Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD remix will launch globally in 2014

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7 Responses

  1. Nitial says:

    I wondered as the main page of the site loaded if you guys would post on the KH 2.5 as I saw the Facebook announcement, and I smiled as I read the latest article’s title. Thanks italkgame

  2. tangra87 says:

    I was hoping that this is coming for the ps vita to ,becouse not evryone have ps3 … :( since the BBS is a psp game that never was releast on the ps vita. But thanks for the fast info :)

  3. tangra87 says:

    so that game was the original reason I buy mi ps vita , thinkig if they could do this for the psp ,imagen wath they would do for the ps vita, well in my country we say ” the hope dies only at the end ” :) so there is still hope , meenewile Im going to do the TN V4 and play it untill the do something to change my mind – and thanks again for the info :)

  4. Lan says:

    I really wanted it to come to the ps vita

  5. Sam says:

    Wait, Kingdom Hearts 2, undeniably the best KH game, AND Birth by Sleep, the second best?!


    All of my meh to Re:Coded.

  6. Something x3 Darkside says:

    Hey Wololo, played any Kingdom hearts yet?

  7. natsu says:

    cant f*cking wait…. woohooo…

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