Interview: Total Noob shares more info on TNV4, release could be as soon as November


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79 Responses

  1. I hope it will be a cheap game that will run the new hack 🙂 ” Under 5 GBP / EU … How can I be notified in time ?

  2. jake

    If I could say one thing to TN, it would be if you have some user mode exploits to spare, release them in December. Sony will have to put an update patch for it. Then, straight away when the new fw comes out put your cef patch out. theyd still patch it in the end but

  3. Mizu

    Would anyone using previous exploits be able to upgrade to TN-V using their current exploit (eg; my Uno exploit, use it to upgrade to TN-V)? The exploit only allows running of unsigned code, as far as I can tell, so any Vita that can do that already should be able to swap firmware easily, right?

    • Greysmoke

      No you cant just swap the firmware easily. Were still stuck in the psp emulators sandbox. If we could get a spoofer for the firmware version that would be cool to keep psn access and not have to force update.

  4. Cond

    i just want to play psx iso games with sound on my ps vita, i want to reminisce that moment

  5. Cvbkk

    Can you ask him how much money would we need for this ?

  6. daniil2411

    We will wait for the hack!

  7. erik

    So people with firmware 2.61 are still f’ed?

  8. Dr Jones

    I am currently on firmware 2.60 because I wanted to play Killzone Mercenary . I have the Dart game and the User exploit working and do realise I will have less memory when TN-V4 Kernel exlploit arrives. Now can someone explain how would I with-out a PS3 avail. for a possible PSN game purchase,then transfer to Vita. Get TN’s unknown game via the Vita without updating to latest firmware to get it?

  9. jack

    I’m just hoping that it works with the Ps Vita 2000 on 2.61 and that the game is available in the NA PSN.. Price also does not matter when you have the ability to play an unlimited amount of iso games for FREE so people should really stop complaining about paying for an exploit that allows one to play games for free -_-…

  10. Mario

    hey guys update 3.00 arives here in EU
    the update has remote play and the second screen function for ps4

    only for information (sry for bad english)

  11. BigBossJC

    My question is now that 3.00 is out and ps4 is out in 2 weeks I want to update so the two can work together however I am currently running 2.02 uno exploit and I don’t wish to lose this. So when this exploit is released will there be another game named that we can buy and install this on 3.00? Thanks for any help given.