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Can the upcoming PS Vita exclusive OlliOlli become the next indie hit?

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  1. hgoel0974

    I don’t see what would make it a hit, it’s just another arcade game, sort of like a slightly toned up version of Canabalt or something very similar to Apache Overkill

  2. himura

    i want skate3 vita version 🙁

  3. nonamehere

    Lol ***.
    There’s tons of *** like that on vita, android and shitOS 7

    Possible hit? Yep hit the floor.

    GOD of WAR would be a hit, not this 1$ game

    • antitroll

      let’s agree to disagree,but there is a difference between a) a hit and a financial success
      b)Yes everything besides God of War is a failure. Glad you do not run Sony because then the Vita would get one game.
      c) Hotline Miami & Guacemelee where hits, try them if you have enough of COD Blackops Declassified

      • Manuel N

        Is HotLine Miami a hit?
        -I don’t think so, it’s 100x better old 2D GTAs
        (and includes the one from the GBA)

        Is Guacamelee a hit?
        -Nope, i’ve enjoyed it too much, and it’s fun as
        a indie development, but the answer still nope
        why? beacuse we are waiting blockbusters since 2012

        Maybe most of us haven’t sold our Vitas by now,
        but… if Sony doesn’t treat us as we deserve
        (pushing 3rds to develop hardcore 3D games)
        we will have to sell this *** to buy a PS4
        until the next big gaming handheld is created

        • titegtnodI

          In regards to Hotline Miami…

          130,000 copies sold in 7 weeks is usually considered a hit. Over 300,000 by mid-February 2013.

          If I meet somebody for the first time and ask them about Hotline Miami, they usually know what it is and have an opinion on it. Hotline Miami is a hit.

  4. antiantitroll

    You can profit even with free to play games
    Never heard of declassified, possibly because it’s some sort of ***?

    who would buy a vita for this “hit”? -Nobody will
    Who would by a vita for new god of war, new locoroco, new tekken, new patapon, new killzone or new armored core?

    I think you get the point here.

    • antitroll

      i think you don’t get the point. Like I Said, Hotline Miami is a great example of a small arcade like HIT game. 3rd party publishers are not out to sell systems

      watch out the sun is almost up, don’t turn into stone

  5. Epicsnail

    This was the game I’ve been waiting for to bad I sold my vita

  6. antiantitroll

    You probably not aware of timezones don’t you?

    Games like hotline Miami are just an addition to the game library.
    They are not hits. they just exist for quick profit nothing more.

    • antitroll

      So Hotline Miami exists to be an addition to “the game library"
      I think the developer wanted to make Hotline Miami and so they did. They managed to make profit because the game was a hit.
      Compare their profit to the lasts installment of Armored Core

  7. antiantitroll

    Haha, you’re funny. There’s thousands of casual games and guess what this one is just another one.

    Where these games are used? In restrooms or during launch break and that’s it. It’s so simple.

    It’s not a hit, it’s just another “coming by” casual restroom/launch break game.

    I don’t mind if these kind of game exist and are good for some category of people (not even gamers lol)

    I think this kind of games belong to phones, tablets and pads not for gaming consoles

    Sony treats vita users so poor. They’re recycling so much content from other platforms and give it to you like it’s new. But it is not. look at the ps store vita game library.
    700+ games OW WOW!
    Lets look a bit closer. How much of them are recycled PSP titles? More than a half. Lets filter minis,and potential “hits” like the game above. -200 games. So there’s like 100+ native vita projects. 100+ games that vita was designed for. Lets investigate a bit more.
    From these 100+ games How many are actual hits?

    Like uncharted and killzone? Probably about 20

    So calling calling the game above a “hit” is so cheap.
    As long as people will think like you you will get only crumbs of real hits.

    • Arthanis

      You sir are absolutely right. The lack of “true” Vita games is what keeps us sticking to old firmwares just to run some (awesome) retro games and games we already own on the PSP rather than updating and keep playing (and buying) new and fresh games.

      And it’s just my opinion, but I think that this kind of game (shallow gameplay which the goal is to get a high score) is what is ruinning the videogame industry to the ones that grew up with it and made it what it is today.

      C’mon, I played deeper games when I was 7, at my Sega Master System. To me, these empty games aren’t worth even my toilet time. I would rather play an RPG for 15 minutes and then suspend. At least 500 toilet sits later I will have finished a good game with good story and awesome gameplay, rather than just have pressed buttons to get a high score.

      Seriously, SCORE? What are we? At the 70s at an arcade? Sorry for the rant, but I had to get it out of my chest.

  8. TelgarDrakore

    This game will probably become a hit simply because there are a lot of people that want *** simple games with no substance that pass the time away.

  9. exorcell

    The vita is not needed for such games
    It’s more like smartphone territory.

  10. Datguy

    I’m so sick of all this 2-d pixely *** for the PS Vita, the PSP was never like this, and I didn’t buy a PSV to play *** that resembles a mobile app :/

    Don’t think It’ll be a hit imo, I’d rather play this kind of game on my comp with flash.

  11. Warlock

    I believe indie games and “exclusive content” doesn’t really mix well. Come a few weeks and rip off of the came would prolly flood the google store. :p
    What I believe an exclusive content for the PSV is a game that would utilize the PSV’s unique features. Wii anyone? ***

    PS: But maybe I just think about “hit”, “good games” and such way differently. If

    • italkgame

      I respect your opinion. Look, I bought the PS Vita for potential it had. I believed in, hoped and longed for the console experience on the go which we were promised. And while I still believe that the Vita has a lot of potential (kz:Mercenaries had high production values) after e3 I realised that it was my own fault for buying e machine which didn’t had bucketloads of content I was interested in.

      I’ve said it before and I will again, indies on the Vita are very welcome certainly when they look as promising as OlliOlli but indies should not replace the biger budget high production value type of games.

      I may sound crazy but what do you guys think would happen if your smartphone had 2 sticks and triggers. I would play my games on a smartphone.
      I am a gamer first and a fan of platforms takes second. place to that of

      • Warlock

        Sorry if I was being too critical. I just read about the issue between TotalBiscuit and Wild Games studio so I was a bit emo. XD
        I’ll try OlliOlli when it comes out and I’ll decide then. Cheers!

        • italkgame

          Don’t worry you remained polite. Yes that was some strange stuff what happened there. I will review the game so add me on the twitter if you want my final thoughts.

          • Shinny

            Well i can say that indie games sell good witch makes money for sony, if sony has money i think Japan Studio or Naghty Dog will have a motivation to make an AA/AAA title.. Anyway its good to see that VITA is having great indie titles that boost sales.. Nowday smartphones rock at casual gaming and the price tag is really low, that makes the game sell well.. If sony is planing to gain money like that for Vita than its nothing bad.. Again just a theory.

  12. confunment

    Lol SONY does not allow you to even sort games in ps store to see what games are for vita and what are for the psp.

    I think this is made because the vita library will look pathetic compared to psp.

    And don’t forget psp had piracy all over the place.
    Never the less has a stronger and better game library.

    Vita is like an underpowered smartphone. Except it lacks most of the smartphone features but has collected most weaknesses

    • David

      Your comment about the Vita being an under powered smartphone makes no sense. I think I see what you mean though.

      The Vita is basically that smartphone that has absolutely everything you want, except it’s windows phone… or worse, only on Verizon.

  13. italkgame

    Use the webstore there you can filter between platforms

  14. x3

    hit comon man thes is vita not smart phone or psp comon even the psp hase batte games comon sony you have so many good ips

  15. Shinny

    Yeah and its gonna be like Angry Birds trilogy, that costs like an AAA title.. Sony is just silly these days .. Car-car angry 🙁

  16. Tom

    Hi All, I’m Tom, one of the guys from Roll7 and we’re making OlliOlli, thanks for all the feedback. The game often seems to polarize people!
    We certainly don’t see it as a ‘casual’ or ‘smartphone’ game, Yes Score is a big part of it but there’s a lot of depth in terms of the mechanics, challenges and the tricks you can pull off. True, OlliOlli is not a AAA title but I think its Pixel look can be a bit deceiving and there’s more to it than meets the eye 🙂


  17. Ivo

    Hi tom, so now the ps4 is almost here, u plan anything on it? In other news What about yet another ps3 exploit for ps3 title uno and a way to attach the ps3 hdd to a pc with exploit save nd game injection linux bootcd? Maybe an eeprom or nand flash hdd backup tool while ur ad it. Maybe the birth of ps4 brings an almost dead ps3 a nice softmod cfw or other stuff. Cheers

  18. DS_Marine

    There are lot of games that look alike, but if you haven’t tried it you can’t put it in the same bag only for the looks. Of course looks like a smartphone game but still could be good.
    The first capture reminded me of C64 kickstart game…did anyone played that one? 😀