Video: how to run VHBL on Vita Firwmare 2.61


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5 Responses

  1. exo_gurei says:

    素晴らしい 173210!

  2. Ps Vita Lover says:

    Hi Wololo Plz Tell Me .. Is penetrate the device ..Soon or not

  3. gunblade says:

    so my vita need an upgrade i guess i got to take it apart.. should be able to get a second one and a ps4 i think so its good.

  4. Devin Smith says:

    Has anyone tried running cfw from an MP4?
    I recently found out that if you do it right you can run programs from an mp4 file.

    • Devin Smith says:

      Well to be more specific a virus can be attached to an mp4…I figured that maybe someone with the right skillset could create a friendly virus that gives total access to the vita allowing you to do whatever you want with it.

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