TN-V4: Frequently asked Questions

The Z

I am simply "The Z" :)

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  1. no1cares says:

    I’m new here. How do I register account?

  2. sai says:

    I’m new here too. How do I register account?

  3. no1cares says:

    Okey, I clicked on the “/Talk Forums” and I magically went to a vboard like place. There I registered.

  4. Caleb says:

    Ok help please cause i dont quite get it.. im on 2.12 without any exploit yet, im getting a ps4 so i want to be able to remote play with my vita. my questions are:
    -i should use the gamocracy exploit right away?
    -once exploited with gamocracy i will be able to use tn-v4 exploit without buying any other game?
    -and last question, once exploited i will be able to update to OFW 3.00 from within tn-v4 so i can get remote play without losing the exploit?

    in short, i want to use remote play, but also want to have the 64mb ram lol. so is one or the another? i know tn-v4 will support OFW 3.00, but trying to figure out if theres a way to keep the extra ram from 2.12 and still being able to remote play. thanks!

  5. Mini_Norris says:

    Hoiw do I download now Field Runners if I am on 2.61 and don’t have access to the PS Store because update to 3.00.

    I know I can download it via PS3 but how to copy on my Vita after that without updating firmware on Vita?


  6. Kitsune says:

    Same deal, however this shouldn’t mean that the game for 3.00 was Fieldrunners, since The Z already claimed that they chose to not release it but were forced to due to having the update make it useless.

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