Heads up. God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition ships with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate link)

Confirmed: VitaTV currently only works with Japanese accounts, can only access the JP PSN


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  1. Sky Yuki says:

    Oh well i thought it will be available for all asian D:

  2. BlazingHaze74 says:

    Dang it! Oh well lucky me that I haven’t order it yet. Well I’m building my gaming rig, so I’m quite exicted!!!

  3. Dragar says:

    But it still plays vita cartridges right? that would be fine for me as my most played games are on cartridge.

  4. mixedfish says:

    Wouldn’t make sense if it was available outside of Japan, services don’t exist yet and patches need to made for the games.

  5. DSwizzy145 says:

    @wololo Have you tested the Jikkiu Baseball Pro 2012 exploit VHBL on the VitaTV yet & see if it works? Hopefully later on users are able to access TN-V4 on their devices once available 😀 just imagine running PSP & PS1 backups, and also emulators/Homebrews being played on big wide television screens or HDTVs 😉

    • jonny2jo says:

      Oh mon Dieu!!i’ll order it for that! kingdom hearts birth by sleep on a 55Inch screen….dear santa Wololo please give us any feedback for trying it with TN-V4 when it comes out for 3.00

  6. ChrimpChi says:

    Luck me i so glad to be in Japan. ^_^

  7. Hellbelial says:

    Let them keep that in the japanese ***.That’s the reason vita is going down,imagine how much vita can sell if tales games comes to US,UK.

  8. maybe says:

    Maybe because it is a Japanese release? I remember experiencing similar case as that one on other things and asked a the Japanese store personnel, all he said was “Japanese Release” and I just walked away with no choice. Well, I’m not sure but just saying. New feature only available in vitatv I guess?

  9. Mr. MaGooe says:

    This blows. I really wanted on and a emed like a good fitting partner for my ps4

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