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Cross-play available between Nintendo & Sony consoles

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  1. shadyblue9o9 says:

    I think that would be awesome! maybe we could get some Digimon, and some Mario world and super smash bros on Sony platforms! Then Microsoft would be sc*** >:D! i dont think pokemon would come to ps vita though… that is to big of a game for Nintendo to lose…Although i can think of a Nintendo 64 like interface that would work πŸ™‚

    • The Kick says:

      You seem a bit overexcited. Maybe you read the cocaine ridden version of the article. I mean, damn. Your comment is a *** sandwhich with all the toppings. Even a tinge of fanboy made it into that *** comment.

      • Take it easy on him, lol.

      • aerinas says:

        *** is wrong with you? The guy is just excited to see this awesome new feature. You have absolutely no reason to say those things, other than to try to be the world’s biggest ***.

      • SuzieJoeBob says:

        Lol. I understand that there is hope, but like you said, shadyblue9o9 is just being an idiot. He REALLY thinks that Nintendo would let another company use their flagship character? That’s like Microsoft allowing Forza Motorsport on Nintendo and Sony consoles, or Gran Turismo being available on a Wii U or XBOX ONE.

        • TelgarDrakore says:

          I have to agree as much as TheKick was a *** in how he put shadyblue9o9 down hes right, Shadyblue9o9 completly threw this whole article out of context and stupidly thought this might mean nintendo will let some of its flagship games venture outside nintendo, which is never happening. The ONLY thing this means is that we might possibly see more cross play games universal among all consoles like battlefield or call of duty or other cross platform games.

          • gunblade says:

            what about nintendo old games like from nintedo and super nintedo i mean nintendo have like old nintedo download but if they wear to remake there old games and let outher game companies port them wouldent nintedo also make money…

      • xkwynx says:

        i smell a troll among us…
        the feature is amazing and fanboy wants and needs aside, it would be incredibly useful for example anyone that plays minecraft pocket edition can play with people on android or IOS which has proven incredibly useful

        did you wake up and eat a big cup of instant carnation *** this morning?

        i mean…it’s 2013…surely you’ve got better things to do than attack someone for having an opinion on the article..instead you dont even comment on the article at all…just his comment…you’re a sad sad little man..

  2. GuitaristMatt says:

    It’s about time

  3. beastyx says:

    cross play with a new soul calibur would be amazing because they could do exclusive characters so when your playing against certain people with cross play you would know automaticly oh this person has the game on a 3ds or maybe ps3

  4. tangra87 says:

    this is cool imagen Mortal kombat9 or injustice with cross play with all sistems (wiu ps3 xbox ps4 ps vita windows….. πŸ™‚ will be awaysome – endless turmanents no waiting time too find a riivals πŸ™‚ or dialo πŸ™‚

  5. Josuke says:

    It’s a neat concept, I like the idea and hope that it can continue, at least allow some form of interaction, be it cross-play or even cross-platform leader boards.

    And to everyone in the comments, Nintendo are never going to bring their first and second party IPs to other platforms (that isn’t even what this article is about) unless they go the way of Sega and get out of the hardware business. It’s just idiotic to think otherwise.

  6. Maybe now users PS3 and PS Vita have chance to get Monster Hunter 3rd Ultimate on that πŸ˜‰

  7. Crossplay as in…

    Let Call of Duty players on PS4 play with Players on Xbone Type of crossplay.. (Server Merging)

    Or like…
    Streaming to other consoles crossplay.

  8. capcomlegend says:

    they couldnt have thought of that concept with sony and microsoft for all of the call of duty modern warfares from the get go???way past the point of being late …

  9. Lord says:

    This will never happen, until Sony buy Nintendo company and port pikmin, resident evil emake bayonetta 2 and all real horror survival games to PS4 then Sony will get massive sale PS4 and PS Vita all the time, people also stop buy Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
    So this is completely kill Microsoft I don’t think this will happen.

  10. BahamutBBob says:

    I know it’s unlikely to happen any time soon, but I think it would be great if I could buy whatever console I want, and still be able to play most games with my friends.

    I’m OK with Nintendo allowing this. Did Sony allow it, as well?

  11. The Kick says:

    Imagine cross platform mmo free-roam games on the new platforms. Of course, they seem to be getting pretty nasty with each other, as the console’s niche is being ever imposed upon by PC literacy.

  12. While we’re at it, some 3rd party work on putting all the systems in to one device and give it a wacky name like “NERDGASEM Entertainment System, Only on the NerdGasem can you play all the games from Nintendo up to PS3,360,Wii” Price tag should be like.. 150 bucks. Also the system should be able to play MAME games too XD. So while Cross-Play is cool, a 3rd Party could just skip all the BS and make this new awesome system but too bad it never happen due to copyright BS.

  13. NNNRT says:

    Unite against Microsoft! Entente powers!!! 😈

    jk πŸ˜†

  14. sathriel says:

    This is a neat feature as multiplayer is getting more and more central element of many games (it’s totally different matter if it’s good) so increasing the potential player pool for a given game is always good.

    The exclusivity shtick is nothing specific to Nintendo. Microsoft and Sony have their fair share of keeping brilliant games away from other consoles. Let’s hope it’s a step to break this routine but knowing Nintendo… I wouldn’t hold my breat waiting for that.

  15. shadyblue9o9 says:

    I obviously misunderstood the post… but its good to know I was able to make someones life seem less miserable by saying what I did… so in their own sick/twisted way they could try to put me down for their own satisfaction. They didnt prove how dumb I was, just how much of a *** they can be. But who knows, he could have been abused or bullied as a child… so this is his way of lashing out. Behind the screen of a computer where no one can harm him. I dont blame you though! I did that once in my lifetime, when I was immature. So, you have a nice life! And dont be mad, look forward to the day thay you may finnaly be accepted into society and become mature. Oh, and in case you didnt notice… the fanboy part of my comment was sarcastic. I love windows 7…

  16. Devin Smith says:

    Sony and Nintendo finally cooperating again…Good for them.

  17. nouchi says:

    Amazing news! why do not dream on Monster Hunter 4 crosplay.
    That could be the rebirth of PSV with a great license.

  18. stOneskull says:

    it would be good to have a larger pool of online players.. especially when playing on vita..

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