Heads up. God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition ships with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate link)

CastleStorm is about to launch an attack on PS3 and PS Vita.

8 Responses

  1. datright says:

    Looks great! One reason why I updated to 3.00.

  2. BahamutBBob says:

    I still have the demo for this, just sitting on my 360’s HDD…maybe I’ll finally give it a try.

  3. k3nn says:

    looks cruel! does it have a singleplayer mode? i need to practice 1st

  4. ZeroSkys says:

    Don’t forgot to check out the demo.

  5. PlaGeRaN says:

    the game reminds me of Worms! Sheep bomb!

  6. what? says:

    I just don’t have the taste for this kind of games. it sucks. This is my personal opinion. I wont mind anybody liking it.

    • neogalahad says:

      Wow, I love when people think everyone wants to hear gamers HATE on other games. Its the cool thing to do now I guess.

      Anyway, I tried this on Xbox 360 a while back and now that its on ps3 AND vita, ill probably pick it up. Pretty fun!

      • Haze7 says:

        As long as they aren’t disrespectful its healthy to see someone voice a different opinion. It gives us a different perspective on games or the type of people they are.

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