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Killzone Shadow Fall on PS Vita

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  1. Ninjakakashi says:

    First of I would like to say that. The wii u provides this sort of feature yet from what I heard they don’t seem to be doing very well so basically I think this will have a little spike on vita sales but maybe not that significant….

    Secondly I believe that remote play will work flawlessly from what I have heard such as remote play being a feature set in place from the architecture of the device and the many videos proving this works + the very early release of the new psvita firmware update to allow players to use. Remote play.

  2. Ninjakakashi says:

    P.s. Please excuse the random full stops as it is me typing quickly on an iPad…

  3. ChthonicOne says:

    So… I can buy a PS4 AND a PSVita to do the same thing the WiiU does with just the WiiU? Why would I want to do that?

    • hgoel0974 says:

      because you can take your Vita out and play other games 😉 The WiiU remote thingy wouldn’t work if you tried that.

    • Sky Yuki says:

      Let say you already got a vita
      And you also want ps4
      This would be a nice extra feature

    • maastersplinter says:

      Remote play works anywhere you have an internet connection (obviously its fully dependent on your ISP speeds). The Wii U gamepad has a rather limited range, 26 feet…

  4. narsito says:

    wiiU dont have Killzone Shadow Fall

  5. wildwilly112 says:

    I have everything setup including 138 menu but there is one problem. I dont know how to install homebrew to 138 menu. If someone could right out the instructions for 2.61 it would be very appreciated.

  6. derangedmonkey says:

    I have been having fun playing bioshock infinite through remote play on my CFW PS3 and it works pretty good. If its anything like that it should boost vita sales by a bit I think. Also wii U remote feels a lot more bulky to me than a vita just preference.

  7. adx2 says:

    first when i bought vita i felt very lonely with it because i was the only one owning it in my friend circle . after 2 months of lonelyness i bought a vita for my small brother too so that we can enjoy multiplayer … now with the great news of remoteplay of ps4 softwares to vita i have managed my several friends to buy a vita and they said yesss….. GOOD WORK SONY VITA SALES MAY RISE ABOVE ALL

  8. NinjaKaskashi says:

    ChthonicOne: “So… I can buy a PS4 AND a PSVita to do the same thing the WiiU does with just the WiiU? Why would I want to do that?”

    It is obvious why you would do this. Lets say someone takes over your tv and changes the channel then you can at least continue playing the game on the vita…

    If you didn’t have a tv in your room and you wanted to play in bed then I guess the feature would be good also.

    You have to be quite stupid to not understand the main advantages + it might be able to be used as an extra controller but I am only 90% sure.

    • gunblade says:

      well in a way the shity part is the vita r2 l2 r3 n l3 might be hard or different for shooting games but i guess if the ps4 game support the vita front touch screen then targeting be alright

  9. ureil says:

    i would love to see this done at two different locations (ps4 at one and vita at the other) using both standard broadband and google fiber networks to see real world input and display lag

  10. SPoONiE says:

    I can’t wait to try out remote play with ghosts and watchdogs.

  11. yap23jeremieonpsn says:

    Sony will stop releasing exclusive psvita games, they will make it become like an accesory for the PS4 🙁

  12. Sony will keep doing Vita games. The real question will be if other game developers will support the remote play functionality. If it takes extra programing it may just get passed over and forgotten.

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