Release: PSP Usermode exploit (compatible up to Vita 2.61) for Pipe Madness – sources


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  1. tangra87

    wow great 🙂 not for me(becouse I have the ofw 3.00) but for those who still are on 2.61 are great news. Keep up the good work people 🙂

  2. ivo

    hi great work. but happens to be not for me to.
    what about that homebrew enabler ?

  3. vadz

    so we cannot use it as exploit ?

  4. Player

    How can I copy the data on my psvita? It looks like the data is damaged and I cant transfer. Somebody an idea?

    • M

      paste the save game files in
      PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\XXXXXXXXX\(paste the savegame folder hear).
      If u want to copy ISO Or CSO make sure that the name of the file is under 5 letters all capitals including the file extension name( .ISO or .CSO )and just paste them in exploit savegame folder.

  5. abdou005

    I won’t forget the day Frostegater ported Tn-A to Urbanix <3. it was in November of the last year. I really respect THAT Man 😀

  6. Orion

    Hello everyone,this is a kernel exploit or a usermode exploit

  7. Congi

    Wait…..? This is only for the Pipe Madness game only?

  8. griefer

    question, will there still be TN-V4 on fieldrunners because i don’t have the money to buy this game

  9. chivi31

    buenas podran ejecutar isos,cso,de psp? con este exploit,saludos

  10. Jack

    Does it have 64B ram if i’m on 2.61 with Fieldruners? Pipe madness?

  11. mart

    wow! another exploit again?? you will be surprised at how much the hackers can do in private lol.

  12. kukux89

    is there any tutorial for this exploit?

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