Directors Cut: Ellen Page naked in Beyond: Two Souls

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  1. Wrozen says:

    Welcome to the internet…

  2. xxx says:

    The only reason I would want a PS3 back… good games hard to come by with PS.

    • JJ says:

      You’re a fool. PS3 has more and better exclusives than 360!

      Metal Gear Solid 4, God of War 3, God of War Ascension, Heavenly Sword, Littlebigplanet 1, 2 and Karting, Demon’s Souls, MLB The Show, Resistance 1, 2, 3, Killzone 2, 3, Journey, Uncharted 1, 2, 3, LAST OF US, Valkaria Chronicles, Ni No Kuni, Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. That’s just off the top of my head.

      There are PLENTY of PS3 exclusives.

  3. xxx says:

    If she was a Japaname character then PS3 would be better then Xbox One right?

    Time to jerk it some more to digital tits. *rolls eyes at weirdos*

  4. ejem says:

    Hey is William Dafoe not William Defoe

  5. italkgame says:

    Thanks for pointing out my mistake, ejem.

  6. marcao222 says:

    we certainly would do so to the end to see her beauty but I would be the first to leave a little fellow

  7. boring says:

    Naked?! very interesting. i will buy the game. what a damn world and post. my regards to all.

  8. mlc says:

    That’s sort of sad, but I guess this is a lesson to actors that plan to be in video games: You may end up with no control over the actions of your likeness, as scenes you “shot” are not limited to their original form. It’s sad since she seems like a nice person, and I’m sure she’s displeased, but it is quite interesting since no one has confronted this particular issue yet.

  9. sameshift says:

    Hey guys, I don’t care about tits and stuff but I have noticed some cool shit on ps vita.

    I’ve found a function that goes through the sandbox between psp emulator and ps vita kernel.

    I don’t really know if it could be exploited but someone could check this out.

    So there always was a difference in region and button mapping. JP uses O and normal people use X. So you can set the configuration in TN menu to swap this shit. But!

    Some games ignore your settings and the psp emulator reads your vita settings “aka region” and button mapping and overrides tn settings.

    This means at some point the emulator needs to send a set of commands to a kernel to obtain the region code

    Have a nice day working this shit out!

  10. Jivid says:

    Technically she did appear naked in the movie “The East” but you can’t see anything.

  11. Dmaskell92 says:


  12. Ivo says:

    Yeah videogame nudity ! :)

  13. ivo says:

    so euhm game nudity is mutch better than another game
    that costs 5 euro in stores but as soon as u install
    and register to their servers they charge u 25 euro a month

    … the paying game lol … nudity is far better !
    the name of the game is
    vanguard saga of heroes

  14. NeonAera says:

    Wow, yeah that picture of her definitely resembles Ellie from The Last of Us. The first time I saw this page’s pic of Ellen made me think of Ellie, and wow, sure enough Naughty Dog made Ellie look like her a bit.

  15. Nicole says:

    This scene is for Men and Lesbians. I want to see a naked man with a 9 inch c@ck.

  16. Randy Steele says:

    This makes me wanna bang Ellie from The last of us even more ;)

  17. rahul vyas says:

    Hey it’s Playstation 3 exclusive not PS4 exclusive. See below lines for explanation
    “During the production of PlayStation 4 exclusive Beyond: Two Souls”

  18. udontcare says:

    Wow her performance is inspiring, *_* thanks for sharing.

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