The day Sony gave free lifetime Playstation+ membership to thousands of users… by mistake


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114 Responses

  1. lolno says:

    lol no, it’s not even a piracy, let alone hacking.

    • stOneskull says:

      i think sony should allow one free year to be kept those who found the glitch and take off the rest of their free years.. i think that would be a nice gesture.

  2. Obito says:

    Brazilians would have loved a ninja release of this.

    • wololo says:

      I thought about it, but assumed that as soon as more than 10 people knew about this, it would have leaked.

      That would have set a bad precedent between me and the person who contacted me (I would have ruined his group’s discovery) and wouldn’t have benefited that many people.

      Turns out I was right about the “make it public will mean an automatic fix from Sony” part, I think the issue was fixed within 48h.

  3. Haze7 says:

    Did your membership go away yet?

  4. wololo says:

    People have reported the issue to Sony before I even knew about the problem, and Sony’s answer was “contact the Brazilian Customer Service to report this”. What did you want me to do? Learn Portuguese overnight and spend a fortune on international communication, just to help a billion-dollar company fix their mess?

    I know your kind. Come back the day there isn’t a single pirated movie or MP3 on your hard drive, before you pretend to be a paladin. I probably buy more games than you do, so keep your insults to yourself.

    • someone says:

      i think he’s talking about this whole site..

      as for this specific post… this is more of a news than an exploitation or piracy… if only he read the disclaimer…

      • gunblade says:

        well took me a while to get online so i kinduf missed it but its okay.. funnyer *** was wat was up with the iphone and the blue screen nowing i would have then had it start making call that would have made outher call..

    • Piroca says:

      Im portuguese btw….and im *** because u know This in time and didn’t post it….

    • gunblade says:

      so like the reason i got and r4 for my ds was so i wouldent have to change my game card every time i wanted to play a different game but i get the actual games like pokemon x i jus got that jus to be like i bought the game and got like a book on how to play the game.. but wont pirating the xbox one and playstation games be shity since the games would be like blueray (25GB)but would it be shity if like part of the games on the disk and the rest of the games like streamed from the sony cloud or microsoft xboxlive making one able to copy the game but if its not register to the acount then wont realy work…

  5. says:

    I’m very disappointed at you. You should publish it as soon as you confirmed it worked. I’m unsubscribing your RSS now. Very, very disappointed, you selfish jerk.

    • says:

      Trying to save your own a$$ and play saint. Makes me sick.

      • wololo says:

        lol, goodbye, and good riddance.
        If I had shared this information publicly 2 days ago, it would have:

        – only benefited piracy: the only benefit of cheating the PS+ subscription is to get free stuff that you would normally have to pay for. This is completely against the ethics of this site (we hack solely to unlock the device itself, not to pirate commercial games)

        – broken the trust put into me by the group of people who contacted me about this in the first place. I assume these people were using the trick for their own benefit, and revealing it publicly would have ruined their fun, and my reputation as a person who can be trusted with sensitive secrets.

        – It would have immediately attracted the attention of Sony, who would have fixed the issue even faster. Only a handful of people would have known about the issue in time to do something about it, had I made the information public

        Finally, keep in mind that the whole thing happened in the course of 48h, during which I also had to lead my real life.

        • Anonster says:

          I wanted to let you know, in case you read my comment, that I agree with the way you handled the situation. Not all of your readers as selfish retards like that fool you responded to. You didn’t even need to explain your actions, but all three points you made are solidly grounded in logic. It was the right thing to do. If anyone had the right to take advantage of this kind of offer it was the Brazilians. For NA and Europe, PS+ is already a very good value for the price.

        • Goku says:

          Who are you say that people would have done piracy and people should not cheat Sony for PS+ when you your self got free PS+ subscription so instead of telling others what to do you your self should follow the rules your self.

          I’m not against you or anything but this is an hacking site so people do need to know about stuff like this. Doing piracy is their own problem, you didn’t force them to do piracy.

          Lastly it still did got removed from PSN so what was the point of hiding it anyway then?

          • wololo says:

            I created the account to verify that the glitch was true, and in order to write this article. I do not plan to actually use the account. but you’ll have to take my word for it.

            About it being removed, it’s always easier in hindsight to say “you should have done this, you have done that”. The truth is, as I told the group of people who contacted me, “if too many people know about this, it will leak and you will lose the benefit for yourselves”.

        • Playstation fan says:

          So wololo you are against piracy but you did it for your self.Dont you think that you are hypocrite?Thank you and goodbye!

          • Aneudi2012 says:

            People are talking S#@# about wololo but if they knew ps+ was free, they would do the same thing. People are just *** they didn’t get free lifetime PS+

            These noobz keep saying piracy is bad, but they are always the one asking for a kexploit everyday on this blog’s comments, and crying out “Will this play psp iso?!?” & “Hurry up and release the exploit!!!”

            Finally, this was a glitch and Sony’s fault for the billionth time, not promoting piracy. I bet this glitch lasted for a short time and wololo is not a 24/7 news reporter.

          • wololo says:

            @Playstation fan: I am not personally against piracy. As I said many, many times, I think piracy is a matter of personal judgment, responsibility, and a problem with your own conscience.

            This site, however, for various reasons including legal ones, does not promote piracy.

            I hope this clarifies.

        • doodley says:

          Hey, how about you keep the info about all future exploits to “prevent piracy”?

          Selfish ***

          • wololo says:

            Bwaaaaaaaaa, mommy, wololo is not sharing his toys with us, bwaaaaaaaa… I would have been selfish if it had been my secret to share. It was not, so that’s it, end of story.
            About the selfish part, lets compare what both of us have shared with the scene over the past 7 years, shall we?

        • agent058 says:

          poor wolo, getting harassed over something that was bound to be fixed within a weeks time

          also this is a intresting article, you’d think sony wouldnt do such a thing especially when they try hard to prevent normal people from hacking their devices like the vita, XD

          LONG LIVE THE PSP3000! ( i dont like the go)^^

        • ripley says:

          The most amazing possible thing that happened to the all VITA scene since the launch, yet the *** decides to keep it secret.

          What a *** you are wololo

          • wololo says:

            My site can’t be trusted as “the” Vita scene site if I go around giving away secrets that are not mine to share, just so that 10 of my readers can get to the glitch in time before Sony patches it. That would have been the stupidest move ever.

            If you set your frustration aside for one moment, you’ll understand that I made the right move. If I had shared this secret, a handful of people would have had the ps+ account, Sony would have reacted even faster than they did, some people would have blamed me because they weren’t around when the information was shared, the people who gave me the information would have never contacted me again about any other glitch they find, leaving us and the rest of the community with no hope to get any more information in the future; and finally, other people would have blamed me for openly promoting piracy.

            All of that, for 10 guys like you to get free games? Thanks, but no thanks.

        • gunblade says:

          crazy yet psn was free for basic subscription.. jus to be weird but aaah man i wish with all the hard work that must have gone into the work talked about in this post that its a lil bummers that i did not get to benefit from the useful ness of the information on the post but its alright…so think i say something about a wiki leaks movie thought that be good..

        • MercilessMazer says:

          WELL SAID!!!

    • Behalf of Wololo, “goodbye, and good riddance.”

  6. itsugawakun says:

    what a bunch of gigantic *** these people are. stop complaining about wololo being able to get the benefits of sony’s mistake. what benefit is it to you to insult wololo. seriously guys grow up. Boo hoo you didn’t get it and can’t get it. Tough luck. some people need on the internet needs to grow some *** and stop being such a sorry *** lame troll.

  7. JeoWay says:

    Since I hear you are getting the PS4, you only need one account on the PS4 with PS Plus for multiplayer. So guess what? If you keep the subscription, BAM! The entire 8th generation multiplayer for you is completely free!

    Have fun! ***

    • Jd8531 says:

      Problem is that it has to be the main registered account on the PS4, so as to what restrictions that brings is yet to be seen.

      • JeoWay says:

        I thought they said as long as any account was on the PS4 with PS Plus, the multiplayer would work no problem?

        Wow, more information I missed than I thought I did :p

        • gunblade says:

          but would be shity if next gen be region encoding wanted to be more my teams from asia japan australia france and korea.. weird do i would think with the documentary i did watch that i would have had a russian business trip by now..

  8. majorhacks says:

    Bando de gringos burros

  9. majorhacks says:

    Esse sony é uma mercenaria sempre tive todos produtos da sony e agora e veme quer vender ps4 por 4000 reais aproximadamente 1900 dolares, sendo que o xbox one que é mais caro for esta aproximadamente 2200 reais.Wololo valeu nós brasileiros estamos com você.

  10. Kenny says:

    Does Sony plan to revoke all these “purchased” memberships or just leave it as is? All of Brazil + a small minority of the world just gained access to PS Plus for the rest of the lives. LOL.

    • Kenny says:

      It seems that there are a few ‘mad’ people. Pls, its already over. Just let it go and move on with your life. Only complaining about the fact that this was posted AFTER this was fixed. tsk tsk. Im pretty sure NOT having ‘unlimited’ PS Plus subscription wont kill you.

    • Jd8531 says:

      There is a great possibility of them removing everything but one year of the free Playstation Plus. There could also be a possibility of being banned.

  11. kenny2858 says:

    Better call saul!

  12. Sebastian says:

    So you are telling me that this is unavailable and that I’ve lost an opportunity of getting free PS+??? Now I’m sad…

    • wololo says:

      You’d rather see the bigger meaning of this article: hacking the device is not the only way pirates can get their way anymore. Not sure if that makes you sad or happy, but it is quite interesting to think about that.

      This is the beauty of this thing: dozens of very clever hackers have tried to exploit the Vita, or break its encryption, for 2 years now. And yesterday, thousands of non technically skilled users were able to just run games they were not supposed to, simply by clicking on a button. I don’t know which one yet, but I feel there’s definitely some kind of lesson here.

      • hene193 says:

        Do you mean that someone got their code running on native ps vita?

      • 110706 says:

        Yea it’s been 2 years now and with Xbone and PS4 coming up next, id be surprised if hackers will give two *** about PS Vita anymore.

        • sathriel says:

          Yeah, as if they will give a *** about Xbone and PS4. As wololo mentioned many times: hacking a new generation consoles is too complicated and too legally dangerous for enthusiastic loner hackers of yore.

          And actually there is a bigger likelihood of kexploits running isos and whatnot at the end of the consoles lifespan.

  13. theinfuser599 says:

    can somebody make me a account and do this for me

  14. clorbag says:

    thanks wololo for a great site and interesting articles, your site has helped me vindicate my vita and now i get to play link to the past and cave story etc, you’re my hero (literally) dunno why so many people come to this sight an complain because at the end of the day you are the one trying to inform them.

    • agent058 says:

      haters be hating 😀

      though if i ever wanna run psp isos, well thats wat my psp is for XD plus it has tv out which vita no have D:

  15. DoubleT says:

    wololo, the flaw was initially found by a brazillian anonymous 4chan user. started with 5-10 people on the thread. i believe it was 10/23/13.
    then one of the people from the thread posted the abuse on facebook vita user’s group, then someone posted on official forums.
    i believe thats how it flawed.

    • DoubleT says:

      forgot, particularly /v/ board. then starting from the report on the official forums, someone posted on wololo forums.

      • DoubleT says:

        no one really cares for this sort of things, so just for the sake of journalism, above was the real flow.
        also, only 5-10 people got the exploit from the start of the flow, hence no other major article found on any other site

  16. kira says:

    Can we use us psn card to brazil psn??

  17. Peter says:

    Enjoy your digital library!!

  18. totsk1 says:

    Well at least you should inform us that Brazilian PSN is offering a free 1 year subscription. However, i admire your trustworthiness

  19. nik138 says:

    I think Sony will figure a way to void these subscriptions .

    Nice post Wololo .

    Your doing a great job at keeping us informed about the latest vita news.


  20. edukarlo says:

    i think i found an exploit for vita.. the best part of it is, it is a free app on the EU store.. seen it crash several times on same scenario (the send error report appears).. ill be PM’ing an wololo and/or /talk admins to confirm it..

  21. Gfour84 says:

    Hello, i created an brazil account to activate 7 years ps+, but in the ps store the membership isn´t for free! how can i get it for free or do i have to purchase it normally for the first time?

    • wololo says:

      Read the article again, the issue was patched by Sony yesterday, I mention it throughout the article.

      • 2e2e2e says:

        wololo, the flaw was initially found by a brazillian anonymous 4chan user. started with 5-10 people on the thread. i believe it was 10/23/13.
        then one of the people from the thread posted the abuse on facebook vita user’s group, then someone posted on official forums.
        i believe thats how it flawed.


        DoubleT’s avatar

        DoubleT on October 27, 2013 at 7:59 am

        forgot, particularly /v/ board. then starting from the report on the official forums, someone posted on wololo forums.

        DoubleT’s avatar

        DoubleT on October 27, 2013 at 8:24 am

        no one really cares for this sort of things, so just for the sake of journalism, above was the real flow.
        also, only 5-10 people got the exploit from the start of the flow, hence no other major article found on any other site

  22. vadz says:

    can we barrow your account just to play the free game.?

  23. Antichrist84 says:

    LOL @ the sad spoilt twats insulting wololo just because they didn’t get any free games.

  24. Playstation fan says:

    On Japanese psn store you have 15 days free ps+, you don’t have to register your credit card.So in joy.lots of free coll games.

  25. Playstation fan says:

    On Japanese psn you have 15 days free ps+, you don’t have to register your credit card.Lots of free cool games!In joy!

  26. Playstation fan says:

    How to create Japanese psn acount

  27. Raizuke says:

    i must say that im a fan of the works from this site, but regarding this incident, i can say that wololo is not a 100 percent transparent to its members..

    i think all the members who signed up in wololo have a psp, even if its psp 1k or 3k, cause we are all gamers thats why were all here, as for myself, I personally dont like to have a psp emulator inside my vita, cause its just wasting my memory and all it can do is to play games i already can with just my psp 1k..

    mostly, the vita owners want to play games that can only be played on the vita,ofcourse,cause its better.. you can have the chance to let them, and turned them down..

    • sathriel says:

      Transparent, I think this words does not mean what you think it means. He explained the stituation hence his behaviour is transparent.

      You are probably wrong about every user here has a PSP and you are surely wrong about people not wanting to have the ability of playing PSP games on their VITA.

      • gunblade says:

        right i mean i like the fact that i can play psp games on the vita but also like being able to play psp on a smartphone wish i could use a smart fon as an extra vita screen so i could play pokemon ds games but would think that would be hard to transfers pokemon from a ds to the vita since i tried like a gameboy emu and wasent able to trade pokemon…

  28. lola says:

    What an *** for publishing it late, thats it never coming back to this stupid website again.

    • Or you can make another account with a different name and come back to this site and see the latest news/updates again. Words are just words, and Wololo don’t give 2 flying ducks anyways.

  29. Vitality says:

    This is probably the best mistake Sony ever made.
    If only I could do the same to my US and Asia accounts, that would be perfectly great. I would totally “buy” the PS Plus subscription until it reaches infinity. 😛

  30. mlc says:

    It’s shocking how many trolls there are on this site. I don’t know if it’s evidence of how much people suck, people who have previously been banned who just want to bug wololo with multiple accounts, or Sony getting people to bother wololo.

    As for myself: Even though I don’t have an updated Vita and therefore couldn’t have used this trick, it’s completely understandable that you wouldn’t publicize this if the person who told you asked you to keep it secret. Also, unlike VHBL/eCFW, the benefit of this is likely very temporary. (Sony will probably just remove all $0 purchases of PS Plus, rather than lose hundreds of dollars per user, and could possibly even ban some accounts)

    It’s also quite funny that they made this enormous error, since you’d expect that they’d have someone actually look through the changes in the Brazilian store or new PS Plus offers to check that everything was correct.

  31. Antony 666 says:

    I am Brazilian and when did this “bug”, find the chance that when pressed more than once to “buy”, provided additional renovations signature. Even knowing that sony would remove the signature, my signature did become available until 2040. LOL

    • Antony 666 says:

      And I only do. Especially because I have my signature in the USA plus and do not intend to use the Brazilian, because I account for at least two years and do not want to lose my trophies or my games. Since I made the account did not connect or download anything on it, but also just received the email confirming the purchase of plus, nothing canceling them.

  32. GuitaristMatt says:

    I could see Sony saying, “Hey we had an error. You have all been refunded for any purchases that mention playstation plus. Please try again.”

    Microsoft did this before, but it was a free month of Xbox Live Gold, and it only worked for the one month. They said, “We are sorry for a mistake we made where you were not billed last month. This month you will be billed twice.”

  33. Most of us missed this opportunity, but few of us, including I, did not missed this opportunity and was able to grab it on time. If you snooze, you lose. There’s nothing else we can do about it that can give everyone this opportunity again…Unless you can find someone who would SHARE accounts, but that’s a 50/50 chance.

  34. kingslime says:

    plus is free now in the Japanese account

  35. kimst says:

    Are you still working

  36. RickfromTHEWALKINGDEAD says:

    I got a solution for you wololo to show your
    not about what your supporters are complaining about.
    Hold a giveaway of the account you made that way
    Everyone will know your not even sweating the ideas
    Of what so many are upset with you about with you.

    Remember support all the people that visit and subscribe to your site because honestly without them
    You would have never got the recognition you have today.

    • wololo says:

      This is a good idea. Currently the account is associated to some of my personal information though, I would need to change that. I would also like to hold on the account for a while to see if Sony take any action. But I will consider this.

      • Still can’t believe you would do such thing, but its a good thing that I’m not involved in this, since I already have done this trick. But again, its all up to you Wolo.

        • Shay. Repeatedly stating that you are disappointed.
          Makes you one of those annoying people.

          I’m sorry that my first post here is to tell you to stop trying to rub it in this guys face that he didn’t share this mishap glitch.

          Get the *** over it people.
          If you are too broke to pay for ps+ you don’t deserve it.(Because obviously you aren’t working hard enough.)

          I have found tons of useful information on this site.

          – B.o.E

      • wololo says:

        So, I’m gonna sound like a *** now, but after checking, it is against the Sony T&C to transfer ownership of an account to someone else, so I won’t do thatv (especially since it is linked to some personal information of mine). I’ll figure out some other type of contest to get someone to win something cool (thinking of several years of PS+ subscription… either one guy wins several years, or I’m having several guys to win…)

  37. PlaGeRaN says:

    lucky bugger! 99 us dollars is nearly 1000 south african rand! can’t afford that lol!

  38. Vikta says:

    After scan-reading the comments all I’m seeing is.

    “Wah. Wololo didn’t share an exploit his friends shared with him in secret.”

    Really? That’s about it. Wololo has worked hard to raise his standing and respect in the community, if half you kids put the same amount of effort into ‘the scene’ (I hate that expression) that Wololo did then you’d in all likely-hood make contact with the same peeps and find yourself getting the pre-announcement info he gives you.

    But hey, by all means complain that you want something for nothing…

  39. gunblade says:

    yea weird with all the youtube videos about getting free psn cash that there be a real way to get free psn plus for a year

  40. gunblade says:

    yea would be weird if sumone paid for like 2 years psn plus but then got a canceled account for like ten free years psn plus.. atleast was like 30 dallers in the us fo like a year of psn plus… but how much is a ps4 in brazil..

  41. gunblade says:

    so if i was to have gotten the one year free psn plus membership then paid for it would then the automatic renew thing look like i paid it… for the free year of psn or will it be charge…

  42. gunblade says:

    i wana use the nividia shield like a vita for the xbox one so i wana get an xbox one or is microsoft gonna get their own portable game console..

  43. Sk8erboi_swag15 says:

    I don’t see why you guys are complaining about not getting free ps+ I mean I paid 200 US dollars for my playsation new at gamestop I bought it for gaming and movies and nothing more then that I got away from Xbox because I was paying 60 dollars a year for live I gave up a black ops 2 5th prestige account for a ps3 and got a 2nd prestige account on my playstation but my point here is if I wanted to p2p(pay to play) I would have stayed on Xbox so hop off his back because he told you guys late because he was asked not to tell be lucky he told you at all he don’t need it the biggest reason playstation is popular is because gaming is free if you want to pay play quit bit*hing and get a Xbox and buy live damn

    • drd7of14 says:

      Playstation Plus is required for Online for PS4, just one master account per system, and everyone else can use it. PSV and PS3 are still free.

  44. This excellent website certainly has all the info I wanted concerning this subject
    and didn’t know who to ask.

  1. February 23, 2014

    […] know, last year the was an exploit on the Brazilian PlayStation Store that allowed users to repeatedly purchase a PS Plus subscription without paying a dime. This has apparently happened again on another store now. The US PSN Store, where a PS4 owner was […]

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