Developer 173210 ports VHBL to yet another game, talks about TN-V compatibility


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  1. hio

    F I R S T

  2. italkgame

    Nice thanks for keeping us up to date

  3. Tom Foolery

    This is great news!!!!

  4. newrcc

    LOL Nice job guysssssssssssssssss! =D

  5. ducky420


  6. BoGGeR TiE

    When The Hack oF VitA

  7. Kro

    I’m kinda confused. Does porting TN-V to a usermode exploit mean we will be able to play our psp backups (ISOs)? I thought you needed a kernel exploit to use TN-V or am I missing out on something?

    • Freakler

      It just means that it is possible to launch the kxploit and so TN-V through this usermode.

    • Chuckthetekkie

      Usermode exploits cannot run PSP ISOs as that requires kernel access which we don’t have in a usermode exploit.

    • mlc

      Freakler’s answer is correct. The kernel exploit that will be released with TN-V4 (presumably) functions on all previous firmwares (until it is released and Sony patches it in a new firmware). Because of this, if you currently run a usermode exploit, you will be able to run TN-V4 on your current firmware once the TN-V4 kernel exploit is released.

  8. Acid_Snake

    qwikrazor is an awesome dev, I have the pleasure of working with him closely, keep it up dude, you’ve done great things for this scene, even if they don’t know it 😉

  9. mike24

    Can’t wait to bring some more life in my vita with the release of the kexploit.. Currently on 2.06 apachi overkill …. Can’t wait till this usermode gets high jacked … Oh Yeah!!!

  10. booler

    The native psvita hack will be achieved when the PS4 will be hacked. And it will be hacked in the first couple of month since the release. PS4 uses a very well known PC like architecture. There are some fishy things in development already. You just need to wait a little bit. We’re close.

  11. noobrstxk

    good job team.

  12. booler

    So nobody is interested in underground work for native ps vita hack? All right, don’t beg us in couple of months.

    • Bro, just ignore what people say. If they doubted you, then continue your goal. Not everyone would believe a stranger if they said “Hey, I have a PSVita Native Hack.” Go continue your work and release pictures of your work, make those people who doubted you jealous. Then you can make people beg for it as your name gets famous, just don’t get caught by sony though… Don’t release it if you don’t want to and just keep it for yourself. I believe in your work and have hope. Take care.

    • wololo

      No offense, but if I got a dollar every time somebody told me they are working on a native hack… you know the rest.

      It’s not that nobody is interested, it’s just that I’ve talked to very serious people about this issue, and there is no “simple” answer. So let me respectfully doubt the word of a random guy on the internet here.

  13. dvdxploitr

    I don’t care that much for playing PSP ISOs, but would love to see NeoGeo emulator working….would be alot better than going out and buying the Neo Geo X system, its nothing but an emulator anyway

  14. Alex

    Hopefully the devs who have the usermode exploits can coordinate so they don’t all release on the same firmware and get patched at the same time. Releasing them one at a time, waiting for the firmware to be patched then releasing the next one would make for a much wider received release.

    • Dmaskell92

      They would obviously space out the releases. The only time multiple exploits released at once, they where essentially the same game platform, and Sony would have patched them anyway. Not to mention leaks from another website… I follow this blog so closely I don’t see how you could miss a release, it takes at least 48 hours to patch a game.

  15. G36cBossMan

    Ok so I’m with all due respect how long do you think you can hold onto the kernel exploit? I mean I understand wanting to save it for the right time but isn’t anybody worried about it not working in the next exploit? What if we wait all this time and its patched in an update? that would just be a big waste am I right?

    • alex

      Given the amount of time and effort involved in finding a kernel exploit, sony are very unlikely to patch it before the code has been released. When kernel exploits are so rare, it’d be a huge waste to put it out now on a firmware that is not complete, when there are major planned features in upcoming vita firmware updates, namely PS4 remote play support.

    • hgoel0974

      Sony most likely won’t patch it until TN releases it. It’s really rare for them to notice the same kexploit at roughly the same point in time, so you don’t need to worry, the kexploit will most likely not be patched by the time it is released.

      • Sky Yuki

        Hacker wait > Sony wait > Normal players = OMFG WHEN WILL YOU RELEASE NEW FIRMWARE UPDATE

        Sony would likely to release a firmware update when normal players whine
        I guess (and of course there must be a bug then normal players will whine again then sony fix it then hacker release tnv)

  16. Haze7

    I think Sony used the DRM money to upgrade the security features of the PS4. So the PS4 will be very tough to hack. Who knows…..with the mass sales of the PS4 it might bring a lot of new and skillful hackers to the scene.


    • Acid_Snake

      probably, there are A LOT of really tallented devs around, but they simply have no interest in gaming hardware, or unpopular ones, specially when you already have PC and Smartphones when you come to freely running your code.

  17. Jah Nix

    Rep Up for 173210 – Keep up the Good Work and Thanks Wololo for sharing the news…

  18. Ivo

    Keep up the phase/work cheers

  19. Maikelix

    Is delete from jpn store, comprove in PSP 😀


  20. ivo

    where are the vitabrew ?

  21. M132

    How the heck does Sony patch exploits in games without even changing game’s files? 😀

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