Tutorial: running all your psp games on your ps3

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  1. griefer

    does this only work with cfw?

    • Charles Fasano

      Considering the fact that you need a way to install CUSTOM PS3 packages. Yes you need a PS3 with CFW as OFW has no way of manually installing package files. Even if there was, the PS3 would reject any custom made package file.

  2. I might just do a video tutorial for this! 🙂

  3. PlaGeRaN

    Thanks for reminding me, to play pocoloco crisis lol!

    Where can we get moonshine though?

  4. Techni Myoko

    Sony was stupid not to allow PSP games you own to be playable on PS3, or PSP go for that matter…

  5. decade

    thanks for the tutorial ! if you don’t mind please make tutorial for ps2 (_ _)

  6. Moedogg30

    you know this is old right I been did this and the ps2 and ps1 why bring this out now like this is something new smh

  7. Moedogg30

    I have a tutorial for ps2 on my youtube channel moedogg30 check it out

  8. elrafu

    Does it work 3.41 Hermes?

    • jc_gargma

      It might, but you may want to consider updating to a more recent CFW.
      If you’re intent on 3.41, try Rebug 3.41.3, though its no longer updated.
      or, just update to 3.55, and then install Rebug 3.55.4
      Nearly everything it based around a CFW on 3.55 or later now.

  9. Dmaskell92

    I’ve had Crisis Core on my PS3 for months, but cool guide anyway. I use Rogero 4.46 v1.00, and I wont be updating, as everything works. My PS3 has been banned for a while. I might unban it, but I was raised on offline games, so PSN isn’t a big deal for me. I need TN-V4 to play PSP homebrew my PS3 wont 😉 then I’m never updating from 2.12.

  10. Dmaskell92

    Oh lol you should change the word “all” at the title to “most” or something. KH Birth By Sleep never worked for me. Anyone else get it running? Also while you’re at it, make a PS2 guide, the compatability is better than PSP, and games are easier to Rip.

  11. VIRACY

    What about games downloaded from PSN on your PSP that aren’t in the store to redownload on our PS3? Any way to convert those? Technically if you download them again on your PC from the Media Go program, they appear as .pkg file, but they only install on the PSP when transferred to it by Media Go. Is there an option to convert a PSP .pkg to a PS3 .pkg?

  12. M[u]ddy

    I’d recommend PSPtoPS3 over PSP2PS3.
    PSP2PS3 associates all kinds of file endings with itself when you start it without asking, including .iso!

  13. Frank

    Do playing PSP on PS3 is working over PS Vita remote play ?

  14. rhoads

    will kingdom hearts birth by sleep and psp emulators (like gba emu, ds emu, and n64 emu) work on this method?


    Nice tut this is how I would of made it.But as someone commented psptops3 requires less headaches. Next I believe you should make ps2 version of this then after a ps3.
    Remember ps3dev scene has much respect for this site so when you guys start making articles such as this you will be referenced big time!

  16. jason potsu

    Has anyone trued converting monster hunter freedom unite? Was it working fine in PS3

  17. mishax

    tried this on my cechh02 40 gig ps3 and it works :Game Title: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
    Game ID: ULUS-10391
    Region: US

    i dont think eu version is playable

  18. mishax

    im on Rogero_CEX_4.50_v1.01 with multiMAN ver 04.50.02 BASE (20131013)

  19. Biosaiyan

    Does anyone know if it is possible to use this method to play Dissidia 012 and also put the dlc on it as well 🙂

  20. chelenk

    can someone help me?,im trying to convert using this PSP2PS3 V.2.1.2 but always “ERROR:MISSING EBOOT.BIN EDAT”…
    please can someone solve this error for me? am i missing something?
    sorry my english…

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