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Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Review Part 2

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  1. tangra87 says:

    Great articpe,but I will wate for the Injustice one, they say that is like mortal kombat vita -60fps but with very improved grapgics .dont get me wrong mk vita is my favorite game at the moment on the vita , but they could of push it more the graphics 🙂

  2. Aneudi2012 says:

    The game is good but what is annoying is that devs are setting a bad example for others by porting 3ds games for vita, or holding back the vita’s power.
    One of the dev setting this bad example are TT which makes the LEGO games.

  3. GotYourSix says:


  4. cboushell says:

    You can have TN-V4 any time you like, just put in all the hard work and time such a thing requires and release it, otherwise wait like everyone else and be grateful when totalnoob releases it. By the look and tone of your comment I seriously doubt you will be grateful when it is released, grateful people don’t go around demanding things. Personally I hope he still waits a while as Sony will probably be releasing some type of FW update pretty soon for the PS4, I have no problem waiting as more vita games will be compatible with it upon its release. totalnoob take all the time you need, I and many others want to see the best possible product released not something rushed out the door to please the masses.

  5. gunblade says:

    think u ment move… game
    sounds good last batman game i played was a a while ago

  6. gunblade says:

    mybad think u ment move…. “Batman goes into a sort of free-flow combat mode, this makes the super hero even more supercharged as he becomes able to more across wider gaps between enemies and his fists hit with more devastating power……..

  7. x-eye says:

    I don’t agree with the poster who said devs are getting lazy. I don’t think its laziness, I think piracy has made them wary so they’re proceeding with more caution than before. Sadly games like this are the result. So I ask you which is better- companies ripping off consumers or consumers ripping off companies. I’m afraid that’s where we have reached. As Michael crichton wrote – ‘business is war’ at least that’s what it’s turning into

    • tangra87 says:

      i disagree, there is no vita hack,nider will be in the near future -2,3 years may be,the Vita is too lock ,and its the way it should be,the developers rush every thing to make money fast ,take a look at killzone,or uncharted,or gravity rush (and the second part that will be released soon)and Injustice,these are games were the developers take there time and had made good loking games ,and Batman,spiderman,mortal kombat and all the others- were they rush it and had shity graphicks. So piracy? in this case is not the picture.

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