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PSN: Many EU Accounts Passwords Reset Due To ‘Precautionary Measures’


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. Mox says:

    been there done that 😀

  2. bla bla says:

    Bla. Bla. Bla. Bla. Total noob can you please release tn v v4? PLEaase??? Thank u much appreciated

  3. JeoWay says:

    So, i’m in the US, and this happened to me. All I did was try to sign in 4 or 5 times and then it worked with my original password.

    They may have just been updating/fixing servers from the US launch and probably preparing for the EU launch 🙂

  4. me says:

    US accounts too…i have my account very protected and have never had “irregular activity” on my account and then all of the sudden when ps4 and the updates for it come out i am locked out?

    anyway i stopped using psn so they lost a customer till they repair it with the password i originally put in. (tried to log in multiple times and even tried password reset…nothing worked…almost as if they deleted my account)

    i was a long term playstation plus user and bought tons of games…looks like it is back to WoW for me then 🙂

  5. mineJP says:

    ah, mine too, btw it’s JP account.

  6. deathhell says:

    hey mine was giving me error online too and i PM SFZ and i got my password back which is now “Password” so i can remember it and not have any issues with PS, TY

  7. Sky Yuki says:

    Happened to my HK account too

  8. bennyweny1 says:

    Happened to me on my uk eu account, totally sucks cos I ain’t got time to change the pass at the mo

    • tangra87 says:

      Just when it happen you have theoption to change you password , do it and its done, I had this problem yesterday and I went to a forum and some person had dune this and it work for him, I did it to and it works for me.

  9. fishy says:

    this story kinda smells like accounts were hacked…
    just saiyin lol

  10. Zyphs says:

    Well i got f*cked, so now i can’t recover my account because my mail was hacked and so now i’m sc*** lost about 80€ because of my email..

    • Minimur12 says:

      try email playstation support – help@uk.playstation.com

      I’m sure they’ll try their best to recover your acount!

      and remember be sure to tell them that you lost acess to your original account, if you were to send them a form of ID then it should be OK to change your email. that’s what I did 🙂

    • JeoWay says:

      Try signing in multiple times til it worked. Took me 5 tries to sign in before I could sign in successfully. And i’m in US :p

  11. Alex says:

    So my password was reset yet I didn’t receive a password reset email? How am I supposed to log in? Lol

    • Alex says:

      Okay so I had to reset the password myself on my vita. Somehow the reset email didn’t come through, thankfully that was easier than I thought it’d be.

  12. manny says:

    Mine was chaged, and in dindt know how to recover the password, i must have intruduced my date of birth wrong…

  13. Zyphs says:

    So how do i recover my ps vita if i can’t get a hold of my email and can not connect using my old password?
    because i can’t loggin with a new account without my old account.

    • Minimur12 says:

      If you create a new email, and contact PS support, they’ll try to help yiou as much as possible, but If you put your name/DoB in correcty then you should be able to change your email linked with the account if you provide Proof of ID, that’s what I did when I forgot my email, sent them a photocopy of my passport (eugh that photo) and they then linked a different email with my ‘minimur12’ account 🙂

  14. Developer says:

    It’s not just a random reset. They’re inspecting the accounts. It takes up to 4/5 days for them to reactivate the account. I can’t say too much about this matter though.

    Some people have been lucky enough to be playing online by now.

    While others are sitting ducks.. Waiting for Sony.

  15. Troll.Face says:

    I have had this problem yesterday, i dunno why, i never had “Irregolar Activity” with my PsVita. Anyhow i had to reset my password and now works good. 7 days to Ps4…. start the countdown guys….

  16. Itherian says:

    I really hope that all of you who post in comments complaining because you do not have the new TN hack miss the release. Do like the rest of us and stop acting like a immature *** and wait.

  17. DiabloNocturnia says:

    They re-set my password which was created on a e-mail address i no longer use, so now i’ve no way of getting my account back, this is just great.

  18. ivo says:

    id identity theft by online resetting tools lol
    good thing i can still email lol

  19. mlc says:

    I haven’t checked my account yet, but if the password has to be reset, won’t that break the OpenCMA trick on an older firmware Vita, since you’ll have to log in on the Vita again?

    Also, I assume it’s just a coincidence, but my Discover card that was linked to my PSN account had the info stolen a couple weeks ago. At the time I considered that it might be PSN, considering their history, but I figured it was far more likely to have been stolen by a PoS system at a store. Now I’m not so sure that I was wrong to distrust PSN, considering they’re resetting a bunch of passwords.

  20. that broken toe says:

    not that it has anything to do with the article, but the humble bundle deal this week is for all of the Zen pinball 2 tables… just spreading the word…

  21. sathriel says:

    I wish they had tell me about it before I have started to accuse my housemate of being a *** and changing my password 😛

  22. cendol says:

    Not just the EU, some Asian R3 accounts also got a reset like mine.

    I need to click forgot password, verify email and renew password to login to my account.

  23. swaga says:

    if that happened to me i would have tought it got hacked or something…

  24. twenty90seven says:

    Happenee to me too, signed up with a birth date I couldnt remember, now my account has been ‘escalated’to a suspensiin stage. Why couldnt Sony tell us they had reset our passwords?

  25. thedicemaster says:

    it would’ve been nice if they’d send out e-mails when they do this kind of stuff.

    there is no warning from sony whatsoever, you’re just greeted with an “incorrect password” error and left to wonder whether it’s a hacker, prank, glitch, or sony messing with your account.

    at least now i know why my password was changed without my consent.

  26. isnizal says:

    hye,can sameone help me…i forget my birthday when i create account.so i cannot reclaim new passwird

  27. John R. says:

    my u.s account was reset today as well i had to click on forgot password, sony didn’t even send an email when they have reset my password …

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