Android emulator for PC

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  1. Obito

    I use Android SDK Tools. It’s free, you can choose whatever version of Android you want, and it’s like having a mobile phone on PC. You can even install WhatsApp, or any other Android app whatsoever.

  2. JVC

    I use bluestacks on a toshiba satelite and it is slow,I think youwave for some reason I didnt want to use,guess I will look up something else,use it mostly for whatsapp.

    • jonny2jo

      I’ve also got bluestacks with whatsapp but the only problem is the keyboard mine is in french so all the é, à and é kindoff annoying having to click it manually apart from that it’s all good

  3. Bluestacks is SOOOO slow, Ive tried it by several months and no computer power will be enough to handle it. It can turn into a writing machine any good computer (i7), so I personally DONT RECOMMEND IT ONLY IF U ARE NEEDED TO

  4. chrisgomez

    what will be the point of this ? why should i emulate something that is meant for my phone ?

    • aerinas

      Because one might want to use/play android apps on a big screen. Think of possibilities like using whatsapp on a pc…

      • angelic_sedition

        You could still just use your android phone for that. Emulation is more useful if you don’t have an android device but want to use android apps or for testing I would assume.

  5. angelic_sedition

    Have you tried virtualbox? As cool as YouWave is, I would never pay for something like that.

  6. ivo

    is ther an android emu system for linux ? not virtualboard or virtualbox ?

  7. Stef

    I had found once an android emulator tha was very small, too fast and .exe for windows from a chinese team (i think so) but i can’t find it write now, after a big research that i had done it was the best one out there.. I’ll check my old pc for links and i will come again to post tomorow.. cya !! 😀

  8. Haze7

    I was just wondering. Will it ever be possible to make a android emulator for the PS Vita? Isn’t PSM already android based sort of?

  9. I use Bluestacks and runs ultra smooth on my laptop with intel i7 3770k processor.

  10. BakaOsaka

    Try, I’ve tried it and it’s pretty awesome. However, it’s only Android 4.0.

  11. Viral_Weaponry

    I made a bootable USB flash drive and boot my PC to android whenever I want and is persistent, just Google android x86, youre welcome lol

  12. Shapeshifter

    I have a 3612qm , 1tb hdd 128gb ssd 7750m gddr5 2gb , 4gb ram and full hd screen
    Blue stacks best for me

  13. wartaf

    can’t install on my pc, there’s an error :(

  14. dimy93

    GenyMotion – fast,fluid,free, many options, the only problem is it’s 4.0 and 4.1 only

  15. comwiz

    What about this?

  16. gamr13

    I use android x86 4.3 on a laptop with no fan to cool down xD normally i just let the air at it like now (it’s disasembled) works fine, really fast, installed all my apps and the funny thing is, I don’t have a HDD in it, the hdd is in my ps3, so i installed it on SD card (8GB) xD

    -sent from a PS Vita

  17. coldhell

    SDK supports all versions and it is free, so I don’t see a reason for another emu… about the complicated way – it is not like you will need to do anything different once you learn how to do it.

  18. chuito

    damn i couldnt install the second one cuz i dont have a graphics card :(

  19. John

    First off. Bluestacks sucks. COders have no clue how to make it run on all platforms. Second, YouWave is just as bad as Bluestracks. Why pay for something that doesn’t work right??Third, Genymotion is another worthless paid app. I can’t believe you guys pay for *** products. The saying is correct, A fool and his money is soon parted. People have to remember, Android is an open source linux based operating system. Meaning its free to do what you want with it. I am almost certain, these people who are charging for the service is in violation of the TOS. But anyways. Those that require you to have high end equipement to run a *** program means the coders have no clue how to get something to run. Bluestacks needs more memory and graphics then what a real Android phone has. That should tell you something right there.

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