Playstation 4 Firmware Update 1.50 announced for 15th Nov.

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  1. gameus

    Woo! Can’t wait. Good thing I have two Vitas. 🙂 I’ll keep one on 2.12 and the other on the latest firmware. I’ll put the new exploit on both systems until there’s a new update.

  2. Larry

    Will the 2.50+ version be able to run Psp ISOs, or does it only work with enhanced RAM?

  3. marcao222

    I can not wait to get kkkk

  4. MovingxTarget

    This is awesome.Its been a while since i been on lol.

    So what exactly is the point of this ram? I still have my apache exploit and idk because i kinda want ps4 compatibility.

    So whats you guys opinion? More ram or no?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  5. Adham Elbaz

    It will be able to run Psp ISOs, as he explained in the article the extra ram is only for running some homebrew apps that need more ram.

  6. MovingxTarget

    Any examples? I like homebrew but its not that important to me

    • gunblade

      um homebrew that let u use the vita bluetooth to send and receive videos and pictures from smart phones.. homebrew that let me stream live video from my vita.. playing pokemon black for gameboy advance..

  7. BahamutBBob

    What I want to know is, if this is a day 1 patch, and NA is getting the PS4 first, why is it 1.50? Why not 1.10 or 1.01?

    Son shall never cease to confuse is, I suppose.

  8. Niceneasy92

    So does Daedalus take advantage of the extra ram? Always wanted to know if it does.

  9. Chuckthetekkie

    I read that in order to play Blu-Ray movies and DVDs you have to connect the PS4 to PSN to get the device activated. Is this true? I though Sony said that you didn’t need an internet connection to use the PS4.

    I think that Sony should include this update on a disc that is included with the PS4 or available in the stores for people who don’t have broadband internet.

  10. CNmoosky

    That’s great!I want time to pass quickly~Thanks for your news bro~

  11. Lai

    🙁 i hope the extra ram isn’t a big bother for people updating to the latest one since i can’t update to the specific version i wanted and get a game through using a ps3 since i dont have a ps3.. damn.. :/

    i hope before they release the kexploit.. they will state which homebrews or games affected by having no extra ram.. 🙁 huhu

  12. Tom

    If I have a urbanix kernel exploit. Is it worth it to update that one? I have another on the latest fw


  13. RJGO

    Can I ask if the exploited game is available in Asia?

  14. meanmachine781

    So this will not work with Vita firmware 2.61? 🙁

  15. tangra87

    yes it will work perfectly, but you will have less acces to the Ram memory for some programs , games ext. like the psp 1000 and psp 3000 diferense in Ram(mostlikely).

  16. Leaf

    $10 is enough to put in my wallet or better 20? anyone?

  17. tangra87

    normaly its a mini wich are like 2.5-5euro but it can be psp game as well like 7-15 but most likely will be mini game (in my opinion) so yes 10-20 is wath I think you will need .

  18. VictorWei

    So TN is coming? LOL

    • agent058

      based on wolos on thoughts on tns exploit for vita firmwares 2+, probabbaally not

      o well just go grab a ps go or psp 3000, i hate how the vita upscales the games which makes it look like ***

      Id rather tv out my psp vs watch it on my vita >.<

  19. Dmaskell92

    Wow, so excited. Wish I could freeze myself until it releases (Like Cartman did on South Park). Just kidding haha, but I am still excited.

  20. It’s a good thing they are taking in money for Multiplayer now. Because it will cut down on server overpopulation (which was a huge issue for ps3) Plus, it helps pay for those free *** games all you people get for subscribing.
    I mean. Wolo… The more money Sony have right now to do improvements to the highest standard with. The better.
    I personally don’t want my vita to be able to be hacked until we at least have a year or two of the PS4 to set a new standard, Plus those game companies with Ps3 titles midway through the process.. May just decide to try to force port over to Vita in hopes of still making money on it knowing that people are going to stop buying PS3 Titles and Start buying PS4/Vita Titles.

    Basically.. I think Sony is making powerful moves and will run this next gen War.
    But we at least need some good games to Vita before anyone EVER decides to release a True CFW exploit.

    I’d hate to have all Dev support drop when the Ps4 is about to make full use of the Vita.

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