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Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Review Part1

11 Responses

  1. Fernando ZiN says:

    Great Review =D

  2. BeastyXV says:

    I Always Think There’s Some Cryptic Message Hinting At The Release Date Of A New VHBL lol

    • wololo says:

      The name of the author of the article should be good indication to you. Italkgame is in general not involved with our “hacking” topics 🙂

  3. RickyD says:

    One word of warning about what they say about being able to go wherever you want, whenever you want – If you go after the Joker first, there’s a place where you get locked in and you don’t have the right gadgets to get yourself out and can’t even back track to continue on with the game. I was forced to restart the game from scratch which you should never have to do. Other than that the game feels very cramped and linear compared to the open world feel of the other Arkham games

  4. x-eye says:

    Lol that actually happened to me.

  5. x-eye says:

    @Ricky yep yep yep. Feels like a gba game. Finished in what 10 hours? They’re so ashamed of this game I had to run a search to find it on psn when it first came out. Now it’s not even in the scroller thingy at the top. I enjoyed the game personally, but I wish they would try to do better. But yeah you should get your arkham fix on the go from this; the combat is pretty authentic B-)

  6. Hellbelial says:

    God i hate the word that you created,Metroidvania? are you serious? Castlevania is one thing and Metroid is another,both are great games but you cant compare one with the other man.Last thing you will mix is Killerfighters “Killer Instinct and King Of Fighters”.

  7. asfsdfgdfg says:

    Its a 3ds game thats why its looks like this.

  8. Reynkz says:

    Pretty neat review thank you, other reviews didn’t even give this game a chance :3 and kept comparing to the console 0.o

  9. PizzaMargherita says:

    the best review ever

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