Frostegater’s Firmware 2.61 VHBL Exploit revealed ! – Get is as soon as possible !

The Z

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  1. Wrozen says:

    This game is free for PS Plus subscribers in the US.

  2. StepS says:

    Oh no :( had this one myself too. Damn, opening this article from my mobile phone I just KNEW it was going to be it… But we move forward! Thank you again Frostetater and your friend who originally found this vulnerability. For sure it could have been released later for some bigger things, but well… It will be remembered for sure.

    PS: oh and btw, has the Wagic been finally made working on this exploit? I don’t have access to my vita right now yet, thanks The Z?

  3. xlovenuggetx says:

    is this compatible with the upcoming TN kernel exploit?

  4. lys says:

    I got this exploit working and VHBL loads and after installing homebrews the homebrews won’t launch at all. No errors or anything, the “selected” item just jumps to the top and nothing happens. Any ideas?

  5. smiletime123 says:

    ok so i get charles proxy working..the vita says up to date when i try “update via wifi” but as soon as i go back to psn store it says i need to update…i dont know what to doooo

  6. oHDGx says:

    Charles proxy won’t work for me.
    I followed this tut exactly.
    Any help?

  7. emre says:

    so I wanted to get to work the exploit on my ps vita but i don’t know how… i already downloaded the game and the exploit data, what’s next?

  8. Jomann says:

    what the heck? why was there no warning of this earlier? I just updated to 3.00 last night when you guys posted the article saying that an exploit still worked on it…… seriously?!

    • wololo says:

      Did you actually read the article? There was no Ninja release of this, Sony patched the exploit in 3.00, which is why the exploit was revealed now.

  9. smiletime123 says:

    For everyone having issues with charles proxy…after an hour of *** with it i found one post that said “anywhere you see f/w 3.00 change it to your current f/w prolly 2.61… so everywhere you see “03.000.000” change it to “02.610.000”…

  10. John R. says:

    the upcoming kernel exploit will still work on 3.00 without trying to get that vhbl user mode exploit, right ? because i can’t login to psn with 2.61 :(

  11. G36cBossMan says:

    Great… Thanks for releasing it now that its to late… You are aware that the 3.00 update was relased yesterday right? So that means its impossible to get the exploit since you relesed it the day after the update this is exactly why I knew it was a bad idea to hold in to so many exploits and not release them…

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      This was never intended for the public! If Sony didn’t magiclly patch a secret exploit, it would still be a secret. Stop acting like a demanding ***.

  12. megaman781 says:

    hopefully there will be a TN port

  13. deven says:

    is there an alternative to charles proxy?? the program wont run on my computer its something to do with my java.

  14. Guestboy354 says:

    cant transfer fieldrunners to my vita maaannnn -_-

  15. Hellbelial says:

    ***!!! I tough there will be for 3.0 thats why i update,are you kidding me?.

  16. kaos says:

    can this emulate a ps1 emu

  17. xatrix says:

    I downloaded the game with charles proxy. But how can I install the vhbl?

  18. Ruffbad says:

    Hi I bought field runners yesterday and used Charles proxy to bypass the ofw 3.00 Im trying to install the us verison of frostegater’s vhbl but when I put the savedata on my vita and load the game its a black screen. ten seconds later and error pops up saying (C1-2858-3) appears? Im not sure what im doing wrong but some help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  19. Ruffbad says:

    Sry forgot to mention that the game worked before I put the savedata on my vita. When I take it off it works again so the games not corrupt or anything.

  20. DSwizzy145 says:

    How do you exactly do the exploit files like put all of FrVBHL files to the savedata folder with the rest or put the FrVBHL folder inside the Save folder? Thanks!

  21. schmief says:

    This is The Z showing you how to install 2.61 Fieldrunners vHBL.

  22. Eligio Harris says:

    Everything went as planned, emulators all installed, but none of them run. was it something I did wrong? I followed everything to the T!

  23. tevin02 says:

    having a little trouble with the charles proxy help plzz

  24. Lord Lien says:

    ***… I’m 24 hours too late for this/boo! How dare real life get in the way :(

  25. Ruffbad says:

    OK so I finally got Vhbl working! But everytime I try to install homebrew if doesn’t show up to install? Am I missing something? I’ve tried all kinds of tutorials but to no avail. A little help would be really appreciated as I’m new to hacking the vita. Thanks!

  26. jonny2jo says:

    This is one of the happiest days of my life thank you Frosty XD!!

  27. Bobo says:

    how can i change from 2.60 to 2.61?

  28. wy301 says:

    I am now have the VHBL for FR installed can it support TN-V1,2,3?

  29. MIKE says:

    hey dudes, i need some help on how to install the homebrews onto my vita, i already have the fieldrunners vhbl installed on my vita so all i need are the homebrews to play, for example any emulators that work on the exploit, any help, or a link to a detailed tutorial would be greatly appreciated.

  30. xperimental says:

    Hey guys, I Downloaded fieldrunners to my PS3 but can’t get it copied to the PS-vita, as of NOV.16,2013 charles proxy no longer works also the Open CMA unplug form pc trick no longer works. IS there some other way to get fieldrunners on the PS-vita.


  31. Emil says:

    Im on 2.61 too but i have no PS3. No Chance?!

  32. randomjerk2004 says:

    I Google translated this back in forth 50 times and still have no idea what you’re taking about

  33. tinostar91 says:

    Yes, you can get that game even on lower FW, there are currently at least 2 ways how you can get it

  34. Josh says:


    Seriously though, just use the OpenCMA trick to install it. If you, like me updated to 3.00, too bad. If it still worked on 3.00, we would have never even known about it. Devs keeping a working exploit or two for personal use is normal. They found it so they can do as they please with it. If you dont like it then by all means find your own exploits.

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