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PSN error puts Vita in an endless loop of frustration.

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    That sucks. I stayed on 2.61 and am using VHBL Fieldrunners and now I even have access to PSN and whatnot. The benefits of updating the firmware even for legitimate reasons are few and far between it seems.

  2. GotYouSix says:

    I’m just waiting until TN-V4 so I can use my fieldrunners exploit to boot up super fast.
    INPORTANT. I have been messing around with a few gamesaves on my friends vita running 3.00 and I think I may have found a game that may have the potential to become an exploit. But like always you can never know until you actually find a way in.

  3. tangra87 says:

    I have the same problem,and I just posted it in “contact”. I was thinking that I am the only one,and format every thing,mem card,the vita ..everything and nithing workd for me,well now at least Im not the only one . Thanks for the info 🙂

  4. 950931 says:

    It happened to me when trying to use facebook app. Fixed it by entering playstation store and signing in.Then tried facebook app no error.

  5. fatman01923 says:

    Thanks brother for the tip! I accepted the terms before I had a problem. 😀

  6. Haze7 says:

    I had to agree two different aggreements?

  7. DarkDevil says:

    You need to re-Activate the system in setings,PSN and then sign in and it shows you the new ToS automatic I found out that yesterday after updating my vita.

  8. khairul says:

    thanks bro for the info..

  9. khairul says:

    thanks bro for the info..My problem solve..

  10. norml says:

    I just changed my password and finally the TOS stayed open and I could agree.

  11. metalliphyll says:

    i signed in with the playstation app and agreed to the new TOS i’ve had no issue on my vita

  12. Marjojojo says:

    Cant play games ? PSN kept on signing out whenever you play online games ? But you can open your Party , Friend , Messages ? Well …. Heres the solution that i used :

    1. Open your setiings
    2. Go to PSN and Login there
    3. Go to System Activation
    4. Activate Games / Videos & Music / Playstation Mobile
    5. Ta da … Your are good to go

  13. taronish3 says:

    SCE_NP_MANAGER_ERROR_SIGNOUT 0x8055050a NP-2102-5
    SCE_NP_MANAGER_ERROR_SIGNOUT 0x8055050a NP-2102-5

  14. gunblade says:

    the vita does like a firmware cheack and if its activated wen it log on to psn new updates though

  15. gunblade says:

    seems like the saved game…sony was doing maintanece again….

  16. MugiMugi says:

    Personally I can’t even login to the online store, I get some socket time out error while trying to login to there site.

  17. fix says:

    i fix my by system restore, the psn sign in loop was fix but lost evey downloaded.

  18. Italo says:

    I have the fix Sign into Psn using an Computer where the new terms and conditions will pop up as soon as you log on accept and then log off computer reboot Vita tada Fixed

  19. tangra87 says:

    It is done,the fix is done,try today to enter your messege center ,and sign in,it will ask you to acept some terms ,you accept them and thats it 🙂

  20. notauser says:

    I solved this by changing my password in the PSN settings.

  21. gta_master says:

    To fix this problem, all you have to do is go to settings on the vita, then to PSN, go sign in and go to system activation and activate all of the categories

  22. MEHOUI says:

    I have updated my vita, restored it and went on to psn and when i try to log in it says i have to accept the TOC again with a master account. how do i accpt it and which website do i find it on

  23. MEHOUI says:

    ERROR CODE=NP-2091-2

  24. Followed the link to http://sonyentertainmentnetwork.com and accepted the TOS when prompted. My Vita then worked correctly.

  25. miguel says:

    i found a way to fix it
    right fom the ps vita seting
    just sign in and activate your account by clicking game and then accept the new terms

  26. Styles_Vendetta says:

    Ok I got this, open your friend list or settings app soon as you pass sighn in dialog ninja the PS buttion to minimize app to interupt it, verify your app interruption by checking notifications u scroll up from on bottom if screen. Get that done then go to settings, activate system and activate all options for your psn profil. Now sighn in to psn via settings, psn. U may have to get booted n re hit sighn in a few times till eulagy re pops but that’s what I did. I’m sure they will fix this soon enough but feel free to test n refine if possible GL 🙂

  27. Sammy says:

    Sony has terrible customer service. Spent 2 hours on line with their so called tech support and I still do not have access to my account. People who work for Sony are obviously incompetant baboons, although this might be giving them too much credit.

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  29. download says:

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  30. myVegas says:

    I just changed my password and finally the TOS stayed open and I could agree.

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