Frostegater’s Firmware 2.61 VHBL Exploit revealed ! – Get is as soon as possible !

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139 Responses

  1. GodOfDark

    First! All I had to do was refresh page 😛

  2. Obito

    Sadly there’s absolutely no PS3less way to upgrade up to 2.61 nor buy the game Now, so I’m definitely waiting for version 3.00 ^.^

  3. exo_gurei

    Was this video posted before? If it was, then Sony might have used that to filter find the games that would load save files directly at startup.

    But if the video was not posted before, never mind my post.

    • The Z

      The video was “not listed” and then private.

      I just put it back on “public”.

      I made it private, cause one leaked it.

      The video did not show the game itself.

  4. Jaggions

    How to download it?? PlayStation Store asks me to update!!

  5. PlaGeRaN

    The Z this doesn’t help us at all! most of us are still on lower firmware waiting for total_noob. wouldn’t it be better if you guys /gals worked together on this?

    This exploit won’t help anyone at all. I hope you guys first tell us to update our devices, give it a few days then release an exploit.

    Hope this will help alot of other people also.


    Lol i sold my vita 2 bad now im mad to myself 😀

  7. x-eye

    Sadly until someone makes open cma for Android i won’t be able to get in on these vhbl thingies.

  8. fatman01923

    Just updated last night and I have this game already :(

  9. smiletime123

    So I downloaded the game from my ps3 expecting that I would be able to transfer it over as per usual… YOU CANT! as soon as I try and connect to the ps3 with my vita the vita says you need to update the system software…. so note to everone


    I may have just wasted 7$…lame

  10. xoombie503

    Clap clap clap…nice you greedy bastards

  11. what's the point

    Why tell us after the update. We can’t use it now.

  12. Psvita_user

    Do you think sony will remove fieldrunners from psn?

  13. what the

    what’s the point of releasing it after it gets patched

    • tinostar91

      Because it was probably never supposted to be public, it got fixed so at least if somebody is still at 2.61 he/she can get it and use it. It’s not like every exploit which has been found is going to be public

      • The Z

        That was the point.

        It was not intended to be public, because it IS too good for the public.

        Since it got patched, we can release it, since we have no use for it anymore.

        • mlc

          Too good for the public? lol

        • Manuel N

          Ok Z, maybe it’s useless, but I was able to connect and download FieldRunners while available, but now what?, VHBL 2.61 w/yMenu doesn’t works at all, if you try to use FTPvita shows “[no” on the screen, and if you use CMAr5 you can only copy savefiles with no INSTALL.ZIP contents. So… What’s the point on releasing a exploit that doesn’t works, or you have no interest on still developing for ??? First I decided to donate by PayPal expecting some support, now i’ve wasted 17 USD at this moment, with no results. Yes your advice was: “You’re buying the game, not a guarantee that the exploit will work” I’m sad for the scene, not for Sony

  14. Thekornerkids

    Charles proxy or open cma on computer to ps3 should still work to download I think

  15. kid

    actually, FieldRunners is psp kernel exploit

    • thekornerkids

      can you confirm this is kernel? through a video or some thing because the post states its user mode. if its only user mode i may not be interested in it.

  16. hossain

    i downloaded this with charles proxy
    and now i have the game

  17. tinostar91

    What about the source code?

  18. Question

    Should we wait for TN-V4 instead of picking this exploit up, will that be any quicker

  19. datright

    What happened to “ninja release”? Too late for me anyway, updated to 3.00 last night.

  20. curious

    ha they found a little way to patch it already you have to have ps+ inorder to get it but its free talking about fieldrunners for people who don’t know I just missed it lmao coulda bought but left psn store came back and said ps+ forget ps+ hope tnv4 get 3.00 compatability

  21. arjunsm

    YEAH, didn’t miss this one 😀

  22. hossain

    i have 2.61

  23. Frostburn

    Three questions:

    Can you buy the game on the PSN store on the PC, but then transfer via PS3?

    Will this be compatible with the upcoming TN-V4?

    IF the game was added back to the PSN store after it was taken down would it still work on 2.61?

    • tinostar91

      1- Yes, check out OpenCMA trick for more info how to do it without updating
      2- Not sure about that, nothing official has been said, but probably yes
      3- Yes, they never patch games, only FWs

  24. Jorge Buzo

    Thanks hossain for your tip on using Charles Proxy to bypass the 3.0 update and be able to download fieldrunners :0)saw a youtube video titled “Using Charles Proxy for PSN” from jeoway. just replaced all 03.000.000 with 01.600.000 and it worked

  25. drawerfloat

    This game also available in HK PSN Store (MY) for RM29.00

  26. Bomba

    html5 test : 252p for 2.61 , 292p for 3.0 ( internet explorer 11 has 355p )

  27. Kosc

    I downloaded the game on PS3 and connected to it using the open cma trick, but Fieldrunners isn’t showing up in the list of games to transfer (other psp games on my ps3 did, however). Even after a little testing, like “installing” to PS3 (this made a PSP version of the icon appear on my ps3, but install bubble was still there) and opening the game on my PS3 after that, I found I could only transfer the save data but not the game. Apparently there’s some kind of restriction on transferring minis that aren’t also on the vita store, any way to get past that?

    • mlc

      What version is your Vita on? It’s possible that you have a firmware version from before Fieldrunners was listed as compatible.

  28. Kosc

    Also, I’m using the USA version. If I have to wait for a “fixed” version to appear on the vita store again before transferring, would it let me still transfer the “old” version?

  29. psp411

    tnx for the exploit, but useless, why liberate it when you can´t use it? becouse is “TO GOOD FOR USERS?” IT´S THE STUPIDEST THING i EVER EAR, the scene has it´s roots on the users, the scene is missing the way, I think so, is there no more the ideal of DarkAlex, Fanjita, even Wololo, the users are the first.

    for me, I wait for the K exploit becouse I love plugins, love pmp player, quake (full vertion-full speed), like doom f@ck id software who´s dosn´t want to port doom to vita,
    I love the freedom to play what I want to play in my expensive console, I hope modern warfare 4 in ps vita be ported if not, for that is the hombrew, for the users, not a pseudo elite wich think a sploit is to good for users
    f@ck this kind of ideas

    • wololo

      This exploit was kept in the hope it would be useful for something bigger than VHBL. There are countless usermode exploits, and we have consistently released VHBL exploits over the past 2 years. There was no obvious need to release this one, and in the end it was up to the hackers who found it to release it or keep it.
      Keep in mind that it’s those undisclosed exploits that let hackers investigate the latest firmwares as fast as they can, in order to give the users more hacks.

      I 100% agree with you that a scene is nothing without the users, but sometimes it’s better to not disclose a specific hack, for greater good.
      In hindsight, it’s easy to say “this one should have been released earlier, now it’s wasted”, but nobody could predict Sony would patch it, it’s a very rare event in their history, to patch something that wasn’t publicly revealed.

  30. gui

    And now? I await the TN-V4 in version 2.61 or version 3.0?

  31. LOLman123

    Is it better to stay with 2.02 UNO with high compatibility or update to 2.61 using Fieldrunners?

  32. francis

    Hey z dude! I f it is useless and has been patched for 6.21 conclusion wud be dt this is a kernlexploit that is patched and cnt be used nw? Im on the 6.20 wd arcdarts. Help me what to do? Waiting for the kernel exp.thank you very much!

  33. francis

    Or Since it is too good for being a usermode exploit can this be useless to use for 6.21? Needa clafication..too confusing!

  34. gunblade

    i got all those old exp.oi.ts games up to apachie