PS4 Review

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  1. anhell28

    good to know Jd8531, i purchased cod ghost for my ps4 but i think im going to bring it back for either killzone or bf4…which do you think is better?

    • Jd8531

      Either way you go you won’t regret it. But with no guarantee the bugs and server issues will be fixed with next weeks patch I’d recommend Killzone until they are.

      • Minimur12

        Going back to my weekly roundup article, what are the ds4 analogue sticks like, do usee them wearing out like the photos or not?

        • anhell28

          i still have my ps4 and cod ghost unopened so i couldn’t tell you…but i hear they are better spaced apart from the original dual shock 3’ trying to hold off opening my ps4 in hopes of a hack coming for 1.0 firmware but it looks like i will have to update cause i wanna play some killzone.i have a high end pc for games that are not coming to the ps4 so bf4 on ps4 wouldn’t be any point.

        • Jd8531

          No I cant see them doing that unless you are extremely rough with them. They feel pretty sturdy.

  2. benjiTK

    Killzone, hands down. Not a ground breaking title, but at least it works. With all the complaints I’ve read about BF4 – I can’t suggest paying for it.

  3. Techni

    “Its more refined and shows the XMB to shame which at often times was cluttered and unorganized.”

    What? XMB was a lot more organized than this. Everything was in it’s section. On this, they took the game section and made it into a second horizontal bar. Removed all the sub items from the other sections, they now open up an app for each screen rather than using a single cohesive menu. There are no folders. No music/photos/videos section, even bluray movies show up in that second bar with the games.

    XMB had dynamic and regular themes, you could make regular themes on your own. You could also use a wallpaper or a custom color. This has no customization options.

    A hacked PSP to add folders is more organized than this.

    • Jd8531

      I also mention the downfalls too in my review about not being able to organize content. I mentioned not being able to have themes. But the XMB was the same yet vertically down? At least now what you use the most is there and ready to go. There is a video section, but music hasn’t been added yet because its not support which I also mentioned. I went into both sides throughout the review.

      • Acid_Snake

        I have to agree with him. I find the XMB to be the most well organized OS for a console I’ve ever used. Everything is in its category and there’s no getting lost, if you wanna find something you know where it is. I haven’t tried the PS4 yet and probably won’t for some time, but I can’t really understand people saying that the XMB is unorganized, you need to have a mental disorder or something to see the XMB as unorganized.

        • Jd8531

          It is in its category but its basically a straight vertical list. Unorganized was probably a poor choice of words. I meant more visually. The PS4s is right there all at once and more simple than the XMB. The PS4 in some sense still retains that cross media bar by hitting up with everything in their categories. You’d have to use it to see what I mean.

          With that said it does need some work to be better than the XMB in some aspects.

          • MarSprite

            I think the new interface is foul. It’s pretty enough but it is extremely disorganized now, and I shudder to imagine what it will be like with more than 10 games to pick from, getting exponentially worse as the library increases, apps, etc. At some point I’ll need a camera just so I can open things with voice command, which is functional, but not amazing. Finding your settings for whatever setting you happen to be looking for is quite difficult, can someone tell me where to modify my billing information? I’ve been resorting to my ps3. The ps4 allows me to set profile pics, but not the modest array of premium profile pics I have acquired over the years with my ps3, so I have to load the ps3 up for those too. No GUI customization, whatever, but please please please give me some organization. I’ve shown the new interface to 3 other people who have ps3s so far, and they think it’s awful. It is worth noting that the interface is MUCH more responsive. Another thing, WTH is with the first and last name all over my system? I don’t want it shared, and I don’t want it used on my screen either. Many of my real life friends don’t know my last name, and I like it that way. Why are all the share button functions linked to third party accounts? I don’t have or want a ustream/twitch/facebook account.

            I am ecstatic about the other facets of the system, overall a great system, with solvable issues. Oh, and party chat is cool, if totally a xblox ripof.

          • Jd8531

            I agree with everything you said but Xbox wasnt the first to have party chat so to say its a ripoff is wrong.

          • MarSprite

            Ok, I’ll bite. What Video Game Console was the first to have party chat with up 8 players, allowing drop in drop out, over a multitude of games, but not necessarily the same game. Just so we are clear though, a PC isn’t a Video Game Console.

  4. canelodirecto

    Not to sound negative but I was expecting better from a new console lunch, none of the actual PS4 exclusives live up to the hype not to include that they are a hand full at best and that’s if you are counting the free to play games.
    I believe Sony rushed this lunch just to beat Xbox lunch and be out before holiday shopping rush. Now it makes sense why they didn’t released in Japan, they didn’t wanted to disappoint their number 1 fan base.

    • Thrawn

      But hey, it’s not like the 3ds launch where there were only 5 or so games, and it’s not like the forever ongoing psvita launch. Wait… the vita launched already? XD

      • mlc

        lol, I don’t think Sony would want you comparing the PS4 to the Vita. The Vita hasn’t been doing too well.

  5. k3nn

    hmmm – no mgs v, no ff xv, no star wars special edition console yet…so, meh! no ps4 for me for now

  6. Leires

    Nope! Nuh uh! I’m waiting. There’s no games I’m currently interested in (where the RPGs at?), there’s reported ‘one percent’ failure (typical sony ‘A small percentage of users’, while the forums is flooded with ‘my ps3 is broke’) on consoles, it’s on a very early firmware that can’t even play MP3s..Not to mention people are saying that the DS4 padding is peeling off? Even if i had money, I think I’d still wait.

    I mean, early PS3s (the BC versions) are, as i said once before, practically time bombs in most cases. Xbox 360 was an RROD waiting to happen for a while. I have 0 interest in the xbone, mainly because they took a dump on my face, lied and said it wasn’t them, then when i started to walk away they were like NO WAIT PLEASE DON’T GO, but..I’m gonna have to wait for the PS4. I bought a vita early on and didn’t play many games sans with TN-V, thank you for that, guys D:, but certainly not any that i couldn’t have waited til when the PSV-TV or the price drop on memory cards and bundled vita merited.

    If you have the money, by all means go for it, it’s fun having a shiny new toy to brag about to your friends, I’d the end, it really is better to wait for things. (SUDDENLY 1.5 PS4 EXPLOIT ON EARLY LAUNCH CONSOLES ONLY)

    • canelodirecto

      You might want to read songs policies for games purchased, they may have said you can sell them and do whatever you want but the part they omitted was that it was going to be the ones they let you do that with, so you might be able to trade them right now to keep costumers happy but that might soon change. So they really took a dump on you, at least Microsoft was upfront with the policies, Sony is been keeping theirs behind a smoke curtain which is worse, and I’m baffled that people did not see trough their lies, and also adding that the marketed the lunch exclusives as super awesome and they turned out to be a disappointment, and also they have dodge the fact that their is something obviously wrong with a lot of console cause I’m sorry .4 percent sound *** at this point

      • Jd8531

        You are misinformed about the polices thing. You’re not allowed to trade or resell songs anywhere at anytime on any platform. What are they hiding? They acknowledged the EU change on Twitter (even though it isnt very legal).

        How is .4% ‘***’? Its expected and they have accurate information. Its better than the 50% failure rate the 360 or the rate of the PS3 YLOD had by far.

        • mlc

          These are “out the door” failure rates. I can’t say for certain that they’ll be as bad as RROD or YLOD, but how long has it been thus far? Other than for a hack, or removed features, it can be extremely foolish to purchase a completely new console because companies don’t care about their customers any longer. They feel that their brand or exclusivity will make up for poor quality, and, sadly, it has worked thus far.

          Regardless, it is silly to purchase a new console before there are many games you want for it. You could end up with a Vita! j/k =)

          But, seriously, I love my Dreamcast, but I’d be upset if there was a non-negligible chance that it would break quickly. Recent console generations have been too flaky to justify buying a new console before there are very many good games, since there is a fair chance it will break and the company responsible for it will say “sorry, buy a new one.” I’ll buy a PS4 when it is proven to be reliable, goes down a bit in price, and has some exclusive fighters and RPGs that I can’t miss.

  7. TelcoLou

    Great review! Summed it all up is a few paragraphs. I encountered a few snags after updating the FW; but this was due to PSN being down (then up, then down again) for about a day and a half, but all is a smooth as a snot sandwich now 🙂 Mi biggest surprise is indeed how silent it is; I have an original fat PS3, and that thing is so loud, you can hear its fans over the TV sound.

  8. Charles Fasano

    They could make a PS4 Slim by using an eternal power brick. The power supply in the PS4 takes up about 30% of the console. I prefer an external power supply for something expensive like this as if the power supply fails, you don’t have to send in the entire console. I’ve already had to send in 2 broken 360 power supplies. If they were internal, I would have had to send in the whole console and not have it to play with it as I had extra power supplies lying around.

    I agree that the DS4 is almost the best controller around. My fingers are no longer slipping on the triggers like the did with the DS3 controller. When I wanted to watch a Movie on the PS3, the lousy triggers would mess up what I was watching because no matter how gently I put the controller down, those triggers would trigger.

    My biggest complaint is that I am so used to the 360 controller, when I go to a Sony controller, it feels really weird and unnatural not having the left analog stick in that upper left section. They really improved the D-Pad. I thought the D-Pad of the DS3 was great and couldn’t get any better.

    I too have had issues playing games. I had issues with Call of Duty Ghosts giving me a black screen. Sure I was able to go back to the dashboard, but I couldn’t do anything there. Couldn’t even turn the PS4 off so I had to hold the power button until it beeped.

    My biggest complaint with the physical unit is that the parallelogram shape prevents me from using many of my USB Flash Drives as they don’t quite fit in. I now have to get a USB extension cable if I want to use them.

    I hate earbuds. They are so uncomfortable. Man do they get nasty and full of earwax.

    At least I can use the DS4 controller with the PS3. It mostly works except the PS Button and the rumble doesn’t work.

    I really hope they add Audio CD and Blu-Ray 3D support. They really need to have a way to sort items on the main screen. I hated the XMB as there was no way to sort your PSN games alphabetically.

    On the PS4 you can’t sort your Trophies alphabetically either.

    The PS4 interface is really fast.

    Sony claims the PS4 is 10x the power of the PS3 so I don’t see any reason they can’t eventually add PSOne Classics and PS2 Classics since they run pretty well on the PS3. Since the PS4 uses an x86 type CPU and I can play PSOne games almost flawlessly on my 12 year old ancient Windows XP machine.

    @TelcoLou Have you ever heard the original Xenon 360? That thing sounds like a 747 getting ready to take off.

  9. x-eye

    So…it can take screenshots, and has a camera. Sound familiar? Like a Vita maybe? And over on the flipside- it STILL overheats has bugs and missing os/ui features. Yep that sounds like a leap forward alright. It’s decades away from the ps3 unlike the Vita which is almost identical to a PSP in every way. ;sarcasm;

    • UE

      It doesn’t overheat.

      It runs about the same as my ps slim and much quieter when it isn’t downloading something or doing it’s streaming install for the first 10minutes of play from a disk.

  10. x-eye

    @ Charles fasano it’s called cod ghosts right? So maybe that’s why you saw a black screen cause ghosts are invisible? Just wondering aloud hum hum deedumm

  11. x-eye

    I mean come on people, I wasn’t expecting virtual reality or the holodeck from star trek but screenshots and a camera? You guys are too easily impressed lol.

    • Jd8531

      Virtual Reality is being worked on by Sony right now. But what did you expect from a console release? Just curious. As always an early console purchase is future investment for further improvements and innovations.

      • mlc

        “As always an early console purchase is future investment for further improvements and innovations.”

        With a higher failure rate and higher price. Barring a low FW exploit or removed features, it is foolish to purchase anything like this “new” when companies are entirely willing to release faulty products. Early adopters of other recent gen consoles have been sc*** by hardware flaws, with the solution of “well buy another” from the companies. This didn’t happen in past generations, which is why I would strongly dissuade anyone from purchasing “new” consoles from Sony or Microsoft before we have found out the true failure rate.

        This wouldn’t apply if Sony and Microsoft were willing to foot the bill for their faulty goods, but the current economic system/market/law demands that you treat companies as slightly less trustworthy than your average drug dealer.

  12. svenn

    So if I read your conclusion, its “this is better then PS3”; So you kinda set your aims pretty low no ? Comparing a 8+y old console to a brand new one ?

    Its comparing your windows 8 laptop with a windows XP; (yep that’s right, windows Vista was not out yet when PS3 was released)

    I think you should see whats really there, and not be fanboyish about it; 1) It has bugs and unimplemented features at launch; 2) Its design is good, but storage wise its a big fail, 500GB is just way to little, considering this is a game machine, you would expect it to hold atleast 50 games;

    • Acid_Snake

      1) every console has bugs and unimplemented features at launch, this argument is invalid as heck. And matter of fact the PS3 was highly criticized for focusing more on features than games, so it’s only natural that Sony would focus on games much more than MP3 cause you already have a smartphone for that.
      2) for that price, 500GB is good, and you can easily upgrade it, unlike with the xbone where you can’t upgrade it without loosing your warranty, so stop being so whinny.

      I find console users to be so f-ing annoying:
      “PS3 has too many features, lets hate it”
      “Xbone has too many features, lets hate it”
      “PS4 doesn’t have many features, lets hate it”
      “Vita doesn’t have many features, lets hate it”
      “Vita doesn’t have many indie games, lets hate it”
      “Vita has many indie games, lets hate it”
      And PC gamers are the worse
      “Consoles don’t have graphics, cause graphics is the most important thing in a game, not the story, not the gameplay, graphics, herpidy derpity herp derp”

      • Axel l

        So true! Everybody has to be complaining about everything. for me a console is a console what matters is that you have options to choose from and aren’t limited to just one, also the point consoles were made was so that people can have fun.

      • svenn

        As far as I know the gameboy din’t had bugs on its launch; Also stating you have your smartphone for that is not the best argument …

        Also I don’t hate, not on consoles next or current gen, i’m just stating that your comparing a 8year old system with a new system, obv. its going to be fast.

        “For that price” well yeah obv for that price its oké, but then your comparing to the full thing; I’m just arguing that 500 gb is to small, considering you need to install all games.

        I fear you where looking to pick a fight, and turned my words in xbox one fan boy talk and kinda missed the point being that this console needs ALLOT fine tuning, and has an awe full lot disability’s for a “Next gen”

      • dan

        you can mod PC games and PCs have better controls. you seem like a jerk.

    • Jd8531

      Fanboyish? What else was I supposed to compare it too? The Xbox One isnt out yet.
      And I mentioned those bugs and storage issues.

  13. BahamutBBob

    “Load times are non-existent.”

    There are load times in every game I’ve played so far. Lego Marvel, Resogun, Contrast, and even Killzone. (Killzone plays a pre-rendered cutscene instead of having a loading screen)

    I’m pleased with the console so far, but I’m not as amazed by the graphics in Killzone as you are, Jd. I haven’t gotten too far in it, but it looks like a pretty PS3 game.

    • Acid_Snake

      Don’t expect console games to bring PC graphics, just don’t. You play console games for their story, their social aspect, their ease of use and the price of the console.

      • Thrawn

        Mainly for their ease of use.
        From a console I expect ONLY ONE THING NOTHING MORE OR LESS:
        Put in that damn disc and play.

        Not like on pc:
        Install game, install resources, install whateverdatfuckinggamestillrequires…
        register to sign in to actually start it.

    • Thrawn

      Loading times are common unless you still have an old school nes snes or n64 (even a few 64 games had loading times). They were like flip the switch and play. 🙂

      With the graphics, that is also common, launch titles do not nearly look as awesome as titles a few years later.
      For example, compare Halo which was a xbox launch title and compare it to halo 2 which came at the xbox’s life merit.
      Same goes for the insane amount of ps2 titles.
      So I would expect there’s still plenty of power for improvement and I would also expect the technically heaviest titles to arrive in about 3 years from now on.
      That’s what it normally takes for a console to be fully utilized at its core.

      • Axel l

        Yeah like dragon ball z tenkaichi 1 then skip to tenkaichi 3 3’s graphics were more clean and looked better than 1, you bring a good point to the table friend.

    • Jd8531

      Load times are instant or none. The campaign other than an initial load which is mere seconds and requires no other load times for the massive landscapes there after. Those are not pre-rendered either but ingame.

  14. VIRACY

    PS4 games are going to look like fancy PS3 games at first. XBOX One games will look like fancy 360 games at first. It’s a continuation. The current systems are at their peak, the new systems are just babies. So if you’re expecting magnificent new games out of the box, you’re not getting the systems for the right reason. Give it a year. Also, I really hope they start updating these game systems more often. Hardware wise. Maybe have the system last for 5 years and not 10. THEN…maybe one day we’ll have systems better than PC.

    • dan

      the improvement wont be great because its PC architecture and people already know how to program for it. also consoles will never be more powerful than PCs again.

  15. Psvita

    Dude is the PS Camera worth buying

    • Jd8531

      As I said its not necessary but an added value. There isnt a whole lot to do with it unless you find the features I mentioned appealing. Other games coming out will hopefully justify it.

  16. tramuyo

    interesting review coming from someone who have mixed reviews from $ony. I think PS4 is pure bull***t starting from the init point: his OS. After $ony f*cks up GeoHot and making dissapear so most good devs, they just took same reasons that they sued em all: going thru linux. Is this a f*cking joke? making a x86 console, with a linux OS? I will be SO GLAD to see dev scene looking for a Hello World in PS4, even to see PS4 games running in a high-end PC.

    Im so dissapointed…

  17. why

    Uh, I agree with the review for the most part, but stating that BF4 had a great campaign (4 hours, hamfisted everything, shoehorned “choice”) is just so deluded it hurts. As for a series campaign comparison, it beats BF3 I guess but it doesn’t hold a candle to BC1/2.
    It’s like you’ve never played BF2/2142/1942.
    BF4 is just a 60-100+ USD expansion pack/cash in for BF3, and it’s certiantly not a “must have”.

    • Jd8531

      It was enjoyable, especially for a launch title. I beats BF3 by a lot. Ive played all of the PC games. In terms of consoles its the best installment (not including BC2). I see it as a must have over the other options if youre a FPS fan; being right at launch.

  18. NeonAera

    Great review, JD! The PS4 is looking GOOD! Long live Sony products haha.

  19. x-eye

    In the end it’s just a matter of bad timing. You can correct me on this but I think the PSP was released some years after the ps2. So there was time for it to grow on its own. The Vita wasn’t so lucky. It was released first then ps4. So everyone’s attention was divided. As a result it’s been slow goings and slim pickings which translates into pure butthurt for consumers. Especially non u. s. and UK people. And I’ve always said gaming experiences for the American and UK citizens are hugely different from other parts of the world.
    I’m constantly amazed by people complaining about spending $400 or even $40 for products. when I have to pay hundreds for games and thousands for consoles. so you’ll understand why my overall perspective is different from yours. bottom line – the ps4 isn’t that impressive and the Vita deserved better.

  20. Mizu

    The PS4 sounds interesting. It’s nice to hear that it’s quiet when playing games, but the storage could be an issue depending on game size. Can you play the games if they aren’t in the machine, or is it a “mostly install” thing like the PS3/Xbox did?