Cross Generation Console Wars: PSP vs Dreamcast, Part 2


I like beer.

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  1. stingray1059 says:


  2. Greysmoke says:

    Oh man, so many great memories with the psp. I had put the transparent shell on mine, and 6 color changing LEDS all around it that would cycle through a few colors. Dual micro sd card adapter. And a knob behind the battery to adjust the brightness customly 😀

    • gunblade says:

      i been true a lots of psp … first time i moded my psp had to change the screen change it like twice.. alright psp tough..

  3. gunblade says:

    soulcalibur fo dreamcast was alright …

  4. L337Snowman says:

    ‘The Commodore 64 could hardly be considered a console’

    PPFFFFFFFHHHTTTTTT (sound of me spitting all over my screen)

    ARE YOU NUTS? The Commodore 64 was insanely influential in the creation of the popular home consoles genre. It was the all in one platform from which you could not only play games, but you could do word processing, printing and complex painting and drawing. You could also not only plau games from a cartridge, but from a floppy disk and a cassette tape as well! It pioneered the way for consoles that could accept more than one form of media storage, including things like Dreamcast’s CD playback support, the PS2’s DVD functions and the Xbox’s too. It had a SHITLOAD of games. It may not have been popular in the US, but boy was it great in Australia and Europe. Great games like Donkey Kong Jr and Galaga had their first majorly successful ports on the system, in all 3 media forms. My dad owned one back in the 80’s and he claims that that machine was probably the most influential piece of technology that got him into the conputer industry. Wre even bought one not too long ago (I payed half, he payed the other) and to this day we still sit down togethet and play Zork and Pheonix periodically every week. The entire line of Commodore computers, all the way from the PET and the Vic-20 to the C64 and 128, were very powerful and highly reliable as the all in one personal computers, actually being mostly used as gaming consoles. heck, they even released a version of the Commodore 64 that was just a console that used cartridges! Of course it would be considered as a console, maybe just not by your definition.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      Sounds like a PC to me, not a dedicated console.

      • BlazingHaze74 says:


      • Ken Arromdee says:

        Consoles allow a software maker to target a specific platform while modern PCs are a moving target where games run differently on different systems and everyone has a slightly different graphics card or hard drive size. Home computers of the time were more like consoles in this way than like modern PCs; the occasional upgraded version (like the C128) never attracted much developer attention and for all practical purposes they were a single platform targeted by software makers,. They were also much more games-focused than modern PCs anyway.

    • Jah Nix says:

      pehaps a comparison between the cpc+ and 64+ as they where the console equivalents for the commodore and amstrad stables?the c64 was marketed as a homecomputer….

      • cboushell says:

        Wasn’t the original ps3 marketed as a pc, especially in the EU where they got some sort of financial/ tax incentive for doing so because of its Linux support through other OS? Just because it does something other than play games makes it not a console?

  5. Jah Nix says:

    I dunno – I think you left out accessories – Bass Fishing with the rod and House of the Dead with Light Gun were awesome and what is the most useful accessory a PSP has? My toss up is the memory card or the case you can put it in – How Exciting!

  6. ivo says:

    what i wanted was a pc tool like kakaroto xmb+
    but one that reads dlna servers cheers

  7. jlo138 says:

    The Dreamcast was the best at porting the Arcades to a home console. When you played the games you still had the same feeling as if it was an Arcade (minus the physical differences). Ya, ya, ya ya, ya!

  8. Dmaskell92 says:

    Psp and Dreamcast are responsible for the loss of my entire life. Haha, not really but I remember coming home from school to play Dreamcast. I would skip my homework, and never study. Then it got worse, as I started to bring a console to school to play during school (Psp). My grades suffered from these consoles, who knows I could have been a Doctor lol.

    • jonny2jo says:

      Sounds like me 😀 till i realized that i needed money to buy more games and i lived happily ever after…to be continued PS4SLIM!

  9. ellis says:

    Bro the Sega genesis with the Modem was the first console to go online using p2p not the dreamcast it’s all Sega but just saying

  10. Lawthugg says:

    I waited for part 2 and still didn’t see anything covering the vmu on the dreamcast. Oh well, one of the best addonsb for a controller that will be dearly forgotten.

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