Release: PSP Usermode exploit (compatible up to Vita 2.61) for Pipe Madness – sources


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17 Responses

  1. tangra87 says:

    wow great 🙂 not for me(becouse I have the ofw 3.00) but for those who still are on 2.61 are great news. Keep up the good work people 🙂

  2. ivo says:

    hi great work. but happens to be not for me to.
    what about that homebrew enabler ?

  3. vadz says:

    so we cannot use it as exploit ?

  4. Player says:

    How can I copy the data on my psvita? It looks like the data is damaged and I cant transfer. Somebody an idea?

    • M says:

      paste the save game files in
      PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\XXXXXXXXX\(paste the savegame folder hear).
      If u want to copy ISO Or CSO make sure that the name of the file is under 5 letters all capitals including the file extension name( .ISO or .CSO )and just paste them in exploit savegame folder.

  5. abdou005 says:

    I won’t forget the day Frostegater ported Tn-A to Urbanix <3. it was in November of the last year. I really respect THAT Man 😀

  6. Orion says:

    Hello everyone,this is a kernel exploit or a usermode exploit

  7. Congi says:

    Wait…..? This is only for the Pipe Madness game only?

  8. griefer says:

    question, will there still be TN-V4 on fieldrunners because i don’t have the money to buy this game

  9. chivi31 says:

    buenas podran ejecutar isos,cso,de psp? con este exploit,saludos

  10. Jack says:

    Does it have 64B ram if i’m on 2.61 with Fieldruners? Pipe madness?

  11. mart says:

    wow! another exploit again?? you will be surprised at how much the hackers can do in private lol.

  12. kukux89 says:

    is there any tutorial for this exploit?