(Pictures) emulators running on the Vita TV, make the device exciting again


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  1. TelcoLou says:

    Well, now this IS interesting. Is the PS Vita TV coming to the U.S.?

    • ZacUAX says:

      Sony said they acknowledge the interest in it, but I don’t think they’ve said whether or not it’s coming.

  2. heleius says:

    Now I hope that TN-V4 isn’t released until the next firmware update which enables remote play on the VTV…

    • jabbathebutthurtcondomwearer says:

      Remote play on a TV console? Now that’s as stupid as talking to your friend on the phone when he is right next to you.

      • Not that guy says:

        Depends on how you look at it. A Vita TV is more convenient to carry around while traveling than a PS4 I guess, but that doesn’t really make up for much when you could give up a little convenience to have the real deal around. It’d still be a nice feature to have available.

      • UE says:

        Love shortsighted people like you.

        Me I am getting one if I can so I can remote play to my computer monitor for when the main TV is being used… you know so I don’t annoy the wife.

        I have a vita too but playing with a controller or on a decent sized screen is sometimes desirable (I mean playing resogun with all those particles on my vita screen, while doable… isn’t desirable)

        • jabbathebutthurtcondomwearer says:

          How am I being shortsighted here, is it really so hard to pull two cords and plug them into another setup. Another thing is the latency you will get with remote play. Secondly, you will use more electricity, yes it’s maybe not a huge amount, but it will get bigger and bigger as time moves on. On the controller side, I agree with you. So to say, I didn’t say I don’t think that there should not be remote play on the Vita TV, I just stated that it’s a waste of time and money, but you never know when it might come in handy.

  3. Leires says:

    You never fixed your typos and things on your review, good sir T.T

    Also, unsurprising..I doubt the firmware differences between V-TV and the vita are that different, much like the GO and the PSP(s).

  4. LuKe_AA says:

    Unless I got it wrong, the PS Vita TV, via modifications to (its?) internal system/firmware, allows you to connect (wirelessly/ad-hoc?) to your PS Vita, granting the chance of running emulators (except PSP and PSOne?) without modifying the PS Vita device itself, also allowing you to see the emulation on your PS Vita screen (?)?

    Nevertheless, the Vita TV doesn’t run on a battery, does it? It requires its own AC Adapter, thus making the emulation only viable while close to an electrical source.

    So, why wouldn’t you just use a PC to emulate anything, including a PSP and PSOne?

    • NeoTheOne says:

      Well one of the benefits would be that you can run 99.9% of all PSP games while the unofficial PSP emulators have glitches and other problems.

    • neotechni says:

      Completely wrong. Vita tv is a vita itself. It doesnt use another vita

  5. Hellbelial says:

    Ps4 is been released,so,when the TN-v4 for vita?.

  6. Halathos says:

    So the question is, If they managed to install TN-V4 on the Vita TV that would also imply the region restriction as described in the review, Could we get a heads up on the region for TN-V4 so wallet funds could be added to that region, as an account cannot change regions if it has a balance. Canadian here with a so far useless PSV xD

    • The Z says:

      The VitaTV accepts only japanese accounts, so we can be sure that an exploit game in the JP Store exists.

      Most previous exploits were EU and/or EU&US only, so this might mean that there will be an exploit for every region.

      This is just speculated, but it could be true.

      • thedicemaster says:

        it might be possible to use a vtv with a US/EU account.
        i read somewhere that someone managed to use a US account by skipping the initial psn login(so no account was active on the device) and then inserting the memory card from a regular vita with a US account.
        the vtv asked for the password/username associated with that memory card, and activated properly.
        i think he did have problems accessing the PS Store on the vtv, but if you have a regular vita you can just use that to install new games.

  7. Thrawn says:

    Now where is the difference between this thing and a psp go with pro c2 hooked via component cable to the big screen and paired with a dual shock 3?

    Pro for the psp go with lcfw:
    It runs everything without problems, compatibility with homebrew and backups is unbroken and unique.
    Contra for the psp go:
    Its old and does not run ps vita stuff at all.

    Pro for the vita tv:
    Its new.
    Contra for the vita tv:
    It runs not nearly as much homebrew as a hacked psp does.
    It may have problems with psp backups?
    It does not run (many) vita games and apps.

    Summary: Point for the psp 2k,3k & go with component cable. 🙂

    • The Z says:

      VitaTV offers fullscreen resolution video-out, the PSPs just had a limited amount of the screen resolution, which gave you a very pixelated or small picture.

      Otherwise I kinda agree, a PSP Go with a 6.60 LME (;)) CFW is better than a VitaTV with eCFW.

    • wololo says:

      The video quality of hdmi cannot be compared to that of a component cable.

      • reprep says:

        in fact, yes it can be. digital isn’t necessarily better than analog. you will get near hdmi quality with official sony component cables with a psp go.

        though, psp gives a 480×274 picture within 720×480 resolution with black border around. this is a big problem.

      • Thrawn says:

        Component cabel RGB(YPbPr) is the analog equivalent of hdmi, which is cabable of carrying a signal form 480p to 1080p and above and this is true.
        With hdmi your capped on your TV to what your TV supports (HD ready or full HD), (while hdmi in only it’s newer iterations is capable to do what DVI already is doing for a long long time*cough 2560×1600 displays* which dvi supported form day 0).
        For a good picture with component cables it is imperative that you follow 3 simple rules, the cables must be:
        1. short (or as short as possible)
        2. are shielded (shield must be grounded on both ends),
        3. do not cross any other cables especially AC power lines and such (they emit an electromagnetic field which disturbs low voltage data signals).
        Depending on the source and used end devices you will get a picture that is AS good as or maybe slightly SOFTER than the direct hdmi/DVI comparison.
        Advantage of analog?
        Yes there is, it has no copy protection for high res ressources.
        The signal can be split and altered and streamed all over where ever you want. (hdcp my a$$)
        But all this does not matter (RGB or hdmi or DVI) if the source is not high res, psp titles are programmed for -> 480×274 they will not magically get more pixels, not on the vita nor vita tv nor on the psp go/brite/slim …

    • mathieulh says:

      @thrawn there are some wrong facts in your post:

      1. There isn’t a single homebrew or game I’ve tried on TNv4 that has any problems or runs differently than on psp go, in fact emulators run slightly faster, I have tested LOTS of homebrews and games, I believe it runs pretty much everything.

      2. The psp go component output doesn’t run @ full screen while the vita tv does

      3. The psp go component output doesn’t work @1080i while the vita tv does

      4. The psp go doesn’t perform any upscale on the psp games while the vita tv does.

      5. you also need the psp go cradle if you want to charge it along with using the TV out cable.

      The only pro I’d see to the psp go is that you don’t have to go through CMA or FTP to transfer data to it.

      • RandQalan says:

        So no real PSX support for audio and on Go with the proper setup it works at full screen unlike psp games of course

        or is that fixed finally TNv4

      • Thrawn says:

        Your point 1. is invalid, because the majority of people do not have access to TNv4, which is till now unreleased.
        So I don’t know the compatiblity of that, I compared it with vhbl.

        It might be nice, that the vita tv is running on 1080i but the psp titles launched on it will not and will never. The vita and or vita tv cannot magically add pixels to a piece of software that has been programmed for 480x274px, it can only blur or zoom it up, but still looks not very refined.

        This is different with emulators as they have the option to “double” or “multiply” the amount of rendered pixels.
        For example I take dolphin running metroid (pal) which was programmed for 640x480px, with emulator set to 2x you get 1280x960px which is a little over the small hd.
        Looking fine on most HD screens.

    • UE says:

      The vita TV allows for ps4 remote play

  8. Lennyvita says:

    This is great, cannot wait for vita TV to be released in Canada. I hope there will be more exploits available after. I would love to play some emus on the big screen. The vita is great, this just adds to the fun.

  9. Frank says:

    How is it possible to display the Vita on the PC with PS Vita TV ? It’s an interesting device.

  10. pploco1996 says:

    Ok, cool, so people think its interesting because it can run some psp emulators…. Isn’t the Ouya able to do the exact same thing but a lot better?

  11. Charles Fasano says:

    At least the compatibility for PSP games is bound to be better than trying to convert a PSP game into a PSP Remaster for the PS3. The few games I’ve tried were not playable as the graphics we not right and the textures gone. Try walking on the ground when the ground textures aren’t there.

    I prefer a console controller over a handheld any day. Sony’s handhelds just aren’t big enough for my hands.

  12. MadZiontist says:

    Color me highly interested in one of these boxes! Wish it was available for NA region accts. :/

  13. Wrozen says:

    Not that I don’t trust him or anything but I do have some questions. Why is it on a laptop and not a TV screen? And why does it say you have one battery bar left in the xmb when the vita-tv uses an AC adaptor for power and not a battery? Shouldn’t it be full?
    Idk, I’m just a skeptical person.

    • blake says:

      as stated in above posts the vita tv is connected through the laptops hdmi in port

      the battery bar wouldn’t show 3 bars at all times because like with the psp it changes from 1-2-3 when connected to an outside source of power

  14. Copyright says:

    seriously! There are already people who have the tnv4? apart from those who already know !!

  15. Ureafag says:

    ive bought my psv for half a month now and it has been nothing more than a brick to me….tn-v4 please come soon!!!!;_;

  16. Leires says:

    To people expecting TN-V, It’s going to be a bit, more than likely. The PS4 is still just a newborn, so there’s a large chance that the vita may get some updates that improve PS4 cross-play, or some other PS4 exclusive feature yet..To be honest, I’d not expect TN-V to arrive until December sometime.

    Possible reasons why:

    Christmas is a busy time. If released around then, it may give people more time to download the game before sony takes it down.

    If not Christmas, then the reasons lsited above: PS4 improvements, vita improvements to work better with the PS4.

    Maybe he still has some surprises he’s working on. Always a possibility.

    Regardless, the only thing everyone can do is wait. Asking when it’s released when it’s been implicitly stated that asking/demanding/complaining about when *exploit* will arrive does nothing. Sign up for the forums, check in every day, hope for the best. You can even talk on them! (I know, what a world we live in)

  17. Jeremy says:

    What type of laptop is that? I am in the market for a new one and that looks conveniently flashy.

    • MadZiontist says:

      Yeah I thought it looked like an Alienware as well. I’m hopefully gonna be buying an Alienware 18 laptop soon.

  18. ivo says:

    oh bummer. Never got one rom working of psp emulators.
    maybe its just me ( daedalus) version x64

  19. Guardian says:

    That is a very sexy Alienware, What model is it? I thought it would be the M17, but no, it does not look exactly like that one.

  20. neotechni says:

    Any hints on how big of a psn card we should get at least?

  21. pcb_revival says:

    quick overview video from mathieulh


  22. Mr. MaGoo says:

    Hey Wololo, on the vita tv, is yhere a language selection for English-language? I was thinking about ordering one online. I would like it for streeming my ps4 to other room I’m the house.

    • wololo says:

      Yes, it supports the same languages as the vita. But be careful:you will most likely need the same psn account running on the vtv and the ps4 to enable remote play. That means a japanese psn account. That means you lose your existing games, and also, there is no game for the ps4 in jp now.

      • Mr. MaGoo says:

        Would I be able to use it n my US account?

        • Mr. MaGooe says:

          Sadly I received my answer. I Somehow missed a previous post about the vita regional limitations. Looks like I will have to be patient which is not one of my strongest points. Lol

  23. 110706 says:

    and the point of this is? you can run those emu on PC,laptop too. Waste of time…

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