Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate gameplay a 10 minute video walktrough

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22 Responses

  1. tangra87 says:

    i saw it too thiis morning and now it is not on the store and it had only 2pics for the game wich was weard.( I live in spain)

  2. flirst says:

    F I R S T

  3. italkgame says:

    Stop liking and tweeting and google plussing this

  4. LaFlex says:

    Totally played this game on a Vita Devkit (HDMI OUT :P) a few weeks ago, while it is fun, this didn’t feel like a true ‘metroidvania.” It’s very linear

  5. noobrstxk says:


  6. ivo says:

    what about another walkthrough
    one about qcma and missing dependencies on older versions?
    one about the new wifi possibilities?
    and maybe add a tvtuner-qcma fork ?

    or ther other walkthroughs i miss ?

    thanks to wololo xD

  7. ivo says:

    Vjoy howto faq walkthrough (psm psp en listener on linux ?

  8. TORbrowser says:

    i got the feeling this is a psp game exported to the vita.
    This game will stay in the dark i guess…

  9. makak1984 says:

    For me it ks good game, but strategy is bit hard. Good for vita that good tittles is released for that little forgeted console. I wonder IF EA release some boxing game for vita Mike FNR series. The gfx ks Vetter than PSP 2 analogs so why not? Have nice day guys.

  10. Schwff says:

    Do you know what Batman said to Robin right before they jumped into the Batmobil?

    Come on Robin lets jump into the Batmobil!

  11. tangra87 says:

    its not that bad ….but they coud do it better…. its a cuadcore portable sistem and can hold pefectly the 3d or the hole console game with minor differense in grafics.(look at uncharted,ninja gaiden …… so they can if they wont it?!) i think theat they did this becose its portable and to not have differece with the other potlable version -3ds. well, i repeaat it they could of do it better for the vita and finaly have some realy wrthit console expiriance game.

  12. Astro Gmr says:

    Garbage. Spider-man for PSP is way better than this.

  13. BATMAN says:

    Finally, it’s about time they let my people from Gotham City play my GAME. ENJOY!

  14. David says:

    This game looks horrible.. seriously.

  15. Klowned says:

    Always fun game ps3 why make s€it on vita
    Is it a video game? Look like batman forever on snes
    Waste of money and time better play arkham origin on remote screen

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