Cross Generation Console Wars Special Episode: Battle of the homebrew titans, Part 1


I like beer.

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23 Responses

  1. Haze7 says:

    Master System VS NES

  2. Dmaskell92 says:

    I still play PSO on my Dreamcast almost daily. I use some private server, and a free Dial up ISP. I like it to the point where I might make a Dial up server myself, as the free ISP is a bit slow at times. Also my sister plays PSO on PC and can join me in a party as well. Has PSP ever had cross platform servers? I don’t think so… I still loved my PSP and miss it allot. I patiently await TN-4.

    • fate6 says:

      GEB2 has PSP/Vita versions and both can play with eachother

      BTW this really comes down to if the Dev wants to add such a feature

      also PSO2 has PC/Vita/iOS/Android

      • Dmaskell92 says:

        Those are mobile platforms, non can join with PC. As for PSO2, well you can’t play on servers with across consoles. Vita/PSP are essentially the same platform because of the PSP emulator. Also there is a big reason I still play on my DC, the controller.

  3. shapeshifter says:

    Great article!! Enjoyed reading it!! Pls make an article of psp vs DS next!!

  4. fate6 says:

    Sorry to nitpick but I think you mean Phantasy Star Online v2 :3

  5. Jd8531 says:

    Fun fact: Dreamcast had a full fledge Internet browser which is why Sega came out with the branded keyboard and mouse. Which at the time was innovative for home consoles.

  6. taronish3 says:

    every lovely story off two great console’s …

  7. RePod says:

    “Both the PSP and Dreamcast miserably failed to win a war against the undisputed champion of its moment: Sony, with the PS1, and Nintendo, with the GameBoy Advance.”

    Had me until the PSP was competing against the GBA.
    Interesting read though.

  8. LuKe_AA says:

    I know that both consoles have been given 7 “best” games; however, Daxter may deserve a honorable mention as much as Dissidia – Daxter 2,3 milions of copies, Dissidia 1,81 milions – mainly because both were games exclusive to the system, as well as GoW Chains of Olympus, The MH Portable series – The 3rd chapter has been a PSP only game, until the later shipping on Nintendo -.

    Tho the “quality over quantity” may just stand out here, given the non linear times of their releases.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      Whenever I can, I prefer to use sales figures rather than quality or popularity. This means that the games I list don’t have to be necessarily the best ones, they are just the ones that sold most.

  9. Schwff says:

    Dont forget about Shenmue II, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia II, Ikaruga and a lot more cool games :)

    And DC had online capabilities as well ( too bad it failed)

  10. Bullshiters says:

    PS3 vs SNES

  11. vicsidious says:

    Wow, you put a lot of tought into this! It’s always pleasant to read from you. Thanks, your post was very good and I can’t wait to see who’s the winner, altough I have my own opinion!

  12. Old Skool says:

    How about Atari 2600 vs Intellivision

  13. Lawthugg says:

    I didn’t see anything on the controllers removable storage (VMU). Some games you can save your favorite character and power him up while your away from the system. Some games had mini-games you can play, while others used the device during gameplay to inform you of stats or other helpful information. This was awesome and very innovative at the time.

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