easily scratched. So you don’t need to put screen protectors on. Like I said you won’t get a feel of your VITA. Sony themselves don’t make screen protectors for VITA. Other companies do. It would be bad if Sony themselves made it, it’s like saying VITA is not well designed out front. Don’t anybody else think? Squeeky Clean GEEKS.

    • Nice Guy says:

      Actually Sony does make screen protectors. (They usually cost more though)
      But they happen to be great quality.


      And there only $2 now (not including shopping.)
      That’s a great deal.

      In the end it’s everyones choice to do as they like.
      The reason I use screen protector and usually some form of body case for my devices is so that if and when I decide to sell my device to upgrade to a newer better model it will be worth more.

      It’s not that I’m scared it will scratch.
      I just rather make sure it doesn’t so that I can get most of my money back in the end.

      • Sky Yuki says:

        Lol two dollars

        • Nice Guy says:

          When they first came out they were like $20 or $15.
          Then they went down to $10.

          Just because they went down in price to $2 doesn’t mean it’s a poor product.
          These are one of the best quality screen protectors you can get for the Vita.
          (Read the Amazon reviews if in doubt)

          I actually think its great that their so cheap now.
          It only means more people can get them without worrying about spending $10 – $20 they would spend on a game instead.

      • Frezzno says:

        Sorry but Sony screen protector is not that good. I used it once. They don’t sit that well on screen. Also it only protects the LCD part of the front. Only plus was that it was really easy to apply. Today I use those screen protectors from China. They are cut to protect the whole front of the Vita. Plus they are extreme hard to apply to.

  7. capcomlegend says:

    nice article

  8. jd20dog says:

    don’t dilute the 90%+ rubbing alcohol, fully shut down the vita and spend some time cleaning it with a good micro fiber rag, q-tips, some good old OCD, and some compressed air, alcohol wont harm the electronics as long as you let it dry out for a hour or a whole day if you fill like being paranoid

  9. Mamimi says:

    I have the official Sony screen protector and a Mad Catz shell on mine. Unless i’m actually using the back touch pad (which is never), i’m only ever touching the buttons. And i don’t need to worry about shoving it in a pocket or my backpack, because unless i’m crazy with it, i feel it’s pretty safe sliding around in there with my Pikachu 3DSXL and 8 inch tablet, both of which are similarly protected.

  10. Saya no Uta says:

    Right now neither my 3DS or Vita has any scratches, the only thing I have on them is a wrist strap, no screen protectors.

    I tend to be extra careful with these sorts of things so I should be fine for awhile, I got the 3DS after the price drop and the Vita was a launch preorder.

  11. Tiga says:

    To protect my vita from scratches and scuffs, and because I found it too damn shiny, I got a Vita Skin from decalgirl. Similar to the DIY Speedstripes stuff you can put on your car, stick it on and you can pull it off without hassle or sticky *** when you need.

    I also use an anti-glare screen protector for the front from bodyguardz. It does make the screen look very slightly fuzzy, but considering I was using the vita every day on the train to and from work, and on my lunchbreaks, it does wonders for actualy letting me see the screen rather than my own reflection!

    Nice tips with the lanyard and cleaning!!

  12. quicksort says:

    I’ve had that HP bag. Used it the first year at my university. That bag is not durable. The joints are all very sturdy, however the weaved plasticish material it’s made from is not good at all. Once it’s damaged, the damaged area grows bigger until your bag is ***.

    I now use the “Swussgear Carbon computer backpack by wenger” for almost 3 years. It has LifeTime warranty!!!
    That thing is a true beast. It is a lot more handy, it has so many great features. A must have for any geek boy.

  13. vicsidious says:

    Seriously, nothing beats ZAGG invisible shields. They put those vinyl stuff on army helicopter blades for god sake! Greatest protection ever! I dont get any gadget out of its box if I cant’s wrap it in those vinyl sheets!
    Get a look at them, you’ll be surprised. And they offer lifetime warranty!

  14. Haze7 says:

    I have a front and back screen protector.
    A plastic protective case.
    And a kind of Steel box that I keep it in.

    But Just a day before all those stuff arrived at the mail, the lower portion of my vita was chipped off. -_-

  15. Charles Fasano says:

    I hate all things glossy. It just attracts fingerprints.

    Just like cases for handhelds, cars should be made out of nerf.

  16. sn37ip says:

    >>>You know that whitish fog haze that shows up on the screen after a few days of sitting on your desk? That’s bacteria growing in the oils from your fingers.<<<- as a possible future biology teacher I can say- Respect for mentioning that!! Bigup!
    BTW I use that official Vita screen protector from the starter kit and it is very very nice, there is no visual difference or anything. I take good care on all of my electronics, but those serial number and waranty stickers came off by themselves!!!!! :@@@

    • meep says:

      >>>You know that whitish fog haze that shows up on the screen after a few days of sitting on your desk? That’s bacteria growing in the oils from your fingers.<<<

      If it starts to grow hairs, you can call that mold. If your vita starts to grow those, you know you didn't use it for quite some time.

  17. speedy says:

    I think there should be a vita accessories forums. where everbody can talk about what case or screen protector works for them.

  18. speedbump says:

    I just wanted to say that I love reading all these comments. It makes me happy to see that there are other people like me out there

  19. G36cBossMan says:

    Lmao! The ps vita is only good for a paper weight without vhbl or ecfw… I remember playing the psp for hours even without cfw I can’t play the vita for 30 mins without calling it a piece or garbage…

  20. G36cBossMan says:

    90% of the games suck and when I was all hyped up for zombies on black ops declassified I was just let down not only did it not have zombies but it was a terrible game…

  21. gamerdad7 says:

    I used the green slime thingy to clean the hard to reach areas of my vita (volume, directional buttons, analog, etc) but to my dismay some of the slime got stuck all over my vita, it even covered both of my speakers and i was not able to get it out! I ended up pricking my speakers with a needle to get the slime out, needless to say, I had no success. Now my vita has green yucky stuff all over it… FML

  22. el_popi says:

    Well i usually use on my vita a vinyl stick to protect the vita for wear down and fingerprints. plus the usual screen protector and a case. Works like a charm and the rear touch zone doesn’t lose any sensivity with the vinyl on.

  23. BahamutBBob says:

    Why do so many people call the rear touch a screen? Does it display anything? No? It isn’t a screen. This is directed at jd20dog.

    It also doesn’t need any additional protection. But if you have the official Sony screen protectors, you get two in a pack, so you may as well use both if you don’t see yourself ever getting a 2nd Vita.

  24. tech84 says:

    I only just recently placed a screen protector on my vita, and by recently i mean yesterday! and I had my Vita for about 6 months now.

    Now im confident that the screen would beprotected from minor scratches everytime I put in in my pocket or in a bag somewhere.

  25. stOneskull says:

    what’s a good way to clean in the speaker holes?

    • gunblade says:

      idk cuz it depends on the type of speakers i seen sum paper like ones so i would think not to get them wet but i jus wet a cotton swab

  26. gunblade says:

    think the glass scratch remover would work on the vita think its for car windows

  27. Axel says:

    The PS Vita screen is pretty resistant and hard to scratch, mine has no scratch on the front side, the back side has a thin-small scratch which for paranoids like me looks huge. No need for screen protector regardless unless you like storing your vita with pencils and scissors =.=

  28. Jon says:

    You can also install a matt screen protector at the back. You have to manually trace and cut it to fit. Matt i use to keep away the oil from my fingers.

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