Howto: buy and install Fieldrunners while staying on firmware 2.61


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  1. tevin02 says:

    csn fieldrunner exsploit 2.61 run psp games/iso

  2. tevin02 says:

    will psp/iso games work with this

  3. missle says:

    thanks charles proxy worked like a charm!!! It only sucks because field runners is $7 usd!!!!

  4. Pronwan says:

    Anybody found a working solution for any ScummVM version?
    I tried couple of versions for PSP – old beta ones, the Vita-Release files for scumm, 1.1.0 and the newest ones. All versions crash. Does anybody know why? May it have something to do with the rename of the EBOOT.PBP? Any ideas?

  5. wz says:

    Hi, currently my vita is on firmware 2.02. Is that my vita able to buy and install fieldrunner and Homebrew? Thanks you

  6. sjpark0605 says:

    I am on 2.12… I tried the solution above and it all worked saying “You are on the lastest firmware” but when I go onto PSN, it tells me to update.

  7. cee says:

    Can someone post a link to Content manager 2.61. I cant find anywhere. I have fieldrunners on my PS3, but i can only find CM 3.0!!! I have tried proxy trick but keep geting stuck at “preparing to download” Frustrating not the word!

  8. cee says:

    Does anyone have the official Sony CMA 2.61. The new one asks you to upgrade as it expects firmware 3.0. i have firmware 2.61 and Fieldrunners on my PS3 – I need older version of CMA to use open CMA to move game to Vita…Thanks.

  9. kingknuts says:

    This dont work it says that i am up to date but when I try to logging it says to update the firmaware

  10. AnimusKnight says:

    Has anyone here been successful with this? I can’t get it to work and have followed every step thoroughly, again and again..

  11. repapermunky says:

    I got charles proxy and connect and everything works except I cannot connect to the internet with my Vita. I am connected to the network, but when I try to “update using wifi” I get errors, and I can’t use the vita browser either. What’s the problem here? I put in all the valid proxy settings as well, to no avail. I hit help on Charles and used the local ip it gave there, and used port 8888; what’s my issue?

  12. vitapsp2.61ver says:

    my vita says it’s up to date but when i go to the shop it says i need to update..

  13. All-StarGamer says:

    This still works. Sony released 3.01 yesterday, and I was able to bypass while on 3.00 using this method. Very helpful! Thank you!

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