TN-V4: Frequently asked Questions

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  1. vengyr says:

    You made a slight error in the “When can we download TN-V4? Can I be a beta tester?” Section.

    November 2012 and January 2013 should be November 2013 and January 2014

  2. bopz says:

    hey, is there a complete psx support with sound ?

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      I hear it wont support sound, unless TN has a suprise for us.

      • bopz says:

        okay, because if i remeber right the problem with psx sound support was the lack of memory. Now with almost full 64MB psp ram it theorically let allow support it now.

        This is the only reason my PSP1000 (yes the phat one) still do the job. So if you read it tn plizz try to fix this last issue, like that we can DEFINITELY put our psp in there cases, they really made a great job of enjoyness but it’s time for rest.

  3. Beastes6453 says:

    Cool thank you to take the time all i need to
    Know is in this post thank alot

  4. What are some notable homebrews that only work with the PSP 2000’s RAM? I did just fine with my CFW PSP 1000 for many many years, but I must be missing something useful.

    • Mr Rab says:

      One big one i can think of is pspstates. It’s like a savestate for an emulator but on the psp itself. It can’t be used on phat because it uses the extra 32mb of memory. Im sure other psp 2000 only plugins and hombrew are because of this too.

  5. aragorn46 says:

    Hi Wololo, do I need to purchase an exploitable game to run TN-V4? Im staying on 2.12.. whats the best deal for my Vita?

    • Crzylegz says:

      Not sure I understand, if you already have GLOR then no,all you have to do is wait until the TN-V4 files are released. If you missed out on GOLR for 2.12 then you will have to upgrade your FW and wait until a 3.0 exploit is found.

  6. BahamutBBob says:


    I think I’ll play some BBS and Crisis Core once this releases. I’ve been wanting to replay Crisis Core for a while, and haven’t played BBS very much. Maybe I’ll play Phantasy Star Portable 2 again, who knows!

  7. mat says:

    Will sound be supported on PS1 games with TN-V4

  8. Vitaman says:

    Can I have access to my PSN+ games if I’m using a eCFW? Can I get banned?

  9. mlc says:

    Isn’t it impossible to get Fieldrunners on 2.12 now? The PS3 OpenCMA trick doesn’t work for Fieldrunners, and the proxy trick only works on 2.61.

    • The Z says:

      The PS3 trick works with the EU PSN store.

      It just does not work with the US store.


      Have a PS3 to activate your PSN account at your 2.12 vita (if it wasnt already activated), which you can do with transfering a random game to your Vita.

      Then download Fieldrunners with your 3.00 Vita (a second Vita) and make a backup with your PC. Then transfer the saved Fieldrunners to the 2.12 vita.


      • mlc says:

        Ohh, sorry, I forgot that the EU version allowed it. And it’s awesome that you can do that with a second Vita, though obviously mandatory updates limit its utility to PSP games and older Vita games. Thanks for the info

  10. megaman781 says:

    Great article it cover all my questions lol

  11. c-zero says:

    Sweet! I’ve been running TN-V 1.01 and was looking to upgrade, but I wasn’t sure if I needed to. But since I could acess the psn store I can download the games I have through the eCFW. Will this mean that DLCs will work with the eCFW too?

    Also, how would I upgrade from 1.01?

    Thanks! You guys are awesome!

  12. AliFOJ says:

    Gameocracy might be a really bad game it self but it is going to be the best exploit once TN-V4 comes out. Also it gets me back my PSP 2000 that got stolen so I’m glad I’ll be able to play PSP games again. 😀

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      FR on 2.12 is better. I will be using GOLOR myself, because I already have it. FR launches faster, so it’s technically better.

  13. walala says:

    i thought we can only play iso if having kernel exploit only?
    why in the exploit games list (kernel and user) all can do so?

    • jorgegoz says:

      you’ve got a point

    • mlc says:

      TN-V4 will be released with a kernel exploit, and all of those user exploits will be able to make use of it until it is patched in a new firmware by Sony.

      • walala says:

        i mean i had gamocracy exploit (user mode) before to play nes game, and during that time TN (eCFW) didnt work as far as I know..
        how come the new TN-4 could work? isnt it supposed to only work on kernel mode exploits?

        • thedicemaster says:

          TN-4 requires 2 exploits.
          first it needs a usermode exploit to allow it to run custom code.
          using this ability to run custom code it will trigger the 2nd exploit, a kernel mode exploit.

          the kernel mode exploit has nothing to do with the game you where using, it’s a bug in the firmware that’s accessed.

          all vita and many of the “newer” psp custom firmwares work like this.

  14. jorgegoz says:

    You didn’t mention the part that the firmware 3.00 might cause a significant reduction of psp games supported. Am i wrong?

  15. hjkbhk says:

    can u use usb mode when in psp mode?

  16. Drugs_r_bad_4_health says:

    What is the ps3 trick on the eu store ???

  17. shooter mcgavin says:

    I would also like to know if ps1 sound is going to work? I am thinking no, but figured I’d ask.

    • abdou005 says:

      they already have one, but so buggy that they can’t announce to the scene. we don’t know if Total Noob would like to realise it in Tn v4. we could have surprise

  18. All-StarGamer says:

    Will this exploit get my account banned from PSN? I really do want to hack my Vita, but I don’t want years of Trophies, game data, etc. to go down the drain.

    • Haze7 says:

      Noob-friendly advice-
      Trust me you won’t be banned in anyway. But after you’ve “hacked” you won’t be able to earn any more trophies as you have to update(don’t update as the “hack” won’t work anymore if you do). You should research more to get a good grasp of this scene. Because its not so much about hacking but being able to use your Vita’s full potential.

    • Jd8531 says:

      You can never be banned. There is no way for them to know if you are running these exploits.

  19. smitty88oh says:

    Will I need to buy another game if I already have one for vhbl? I am on 2.12 with the exploited game. Sorry for the question.

    Also on your wololo app every time I press the back button on
    my phone it closes the app instead of going back :(

  20. arthanis says:

    Will TNV4 be released with a kernel exploit? My goal is to have the most recent fw to play physical copies while being able to load psp isos. I am at 2.02 with UNO exploit. Will I be able to do it on 3.00?

  21. Metarortiz says:

    I wish a ps vita actual hack appeared, still on 2.02

  22. mox says:

    can i play pirated psp games using tnv4??

  23. mangosteam says:

    Weeeh i just bought my psn card so im ready and finally i can update and buy malicious rebirth . I just hope the compatibility isues wont affect type zero cause the fan translation is still ongoing

  24. jin799 says:

    I have the arcade bowling and air hockey hack but it only mentions the arcade games and world of pool in the article.So will I have to buy a new exploit game or will my current air hockey work with the TN-V exploit ?
    Sorry but I’m not clear in this so just wannna make sure.

    • The Z says:

      “Arcade games” means:

      Arcade Darts, Arcade Pool, Arcade Airhockey, etc.

      Same with the “monster hunter titles” column.

      It is just less to type out all these game names.

      • jin799 says:

        Thanks for clearing that up.Its good to be clear and now I know I do not have to rush to get the game exploit.I can just get the TN-V when its released!!!!
        cheers to you “The Z”

  25. Viral_Weaponry says:

    YAY! Thats so awesome… I just sold my PS Vita today… Im fine with my PSP 2000 :)

  26. tevin02 says:

    can 2.61 fieldrunner run psp iso or no

  27. AnimusKnight says:

    I’m on 2.02 and I’ve missed all other exploits, I’ve got an exploitable game for TN-V4 now, but do I need a specific game or just any of the above?

    My Vita has been left in its box since day 1, would someone please advise me on what the best way to go about it? Me and my Vita grow tired..

    Please and thank you.

    • greysmoke says:

      Im a little confused as to what you said in your first sentence.
      Do you own any of the games listed in the article above on your 2.02 firmware?
      If you do then your set.
      If you dont, I suggest looking up how to use charles proxy/SKFU’s new proxy! That way you can stay on your 2.02 firmware and still download the ninja release game/an unpatched game listed above.
      I dont know if sony actually patches em, i heard they just pull em and force and update then they put em back unchanged XD

      • AnimusKnight says:

        Thanks for your response greysmoke, your info is much appreciated.

        I do indeed own, Apache overkill and am running on 2.02.
        So I will finally be able to play my ISOs on my Vita, once TN-V4 arrives

      • AnimusKnight says:

        Sorry, my response did not post fully:

        Thanks for your response greysmoke, your info is much appreciated.

        I do indeed own, Apache overkill and am running on 2.02.
        So I will finally be able to play my ISOs on my Vita, once TN-V4 arrives

        One more thing if I may, what is this about extra RAM being available? Do you know anything about that?

        Much love and appreciation to Total_Noob for his hard work and dedication to the scene. I will be religiously checking the website for an update ^.^

        • greysmoke says:

          If your on a firmware above 2.12 then you wont be able to run the most advanced and powerful homebrews the psp has to offer. The ram increase generally speeds up loading times in psp games and things of that nature. So with your current 2.02 and apache overkill you will have the full 64kb of ram! <3

          • AnimusKnight says:

            You are a legend, greysmoke!

            Thank you very much for your attention and help. Now I can hardly wait for the release.

            You have a very nice day/night. ^.^ <3

  28. cheki says:

    I’m going craaaaazy, I want to publish the files!!

  29. myth says:

    i have 2.60with vhbl,so it is only 32m ram.i want know vhbl running TN-V4 can play ISO? And does it have same experice like kernel exploit to play.

  30. newrcc says:

    I cant close the wololo web page just waiting the “D day”, tks so much wololo and friends!! O_O”

  31. GotYourSix says:

    YESsssssss I can use my field runners exploit

  32. Chuckthetekkie says:

    Fieldrunners might be the fastest loading exploit but it is one of the more expensive games to buy.

    I am using the UNO exploit and I am assuming there is no benefit to upgrading to 2.12. As far as I can tell, Gamocracy is not back in the US store.

    • ChaosedLolo says:

      Fieldrunners is totally worth the $6.99.

      Not only the Fastest Exploit, but a pretty fun addicting minis.

      I remember playing this when it first came out the Ipod touch.

      Ahhh! Good Times

    • The Z says:

      Since when is 5€ expensive?

      UNO was also 5€ and other games were more expensive (motorstorm, monster hunter, tennis, japanese baseball)

  33. Kitsune says:

    Same deal, however this shouldn’t mean that the game for 3.00 was Fieldrunners, since The Z already claimed that they chose to not release it but were forced to due to having the update make it useless.

  34. macuhiter says:

    I’m really sorry, I’m a ***. Should I stay at FW 2.61 or upgrade?

  35. Auwri says:

    Possibly a dumb question, but does running a CFW like TN-4 have any impact on my ability to upgrade to future OFW? Is there any way to uninstall the CFW, or will an OFW upgrade wipe it out automatically?

    ALso, would playing PSN-enabled games like DRAGON’S CROWN over wifi still be possible using Charles Proxy after I’m no longer on the latest firmware? Thanks.

  36. ivo says:

    HI, WHAT ABOUT A CMA-PS3 ? sorry for the caps

  37. ivo says:

    yes its possible all the way
    tnv has
    impacts ability to OFW upgrade
    no possible way to uninstall
    and an OFW from other device(ps ps3 ps4) will wipe it

    psn titles like dragons’crown wifi is still possibel
    using either
    ps3proxyservergui or charles or any fiddler

  38. ivo says:

    oh *** i shouldnt have installed 450ps3 300vita becuz it made
    me redagree the privacy bankrupcy policy

  39. chomroeurn says:

    Hi i have file game on version 2.12 and i want to share ( my gmail: and my facebook: chomroeurn )

  40. salsacumbiambero says:

    Gracias por la info.

  41. Kevvers says:

    So, I’m on 1.81, mad blocker, so all I need to do is install TNv4, and then update to newest OFW? Is it really that easy? Should I backup my memory card before updating to newest firmware?

  42. Marcins94 says:

    1. Will I be able to remote play on my hacked PS vita on non hacked PS 4?
    2. Psp games on vita runs all correct with sound, without lags and without similar problems?
    3. Can I play my psp games on non hacked vita?

    • GotYourSix says:

      Answering your questions

      1 Most likely unless Sony makes you have the latest firmware to remote play.
      2 depends on the game you have (how stable it is) and what exploit your running Ex. TN-V4 or TN-V v3.
      3 if your psp game is on psn then yes but if it is not then your out of luck.

      Hope I helped you out.

      • Sky Yuki says:

        To be honest tekken 6 psp on legit vita (NOT TN-V)
        Is lag when you go to live area then come back
        Most game does lag when you go to live area then continue play in ps vita
        So sony already have it own problem

  43. v1d4 L0k4 says:

    Does it play xbox isos?

  44. Sky Yuki says:

    ER MAH GERD i7 wORK3d
    1 haVE mAde a ExpL017 ph0R U 9uy

  45. PlaGeRaN says:

    I want to get the ps4 still, looks like I need to backup my vitaand upgrade to version 3.00

  46. shiro says:

    Whew i should have known user exploits can suddenly become kernel exploits. Should have updated a long time ago luckyly there would be for 3.00 i can now buy the new vita games.

    • I'm sure says:

      I’m sure the scene is going to explain all this after the release. It should be very detailed that you won’t even understand it.

  47. jonny2jo says:

    Hi i’m not sure if i should say this but i just read something about another VHBL exploit called pipe madness for 2.61 apparently Frotegater released the source code for it.

  48. Hellbelial says:

    Hahahaha yeah right,mario on ps device.

  49. mart says:

    hey just a quick question. does former versions of the TN_V’s work on the field runners exploit running on 2.61 fw??

  50. PlaGeRaN says:

    Updated to 3.00 and waiting for TN to release XD!

  51. no1cares says:

    I’m new here. How do I register account?

  52. sai says:

    I’m new here too. How do I register account?

  53. no1cares says:

    Okey, I clicked on the “/Talk Forums” and I magically went to a vboard like place. There I registered.

  54. Caleb says:

    Ok help please cause i dont quite get it.. im on 2.12 without any exploit yet, im getting a ps4 so i want to be able to remote play with my vita. my questions are:
    -i should use the gamocracy exploit right away?
    -once exploited with gamocracy i will be able to use tn-v4 exploit without buying any other game?
    -and last question, once exploited i will be able to update to OFW 3.00 from within tn-v4 so i can get remote play without losing the exploit?

    in short, i want to use remote play, but also want to have the 64mb ram lol. so is one or the another? i know tn-v4 will support OFW 3.00, but trying to figure out if theres a way to keep the extra ram from 2.12 and still being able to remote play. thanks!

  55. Mini_Norris says:

    Hoiw do I download now Field Runners if I am on 2.61 and don’t have access to the PS Store because update to 3.00.

    I know I can download it via PS3 but how to copy on my Vita after that without updating firmware on Vita?


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