Amazon PSN Store for Digital games & DLC

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  1. whodat says:

    excluding amazon gift cardz and psn? is that correct

  2. Nice Guy says:

    I like Amazon.
    Will check this out. Thanks!

  3. mangosteam says:

    Amazon is great their psn network cards has no tax and they accept paypal unlike psn. The tax here on philippines for 20$ psn card is 10$ *** super rip off so amazon could be a life saver for countries outside US

  4. tangra87 says:

    Is it only for USA ,or not ? Becouse will be great ,reading this was thinking of boying the Injustice U E ps vita digitaly.

  5. mangosteam says:

    Ok already shared on our ps vita group on facebook

  6. doubledee1986 says:

    Actually, PSN does take paypal now (at least in the US), but I digress. It is a pleasant surprise to see Amazon doing something like that. Maybe Amazon Prime members will get some extra benefits as well.

  7. Thrawn says:

    I can’t see me using that. Especially if amazon charges the same price as the sony store… so there is no benefit (excluding the option of different payment methodes). -_-
    Well back to the roots, steam I coming.

  8. RodPin says:

    One more advantage of buying on Amazon:

    If you´re, like me, living on other region than your PSN Account you´re not allowed by Sony to buy from PSN with your Internation Credit Card. Although, on Amazon you can use it with no problems, all you´ve got to do is fill your account with a US address.

    I did it many times when I had to buy PSN cards.

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