Cross Generation Console Wars Special Episode: Battle of the homebrew titans, Part 1


I like beer.

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  1. Haze7

    Master System VS NES

  2. Dmaskell92

    I still play PSO on my Dreamcast almost daily. I use some private server, and a free Dial up ISP. I like it to the point where I might make a Dial up server myself, as the free ISP is a bit slow at times. Also my sister plays PSO on PC and can join me in a party as well. Has PSP ever had cross platform servers? I don’t think so… I still loved my PSP and miss it allot. I patiently await TN-4.

    • fate6

      GEB2 has PSP/Vita versions and both can play with eachother

      BTW this really comes down to if the Dev wants to add such a feature

      also PSO2 has PC/Vita/iOS/Android

      • Dmaskell92

        Those are mobile platforms, non can join with PC. As for PSO2, well you can’t play on servers with across consoles. Vita/PSP are essentially the same platform because of the PSP emulator. Also there is a big reason I still play on my DC, the controller.

  3. shapeshifter

    Great article!! Enjoyed reading it!! Pls make an article of psp vs DS next!!

  4. fate6

    Sorry to nitpick but I think you mean Phantasy Star Online v2 :3

  5. Jd8531

    Fun fact: Dreamcast had a full fledge Internet browser which is why Sega came out with the branded keyboard and mouse. Which at the time was innovative for home consoles.

  6. taronish3

    every lovely story off two great console’s …

  7. RePod

    “Both the PSP and Dreamcast miserably failed to win a war against the undisputed champion of its moment: Sony, with the PS1, and Nintendo, with the GameBoy Advance.”

    Had me until the PSP was competing against the GBA.
    Interesting read though.

  8. LuKe_AA

    I know that both consoles have been given 7 “best” games; however, Daxter may deserve a honorable mention as much as Dissidia – Daxter 2,3 milions of copies, Dissidia 1,81 milions – mainly because both were games exclusive to the system, as well as GoW Chains of Olympus, The MH Portable series – The 3rd chapter has been a PSP only game, until the later shipping on Nintendo -.

    Tho the “quality over quantity” may just stand out here, given the non linear times of their releases.

    • Acid_Snake

      Whenever I can, I prefer to use sales figures rather than quality or popularity. This means that the games I list don’t have to be necessarily the best ones, they are just the ones that sold most.

  9. Schwff

    Dont forget about Shenmue II, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia II, Ikaruga and a lot more cool games 🙂

    And DC had online capabilities as well ( too bad it failed)

  10. Bullshiters

    PS3 vs SNES

  11. vicsidious

    Wow, you put a lot of tought into this! It’s always pleasant to read from you. Thanks, your post was very good and I can’t wait to see who’s the winner, altough I have my own opinion!

  12. Old Skool

    How about Atari 2600 vs Intellivision

  13. Lawthugg

    I didn’t see anything on the controllers removable storage (VMU). Some games you can save your favorite character and power him up while your away from the system. Some games had mini-games you can play, while others used the device during gameplay to inform you of stats or other helpful information. This was awesome and very innovative at the time.

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