Video: how to run VHBL on Vita Firwmare 2.61

For those of you who were fast enough to grab the exploited game before Sony pulled it from their store, developer 173210 kindly published a video showing how to run his exploit on Vita firmware 2.61.

2 days ago we released the files for the long awaited VHBL port on Vita firmware 2.61, using Japanese game Jikkyu Powerful Pro Yakyu 2012 Ketteiban. This was the first VHBL exploit in a game available on the JP store for a very long time.

VHBL lets you run PSP homebrews and emulators on the Vita. You can download it here.

As I didn’t have the exploited game myself, I hadn’t published how to actually launch the exploit. Users in our forums and in the comment section of this blog have figured it out fairly quickly though:

To run HBL, run the game, then go to Main Menu > Success > 4th Option on the screen > press O twice

173210 recently published a video to make it even more obvious, enjoy:


  1. exo_gurei’s avatar

    素晴らしい 173210!


  2. Ps Vita Lover’s avatar

    Hi Wololo Plz Tell Me .. Is penetrate the device ..Soon or not


  3. gunblade’s avatar

    so my vita need an upgrade i guess i got to take it apart.. should be able to get a second one and a ps4 i think so its good.


  4. Devin Smith’s avatar

    Has anyone tried running cfw from an MP4?
    I recently found out that if you do it right you can run programs from an mp4 file.


    1. Devin Smith’s avatar

      Well to be more specific a virus can be attached to an mp4…I figured that maybe someone with the right skillset could create a friendly virus that gives total access to the vita allowing you to do whatever you want with it.



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