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  1. Paul says:

    Nice review, big dissapointment…

  2. PspJunkie says:

    Knew $ony would mess this up. So have you tried to run any exploit yet?

  3. heleius says:

    Wow, that is really disappointing. Mine will be here on Monday, and I will have my PS4 in a few hours, I’m hoping PS4 remote play will be nice at least. It’s about 80% of why I bought one. Does the Vita TV work with OPEN CMA? Can you even connect it to a PC? I’m really hoping TN-V4 will be able to be run on it and the yet to be released exploit game will be available in the JP PSN store.

  4. Fernando says:

    Hi Wololo, greetings from Costa Rica, I think the Vita TV has a lot of potential, I hope Sony will release it in America, may I ask if Final Fantasy X is compatible?

  5. tangra87 says:

    thanks for the review , it is great,but i definetly wont buy this (at this moment).

  6. kingknuts says:

    Como siempre Sony casi todo lo jod*

  7. raul parra says:

    I think they did it on porpouse, because sony do not want people unfocus for the ps4 launch

    • UE says:

      The one that is 4months away in japan?

      • jake says:

        I presume that is why it is Japan-Only. Because they won’t be getting the PS4 just yet, $ony are selling this. It’s more of a “I’m sorry” device than a “YOU SHOULD BUY THIS”. It’s for people with Ps3 but no Vitas really =/

  8. LuKe_AA says:

    I see UMvC3 gets its compatibility, it was the only game that popped into my mind for a remote reason of buying this; using the PS3 controller would definatly feel alot better; then again, why buying this and not a PS3?

    0 Benefits,
    [ F- ]

  9. Timber says:

    Sounds like a great dust collector.

  10. mixedfish says:

    This is a horrible review Wololo, but I’m glad you cleared your reasoning in the intro, something very few reviewers do.

    But down to my point, STOP with the bashing that it can’t run this and it can’t run that or can’t use this account, it was clear months before launch what it can do and can’t do. You can’t expect games that were programmed for a handheld with touch controls to just suddenly work for a future device, that is why compatibility with ONLY a Japanese account makes the most sense because ONLY a Japanese company would bother investing in a patch for their games now.

    I had a go with this thing 2 weeks ago at the Akihabara event and it worked flawlessly with God Eater 2, if you go into this thing fully well aware that particularly things were designed to work with it, why complain, it’s cheap and it plays the upcoming anticipated games for it’s market.

    • Guy says:

      What kind of BS is this?

    • sathriel says:

      It plays one game, you didn’t mention any others 😉

      What you say is: it is *** now but it was intentionally designed to be *** so it is ok. When I first heard of VITA TV I thought they will allow for VITA to act as a controller which would address the problem of touch controls. It wouldn’t be ideal and would add cost to already expensive VITA but I think it would still be better from what was released.

      And saying that it was created for other culture is stupid. Wololo prefaced the review with saying it might be more useful for a Japanese user but he is not a Japanese user even tho he lives there. All reviews are biased.

      As for Mortal Kombat: of course the game doesn’t work, there is a touch control element in the game.

    • UE says:

      Well that was an astoundingly dumb comment… a long dumb comment.

    • wololo says:

      I dont think sony ever made clear that only 25% of the games would work, or that youtube wouldnt be compatible at launch. Independently of my biased background, the device needs to improve if it wants to attract an audience.

      • the3 says:

        With all the devices sony puts out the coulda went the next step and evened the field with the wii u. Instead of the ps3 controller why not a ps4 controller and instead of that 1990s laptop touch pad why not a lcd touch screen. There smart watch is rated in the top 3. Why not put that technology to the same use smart phone/ smart watch vita/lcd touch ps4 controller. Vita tv is just another “hype buy” that coulda been a really good vita alt to people that dont care 4 portables

        • Musouka says:

          Because this seems to be an afterthought Sony had. They decided they were not releasing the PS4 in Japan this year so we will give them the PSV TV instead… and since there is no PS4 in Japan, only DS3 is supported at the moment.

          The list of games was indeed released shortly after announcement. I remember reading the list of the 100 or so games that were going to be compatible on Kotaku. These were basically games that didn’t rely heavily on touch or didn’t use it at all.

          The console is doing okay on Amazon Japan. It’s receiving good reviews and it’s currently ranked 33 (bundle) and 81 (unit only) in gaming.

      • EmoryM says:

        Sony released that list of everything that was going to be compatible with the Vita TV a few months ago – I cannot verify this as I do not understand the language. I’m not even sure it’s a list.

    • GNT01 says:

      That’s what a review is for Mr. mixedfish

  11. jd20dog says:

    im sad to see the jp only stuff
    i like niconico app compared to youtube, the prospect of uploading from the vita was cool, but it got killed by the youtube app which will likely never support uploading from the vita….

  12. Greg says:

    This review stinks. It doesn’t matter how you dissect it, you’re reviewing a machine that is designed for a completely different culture. Wait till it comes to NA and then I will take your full review into consideration.

    • I think its a very good review, however I think the score is rather harsh, but as Wololo said, he will change it if things improve.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      Your comment stinks. First, how will this be any better when it’s released in NA? most of the problems brought up by the review were independent of the fact that it’s a japanese-only device. Secondly, wololo lives and breathes in Japan, so it’s not a “completely different culture”. Thirdly, there’s no “it’s a different culture” excuse, the device sucks by Japanese standards, period.

  13. daxanoxe says:

    maybe hackers can hack this instead of vita and run custom cfw on it

  14. enginesol says:

    Hello Wololo.
    I want to ask you which firmware version you received the Ps Vita TV?.
    Thank you!

  15. gunblade says:

    i would think sony would jus need like remote play and i could jus have my vita as the touch screen the firmware look like around 2.02 on the vita wen sony had the email app upgrade… does an xbox 360 controller work on the vita tv… think if u have the nasne its should work as a backup of movies an music…

  16. NinDTendo says:

    I wonder if PS VITA TV can use USB-Sticks or external HDDs because of it’s USB Port…

  17. titegtnodI says:

    300 yen for 72 hours? That’s not bad compared to other video rental services AFAIK. It’s $5 to rent Monster’s University on Amazon right now, so the rates seem lower.

    • wololo says:

      Monsters university premiered 3 months ago. The first season of dexter premiered 7 years ago. You are not comparing the right things.

  18. NeonAera says:

    Just as disappointed as you are, wololo after reading this article by you; I feel ya man.. Bummer that there are so many limitations. Perhaps it’ll get better in time with updates, improvements.

  19. NNNRT says:

    Uncharted should be supported, I barely use the touchscreen on my Vita to play it. Oh & does the Vita TV have Bluetooth?

  20. AliFOJ says:

    I really don’t get it. Why would people want to waste money on this when they have the regular PS Vita? And why would I want to waste my money buying this to play on my HD tv when I can get the PS3 or better the PS4 now. -___-

    • UE says:

      Cheaper, portable and if they want psp, ps1 and psv compatibility but don’t want a portable console.
      Oh and for multiple person households that want to be able to play ps4 games via the vitatv on another screen because the main tv is being used by someone else.

      if it works and the functionality is expanded I will happily buy one of these and hook it up to my computer monitor for when others are using the main tv at my house for instance.

    • sathriel says:

      Because of the potential it has/had? Because VITA doesn’t have a TV out slot?

      You most certainly wouldn’t. Just let us know how good your PS3/4 plays Gravity Rush or Persona 4 Golden 😉

  21. iknewit says:

    Just as i was told from a friend who works in the production team to Sony assembly line. I feel a strong sense of Hackers coming to confront sonys greed against its customer base. Do not leave your credit card info saved on sen or psn.

  22. HackThiefCoder93 says:

    man was gonna import it but at least for now it’s a no no

  23. Gaz says:

    Maybe my exceptions were much lower but I picked up my unit yesterday (the Value pack) and got a 3 month PSN+ card with it too (was this always included?).

    The main advantage for me is that I can stream and capture PSV games. No support for PSN other than JPN was a bit of a disappointed given Sonys track record with region locking etc.

    I’m happy tbh though! 😀

  24. Seong Aleque says:

    Just pointing this out because no one has in the past few hours…

    Motorstorm Arctic Edge WAS the first exploit on the Vita that was public, so that’s why you demo’d it.

  25. gh says:

    idk havent been followin it much but if i could just put in memstick start uno and play emus and dissidia i would scoop it up

  26. James Way says:

    I wonder why it chose to use the ps3 and not the ps4 controller. With the ps4 controller maybe the touch screen aspect could have been implemented, albeit kinda weird since you will have to touch the pad on the controller based on the where it should be on the screen. Still better than not being able to play some games just because it is missing the option. Poor, poor sony. .4% of PS4 are defective right now, maybe more as the launch really picks up, so 1 out of 250 people will get a defective unit. Vita Tv is a fail. And this is why I prefer to wait and see for the glitches to be patched before putting down on a new toy.

  27. Jack Frost says:

    Just wanted to say that any game with any sort of touch screen requirement will not work (Sony was upfront about the supported games from day 1). However, despite the small amount of touch screen capability in Persona 4 Golden (completely optional, can be pressed by a button as well), that’s supported! You shouldn’t have expected Mortal Kombat to work, as the Vita version has an entire mode dedicated to the touch screen and gyroscope. Why would you even try it? It doesn’t work for the same reason Uncharted doesn’t.

    As for Youtube, the original Japanese Vita doesn’t have it either. It has that same rental app that the Vita TV has.

    I feel your review was a little under-researched. You should’ve tried more Vita games to see how they actually worked.

    Though I agree, the lack of Youtube sucks. Thanks for the review anywoo.

  28. Jack Frost says:

    Just wanted to add that I didn’t want to come off cynical; I apprieated the review as I totally forgot about it, but dissapointed that you didn’t cover its primary intention (a Persona 4:Golden Box)!

  29. Acid_Snake says:

    Most of the games incompatible right now can be made compatible easily by the companies that made it. But it seems not even companies that have already made games for the Vita care about it.

    • tangra87 says:

      agree,they could easyly made a patch ,and when (for example) you put Uncharted golden abbys, the network automaticly to recognise that this is vita tv ,and no ps vita ,and automaticly give you a patch(like 10 mb) with the new way of controlars -the dual shock have more buttons than the ps vita,so to grab ,scratch and every thing else ,you just hold L2 and move the rigth joystick or something like that .

      • Thrawn says:

        And what about that camera shots? Uncharted used the camera, there is a scene where you hold the vita against light to see the hidden text on the paper. How ya patch that out? Fix it with instant finishing?

        • tangra87 says:

          for take a picture you dont realy need to move the vita,you could just use the joystics ,and for the hidden . It is just ones in the hole game,so to be the reason not to came out the holl game just for that ,I thing they could just errase it or like you say instant finish just for this. look if they wonned they could of done it ,the sugestions I made up ,I just think in a seccond, they have all the time in the world so If there is a woned they could of done it ( or do it in the future). there are always options if they woned to do something,if you dont wonned it – they always could make out with a excuse.

          • tangra87 says:

            like Mk vita and injustice vita.The injustice looks 100 times better,not perfect but graphicly much much better.So like I sad If you wont something you find a way to do it ,if you dont if make a excuse .

          • tangra87 says:

            like Mk vita and injustice vita.The injustice looks 100 times better,not perfect but graphicly much much better.So like I sad If you wont something you find a way to do it ,if you dont you make an excuse . (sorry for my bad english)

  30. Thrawn says:

    Somehow, I did not expect something more or less from sony.
    A crippled down device with limited compatiblity and region locked.
    What more can you ask for your money? *ROFL*

  31. Sky Yuki says:

    They could just whatever…..
    I thought it will be ps vita that can goes on tv (Don’t care about resolution i played wii on 1080p screen and still enjoyed it even it graphic exploded like ***)
    Wrong idea i guess
    No way to hook up another ps vita to it either (I expect this one a lot) (I guess i should buy ps3 to hook up vita to tv errr??) (Dear sony y u no made hdmi cable for ps vita 1000)
    Too much () (all () refer to my mind thinking)

  32. ivo says:


  33. SIM sk says:


  34. Musouka says:

    Can you actually review the gaming portion more thoroughly? I am interested in knowing how well the PSVita games appear on the big screen. The PSV has a native resolution of 960x540P. Does the PSV TV upscale that to 1280x720P or display the native resolution? More details needed on either cases.

  35. pcb_revival says:

    Chin up man, its early days the Vita TV can still be a great budget machine.

    PS4 controller and Gaikai imcoming.

    You were right to preface the review.

  36. pcb_revival says:


    Looks like it can can output upto 1080i.

  37. Shinshiva says:

    Déçu 🙁

    Tes attentes m’avaient également convaincues mais j’attendais une ou deux review avant de finaliser un éventuel achat. Je ne m’attendais pas a m’en décommander ><

  38. Shinshiva says:

    Seems my friendly comment were erased…Any reasons for it ? Oo

    Trolls will survive, Adepts will be kicked out…

  39. RP says:

    Thing is, Sony has a history of utterly botching consumer products. Remember NetMD? Probably not. Sony had a fantastic thing going for it in MiniDisc, but MD was losing market share to these new things called “MP3 Players”. In an attempt to cash in, Sony created “NetMD”, a MiniDisc hardware refresh that allowed transferring music between a computerized library and MiniDisc Players.


    You could only use Sony’s proprietary software, which was buggy and unstable. You could only “check out” a song to one or two discs at a time and if you wanted to put it on another disc you had to check it back in to the library, erasing it from the disc. It couldn’t play MP3 files, only Sony’s proprietary format, and the transcoder program was slower than real time — it was faster to dup a track from CD in real time than it was to copy a MP3 file out of the library. You couldn’t copy from MD back into the library, not even original recordings. NetMD was an unmitigated failure.

    One would think Sony would learn from this. Nope. Same mistakes time after time.

    • wololo says:

      Completely agree. They have hardware and software engineers with incredible skills, probably a great design and marketing division as well, and yet they still manage to completely bomb their own products with crazy decisions/software limitations like the ones you describe above

  40. neotechni says:

    The whole problem is the whitelist. Its not needed, i want to play uncharted on it for a bit even though it cant use the touch stuff. That should be my choice not sonys. Plus itll need a different whitelist for the dualshock 4. It shoukd warn us the game may suffer but not stop us from playing it.