Debug PSVita 2.61 found in Madrid Games Week

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  1. GNT01 says:

    Its possible to enter to debug mode in 2.61?

  2. mangosteam says:

    Nice mr jamesbond

  3. mangosteam says:

    Nice mr jamesbond . Hope somebody can use tho e keys and develope something

    • Yifan Lu says:

      “Activation key” is a misnomer. It’s actually the id you give Sony to request an activation file every 30 days, so if someone steals it, it’s useless.

  4. cardcathouse says:

    In the Electronic Game Show in México, the PS Vitas with the Tearway demo were in debug firmware…

  5. tangra87 says:

    what is “debug psvita” ?

    • hene193 says:

      It’s a special PS Vita system that has special firmware that is used to make and test games. It has some special features.

      • tangra87 says:

        thanks ,sounds cool 🙂

      • Yifan Lu says:

        Take out “make” and you’re right. Only the devkit can debug code. This is actually a test kit (there’s no such thing as a “debug vita”)

        • hene193 says:

          Yes I know that I was wrong when I said “make” but it is easier to normal people to understand where it is used. And sorry about that mistake with debug and test. I never remember the difference with debug and test.

  6. Acid_Snake says:

    I would have loved to be there, but I’m a bit far from Madrid and real life stuff is more demanding than that.

  7. Unknown says:

    What would happened?, If you stole that vita lol

  8. FKurosF says:

    I have to be honest… I’m a “little” *** off I didn’t hear about this… Why the heck do I only find out about these things once they have already passed by 🙁 (and the first one nonetheless ; . ;).

    I’ve been looking for time/money to go to Gamescon this next year (never went to a convention 🙁 ), and this one that I could have easily gone to, and (probably) get a place to stay for “free”, I miss. I’m from Portugal, so even the language would have been a breeze of fresh hair… especially when compared to german XD.

    Anyway, thanks for the nice espionage work XD, and I hope you had a lot of fun there 🙂

  9. hene193 says:

    It would be so amazing to have that Package installer on my personal Vita. I’ve read something that I would be possible to enable that on normal Vita but I haven’t seen anything about that.

  10. 110706 says:

    An unlocked Vita so “close” yet so far….i wonder if we will ever get to see our Vita’s fully hacked unlocked. Probably never since X1 and PS4 is out, hackers will focus on them instead.

    • hene193 says:

      Well lets say that we are not even close. We know little to nothing about Vita. We don’t know about the memory mapping (I can be wrong) and there is so much things we need to know before “hacked” or “unlocked” Vita.

  11. AlexBilly says:

    Vaya! Por fin un Español!
    También me pasé por el Madrid Games Week, pero lo de las Vitas no lo vi, como me llevé la mía… esas son las que estaban al lado de las cabinas de GT6?
    Es curioso, ya noté algo raro en ellas a distancia, la gente se quejaba de bugs y siempre había algun armario de 2 metros del Staff mirando, pude ver en el WRC4 cómo el coche volaba y se estampaba contra todo, rebotando y girando en cuanto hacía contacto con algo
    Por cierto, lo mismo nos vimos y todo, ¿Fuiste el Domingo? El domingo estuve con el Drive Club y gané la competición! Los muy cabrones todavía no me han enviado la tarjeta PsPlus y ha pasado casi una semana… Aaaaaargh
    Bueno, un saludo colega