Interview: Total Noob shares more info on TNV4, release could be as soon as November


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79 Responses

  1. dboyz says:

    4 PSP kernel exploits….
    My faith in humanity is restored

    • Acid_Snake says:

      and that’s TN only, imagine Davee and possibly others that keep theirs quiet. I would say there’s much more, can’t be sure though, it seems TN is the only active hacker right now, everyone else have just gone.

      • Moi says:

        And to think how those selfish *** benefit from TN’s work to bring their private exploits to life.


      • trashdinner says:

        That’s really exiting!! Hopefully, Sony won’t patch the exploit too fast. Now I just hope that TN-v4 will fix the PS1 sound.

        • Chaz Fasano says:

          The reason that there is no PS1 classic sound is because there is no hardware processor that handles the sound like in the real PSP. The PS1 sound is directly emulated in the PS Vita firmware and not in the PSP Emu.

          We need a PS1 sound plugin to get sound in PS1 games that are played in the PSP Emu on the PS Vita.

          The exploit used has NOTHING to do with getting sound to work in PS1 games.

      • Abdou005 says:

        That’s Why i respect Total Noob. he really revived the Ps vita scene with TN-V. I remember last year, i was about to sell my Ps vita until TN-A Changed my mind :b . Thanks to all of you Hackers. you revived the console 😀

      • jake says:

        I can see why you would keep them to yourself. Even if you had 5 exploits. If you keep them to yourself, you have an exploit to use on any firmware that sony won’t patch (unless someone else also discovers your exploit and then it’ll be useless in the next fw, hence why you’d still keep em to ur self if you had 5)

  2. jonny says:

    Great, thanks wololo and total_noob. The best information of the year.

  3. Softtm17 says:

    Wololo…just a question, i have the Firmware 1.81 with the kernel exploit with mad block.
    But i really need to upgrade the psvita…with this TN-V4 there will be another game with a kernel exploit? (I really enjoy to have the psp emulator inside the psvita…[My old psp slim is almost broken T_T])
    I can’t play persona 4 T_T (he want the 2.02)…so…there is any solution on my problem?
    There will be another kernel exploit? Or is just an update of the TN-V3?

  4. Yuu says:

    Great interview with TN. <3

    I already updated my Vita because i was missing out on PS+ but definitely going to jump into this if no other vita FW comes out :).

    Keep it coming with the news and interviews wololo <3

  5. k3nn says:

    if we could wait for the PS Vita 2000 for NA release, that would be much better as i’m eyeing those this holiday season. PS4 + PSV2k + TN_V 4 AWESOME! Thanks TN & all the unnamed devs out there. thanks to wololo too!

  6. capcomlegend says:

    wololo, I know im gonnma gonna get bashed for asking this retarted question, its prob right in front of me, in this very article… but is the CPS2PSP gonna have that 64mb memory to run fullspeed with games for example, marvel vs capcom 1 for this release,or is it gonna lag?

  7. MovingxTarget says:

    TN thanks so much for contributing to the scene tht way you do. Kernal exploits are getting dry and this is one of the couple remaining exploits so thanks :)

  8. drpepper says:

    good. thanks wololo and noob. i will definitely make a contribution. can you tell me how to make a contribution to total noobs works?

  9. escartin says:

    how about the progress in psx? thanks.

  10. Something x3 Lightside says:

    aah i miss Dark_Alex, his work was really great, if he was still around i bet he could hack the vita in no time

  11. deathlight says:

    Awesome! Cant wait

  12. VictorWei says:

    I am in 2.12 vhbl but I cannot find a suitable open cma for my psv to transfer the files, should I update?

    • RickyD says:

      What do you mean you can’t find a suitable Open CMA? The one found in the forums works. I’m on 2.12 Gamocracy VHBL and have no trouble transferring games from pc to vita or vita to pc or PS3 to vita or vita to PS3.

      Sounds like you didn’t install it right. You need admin rights on your computer and run the Open CMA installer with admin privileges. From there you’re set. If you want to buy and download anything from PSN do it on your PS3. Connect your vita to PC and launch CMA on vita. Pull the USB cord from pc while CMA is still running and then connect to PS3 and transfer your new games

  13. tangra87 says:

    wow :) super. I just cant wait to palay kingdom hearts bbs and ff13 type-0 on the ps vitas gorsgeous oled screen . a biiiig thanks! in advance to alll of your theme.

    • Something x3 Lightside says:

      you could wait and get Kh 2.5 Remix and play on super big screen

      • tangra87 says:

        only if they do it for the vita , becouse i dont have ps3 only vita .and it is absurd not doing it for the vita-originaly it was a psp title and they wont make a hole new game only a hd remake-nothing new and complicated just porting.

  14. Lan says:

    Any news regarding psx games working on tn-v?

  15. phil87700 says:

    Just sold my Red Vita last week. Somebody smack me down. :-(

  16. beastes6453 says:

    hi wololo i just receive a new ps vita on 2.61 do you know if some one plane to release a new game vulnerability for this version of firmware please. i know tn will release tnv4 but i have no exploit/game for now so let me know ty by the way im french sorry for bad word

  17. Creature.tha.clown says:

    “If you have a preference for PSP homebrew s and emulators, then I advise you to stay on a FW below 2.60.”… Does this mean that TNV4 does not support ALL emulators and stuff like on 2.02??

  18. Azleerico says:

    Will the TN-V4 support ps1 games with sound now?

  19. rob says:

    In my opinion psp emulator hacks on the vita are worthless. You can already do it on a psp so why do it in a more complicated way on the vita.

  20. vita84 says:

    Its not worthless because playing psp games on the vita is a way better thx to the 2 analog sticks and the oled screen

  21. G36cBossMan says:

    Damn… I’m on 2.61 does that mean I have to stay playing on my psp? It kinda stinks I mean when I found out the vita could play psp games I was so happy until I found out that you need a certain exploit that I didn’t have… I was so upset that I started looking on eBay criegist places like that to buy one that was all set and ready to go I found only 1 on eBay for like $800 I wanted it so bad I started saving for it but when I went to check on it one day it was sold and that’s when I knew I would never have it… And now that I’m on 2.61 I’m out of luck again right?

    • ssxcool says:

      So that’s it guys! A release somewhere between November and January, increased speed, even better homebrew support. And of course, all of this will be available on the latest and greatest Vita firmware (2.61 as of this writing). Oh, and TN still has 4 freaking psp kernel exploits, this is crazy!

    • hgoel0974 says:

      no, there will most likely be a release for 2.61 as well, it’s the latest available firmware 😉

  22. detergent says:

    ive played all the psp games that i want to play im sick of the psp games i want to play full psvita and it looks like no one will make a exploit to play vitae

  23. hurah says:

    Question to anyone- will this kploit work with 2.06 usermode exploit with apachi overkill? The input would be appreciated.. Sorry I’m a noob.. Thank you

  24. ivo says:

    for actuallity
    1 november to be among the saints
    11 november to be among the truce
    1 jan to be on que with last year
    happy releasing tnv-addon-vita-pspbreak-root
    oh wait its not an android :p

  25. mario says:

    siempre que hackean la vita llego tarde ): sony siempre quita los juegos rapido hay algun modo de que me entere mas rapido? y casi no entendi este nuevo modo de hackeo ya no necesita de ningun juego?

  26. Mike says:

    Wololo please tell me if the exploit will be available in the U.S. psn store? and as you do to realize in time that sony release before you remove it?

    • Killy says:

      The exploit will be available in the U.S. store, I think. And after 2 – 3 days Sony will remove the game which allow exploit to run, just like other homebrews and such.

      • Haze7 says:

        They actually target TN exploitable games with more effort. SO there is a chance that they’ll take it down earlier. They take down VHBL game for TN’s kexploit(because they can’t take the risk of a TN game released in the name of a VHBL exploit). And the TN game would probably be released on a off day at Sony.


  27. Dmaskell92 says:

    Astonishing, I can’t wait.

  28. kimst says:

    Do you work on 2,60

  29. Leires says:

    I’m worried for the day when sony forces firmware updates for games/finds a way to just shut down exploits in general :/ They’re pretty harmless (VHBL, at least), so it’s obvious that it’s a top priority at sony to stop it at all costs.

  30. NeonAera says:

    Awesome news, I’m pumped!! I just hope it is released sometime after Final Fantasy X HD for the PSVita. I don’t want to deal with update issues and not being able to play it!

  31. dash11 says:

    hello guys
    by now i have fw 2.60, so my question is, Do you recommend upgrade to fw 2.61? always thinking in the “tnv-4” versions close to coming up

  32. Raymond Chan says:

    So just to be clear because this sounds too good to be true, as long as I have the “game” from PSN when Total noob announces it. I will be able to install the kernel exploit correct? This is coming from a PS VITA 2000 owner, so I’m not sure if this exploit is only applicable to the VITA 1000. I also plan on updating to the latest firmware when it becomes available which also the time when Total Noob releases his exploit.

  33. trey says:

    [Annoying comment about PSX support]

  34. solidsnake says:

    great job guys!!! yay

  35. CNmoosky says:

    Thanks wololo~Thanks Total Noob!That’s the best information of the year!

  36. nouchi says:

    Since 1.80 I am waiting to update. Great work and very happy to use psn again for some new game! hope I will not miss ninja this time.
    Thanks TN and Wololo!

  37. Zix says:

    Just a quick question, How long does it usually take sony to patch a PSN Game exploit after its announced?

    I was thinking of finally getting a vita and giving the new TN-V a whirl, but i dont if ill be quick enough to catch the exploit before sony pulls it.

    If im not ill just have to stick to PSP and Wii hacking for now.

    • tangra87 says:

      2 ,3 days to pull it out of the store and for the patch it is diffeent every time I think. but for k exploit in my opinion they will be fast.

  38. natsu says:

    Just an idea wololo.. please advise TN not to release the exploit without a cheap and available-to-most stores game(where the game loads..)

    Thanks a lot.. i wanna play soul sacrifice and psp iso’s.. haha

  39. anonimus says:

    Hy , just want to know , what tip of game will run the next VHBL , thv4 ? a cheap one ? under 5 gbp / eu ? how can I be notified about the release date ? because I know , the day the new ps vita hack is released , sony will delete the game that runs the hack.

  40. francis says:

    ill be waiting for the release!!! hoping that i can have the dragon release! kidding! the ninja one! thanks total noob! 2 thumbs up!

  41. I hope it will be a cheap game that will run the new hack :) ” Under 5 GBP / EU … How can I be notified in time ?

  42. jake says:

    If I could say one thing to TN, it would be if you have some user mode exploits to spare, release them in December. Sony will have to put an update patch for it. Then, straight away when the new fw comes out put your cef patch out. theyd still patch it in the end but

  43. Mizu says:

    Would anyone using previous exploits be able to upgrade to TN-V using their current exploit (eg; my Uno exploit, use it to upgrade to TN-V)? The exploit only allows running of unsigned code, as far as I can tell, so any Vita that can do that already should be able to swap firmware easily, right?

    • Greysmoke says:

      No you cant just swap the firmware easily. Were still stuck in the psp emulators sandbox. If we could get a spoofer for the firmware version that would be cool to keep psn access and not have to force update.

  44. Cond says:

    i just want to play psx iso games with sound on my ps vita, i want to reminisce that moment

  45. Cvbkk says:

    Can you ask him how much money would we need for this ?

  46. daniil2411 says:

    We will wait for the hack!

  47. erik says:

    So people with firmware 2.61 are still f’ed?

  48. Dr Jones says:

    I am currently on firmware 2.60 because I wanted to play Killzone Mercenary . I have the Dart game and the User exploit working and do realise I will have less memory when TN-V4 Kernel exlploit arrives. Now can someone explain how would I with-out a PS3 avail. for a possible PSN game purchase,then transfer to Vita. Get TN’s unknown game via the Vita without updating to latest firmware to get it?

  49. jack says:

    I’m just hoping that it works with the Ps Vita 2000 on 2.61 and that the game is available in the NA PSN.. Price also does not matter when you have the ability to play an unlimited amount of iso games for FREE so people should really stop complaining about paying for an exploit that allows one to play games for free -_-…

  50. Mario says:

    hey guys update 3.00 arives here in EU
    the update has remote play and the second screen function for ps4

    only for information (sry for bad english)

  51. BigBossJC says:

    My question is now that 3.00 is out and ps4 is out in 2 weeks I want to update so the two can work together however I am currently running 2.02 uno exploit and I don’t wish to lose this. So when this exploit is released will there be another game named that we can buy and install this on 3.00? Thanks for any help given.

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