Fieldrunners VHBL update: Support for US version, and major fix for homebrews


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19 Responses

  1. tangra87

    cool if I had not updated yet,Im prety sore that i was going to do this(becouse of the good and fast compability). but now that I updated (for the ps4 compability) I`ll wait for the next exploit and the TN-V4. thanks for the info .

  2. aragorn46

    Hi Wololo, Im on version 2.12, how can i install it on my vita and i dont have the game? or should I update of TN-V4?

  3. mart

    thanks guys but it wont load any snes game on the snes emulator. it keeps saying ”error reading memory”

  4. mart

    wololo can you please help? is this a snes emulator problem? pls help?

  5. beastes6453

    Hi everyone the day wololo announce a game for vhbl how it work you give the name and the country or a day before you say i release the game name tomorrow be prepare? thank

    • tangra87

      no,well you have(be registerd) to log in to the talk forum ,and just wait for the “ninja release” it is a scribe,that you resease before the “ofitial release” ,there is no date (never was) you just spontaniosly reseave it, or if you have litle time in this web site, you just wait to be announce as an artical ,like the rest of the people thet are not registerd and are searching for the game. Good luck ,and be peaciant ,it will come soon I expect it too ,as well as the tn-v4 kernel exploit.

  6. samson

    not available on Japanese PSN :( darnnnnn

  7. G36cBossMan

    I have a few questions and I’m a bit of a noob lol

    1. Do you need a bios for the picodrive emulator?
    2. Do you need a bios for the master system emultor? ( I would only use it for gbc btw)
    3. I know you can’t give links but can anyone tell me the name of the bios files that I need?
    4. With this update does the n64 emultor work now?
    5. I noticed there are 2 n64 emulators what one works better?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  8. wildwilly112

    I have everything setup including 138 menu but there is one problem. I dont know how to install homebrew to 138 menu. If someone could right out the instructions for 2.61 it would be very appreciated.

  9. kid

    Thanks. The “PSP/GAME” folder protected as “read only” problem is solved at last :)

    • mart

      @can you install homebrew like snes emulator@ i installed the snes emulator but it cant read from the memory it says it might be corrupt. the emulator loads fine but it doesnt see the snes games rom file and the snes games in it.

  10. ambrosjb

    Where is the best VHBL installation guide?

  11. Ruffbad

    Hi all I was just wondering I have Vhbl on my vita. And some homebrew doesn’t work. But when I installed my vhbl I already included menu 138. Does that mean im good to go or not? Help would be appreciated. Well thanks!

  12. jonny2jo

    I still can’t see anything in the install folder even after using the fixed build, i put the INSTALL.ZIP in a save folder but nothing..

  13. mart

    works fine and fast

  14. B

    I Figured It Out Before The Post…Good Job Guys!

  15. Bwitz

    Cat And Mouse!….

  16. feeliodeelio

    So how do you access PSN without updating to 3.00? Can’t find info on that anywhere.

  17. Timber

    I have the v2 fix installed with the 138 menu built in but snes9x still gives rom errors and black screen, any ideas?

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