Vita Hack: What we know of TN-V 4 so far


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73 Responses

  1. itreptau says:

    cant wait for the ps4

  2. jonny2jo says:

    I would gladly give up the ps vita online features for this!!

  3. Obito says:

    I would give up the PS4 features for this xD.

  4. newrcc says:

    My wallet with $20, im ready! Just bring the news… tks guys.

  5. deathlight says:

    Can’t wait for it to be released

  6. deathhell says:

    so if the TN_V would be limited to 32mb rather than 64mb so i should upgrade my vita from 2.12 with gameocracy vhbl to the ofw right?

  7. Yeah, so far so good with TN-V4. It is working great and loading time is REALLY FAST now, for a lot of games and homebrew. He’s even added a few extra things to it. You are going to really like this version of TN-V.

  8. Lan says:

    Do you know if it is going to be available for usa accounts? i have a mexican account, do you think tn v -4 might work too?

  9. Lai says:

    :) can’t wait.. i would give up my UNO when the release comes and wifi features.. XD wooo.. i only got $20 in my wallet as well..

  10. alvin says:

    Full cfw for psp kexploit but you buy a game to exploit again?

    • wololo says:

      Yes, you will need a usermode exploit to run the kexploit, so you will either need one of the existing vhbl exploits, or a new one.

  11. NoOne says:

    Is it possible to run iso games and plugins on VHBL via TN-V?

  12. At first, I read “TN-V 4 will magically let you pirate Vita games” until I read it the second time. Lol.

    • Judd says:

      Eh….. I’ll consider this… ITS A HACK ON A VITA AFTER ALLLLLLLLLLL
      ..I’ll throw away my PSN account IF i Can Play Fate extra on a Vita… (sINCE CORPSE PARTY BLOOD DRIVE IS NOT RELEASED AND PORTED YET… no real reason to buy one until then…) I can Imagine it all Caster On A VITA screen

  13. NEOGEO2600 says:

    Total_Noob thanks for your work

  14. Alex says:

    I’ll probably try this out when it gets released, but it wont stop me from updating when I need to. I have a PS+ subscription, so being able to use the PSN store is important to me.

  15. mangosteam says:

    i will surely update my 1.81 gravity crash for this cant wait.. i wish there could be a sound plug in for ps1 aswell

  16. VictorWei says:

    I have a 2.12 VHBL, but I do not have openCMA, how can I transfer file to the PSV? Is there an openCMA for 2.12? I cannot find it.

  17. Shizzle says:

    I have access to the New Zealand PSN store, but if I buy the exploit game from said PSN store; will it be any different from the US version of the exploit game?

    I’m hoping I don’t have to create a new account and buy US PSN credit just for the exploit.

  18. 110706 says:

    And the point of this is? a PSP can do this. Even a laptop. But then i guess Total_Noob’s has alot of free time.

    • Nice Guy says:

      The point is that not everyone owns a PSP for 1.
      And those that do would still rather play homebrew on the Vita’s gorgeous 5in screen.

      Including the ability to play PSP games that are otherwise not available on the PSN store for Vita.

    • mlc says:

      OMG!, no one here has ever heard this complaint before. And it’s laughable that you’d try to insult Total_Noob for having a lot of free time, when he’s following his interests AND helping a bunch of people use their devices in new ways, yet you’re… trolling the comments section?

  19. AliFOJ says:

    watching DBZ Tag team Tenkaichi screen shot on Vita makes me excited for this! 😀

  20. francis says:

    cant wait for this kexploit…thanks tnoob

  21. sereinharris says:

    I wonder if the new kexploit is going to be available for HongKong account.Would you mind give me an answer? Still waiting for more details till the ps4 sales! Thx for posting!

  22. tangra87 says:

    yea…. finaly im seeng my self playng KH bbs Ff crisis core ….. on the gorgeous OLED vita screen , thanks in advnce to all of you who are working so this can happen :)

  23. HIMFan says:

    I have the current PSPEmu on my 2.12 Vita. It’s awesome. If I do update, I’ll have to not only give that up, but every Vita game I purchased through the store, only because my PSN ID got banned on my PS3. And that’s what I bought games with on my Vita. If I go to update, I’ll lose it all because I’ll have to sign in with a different account.

  24. mma jedi says:

    Longest…4 weeks….ever! 😛

  25. cannedham says:

    Hey wololo, I was wondering how much I should put into my account for this game. I know you can’t give the specifics, but can u give a range that the game will cost?

    • jonny2jo says:

      Nice question i’ve got 15$ on mine hope it’s enough :(

    • mlc says:

      $1 to $30 dollars, most probably? They don’t give ranges or prices because that could tip off Sony, but I’m pretty sure the most expensive VHBL game thus far has been Monster Hunter at ~$20. Many of the games have been in the $5 to $10 range, but there’s really no guarantee as it could theoretically be a more recent or popular $40 game.

  26. jax says:

    So this TN-V4 exploit will work directly on the VHBL exploit I have of Arcade Airhockey & Bowling [EU] ?

  27. liquidmagic says:

    i die inside every time its not a gamecube\ps2 emulator,well ill stick with my old 2.60 lol

    • mlc says:

      I’m pretty sure a Gamecube or PS2 emulator would require a fully unlocked Vita, and even then might be essentially impossible without a large team of experts. (i.e. if there is ever any sort of PS2 emulation, it will be made by Sony and limited to selected games) I’m pretty sure the specs simply aren’t there to emulate that generation of consoles, without some truly absurd skills and luck from the authors.

      Don’t die inside too much, because news of a PS2 or Gamecube emu really isn’t coming, unless, like I said, it’s a PS2 emu by Sony.

  28. SuzieJoeBob says:

    I’m not demanding it, nor am I requesting it, but because there are some firmwares that can access the extra RAM and others cannot, will there be 2 versions? For example, Firmwares from a to b have access and have a TN-V4 “extra RAM edition”, while Firmwares from c to d have just the regular TN-V4.

    He put in all of that effort into discovering the extra RAM, we can at least let him release a version using his findings, making Total_Noob feel like it wasn’t all for naught.

  29. locomicoco says:

    I faowd a game on the psn store and it wasa psp game but it free on it yo think that it can bi patch too

    • mlc says:

      It has to have an unpatched vulnerability. So chances are no, but you could find out for sure by following the VHBL tutorials and attempting to get a usable crash out of that game.

  30. adx2 says:

    Come on…. guys v need a big update to the vita hack. like we can dump any psvits game to our pc through vita like the umd dump through psp…. ability to control the whole vita features and play any pirated game of vita… WE THROUGHLY NEED THIS *** THONG IN OUR BITA

    • SuzieJoeBob says:

      If you could form a sentence, other people might actually care about what you are saying. If you want a Vita exploit, then either put up or shut up.

  31. NEOGEO2600 says:

    Espero que este trabajo tenga muchas mejoras y creo que todos los de la PSvita Scene colaboren con TOTAL_NOOB para que sea un trabajo impecable y nos podamos favorecer todos.

    translate google
    I hope this work has many improvements and I think all of the work with Total_Noob Scene PSvita to be an impeccable job and we can encourage everyone.

  32. GuitaristMatt says:

    I liked seeing Tenkaichi Tag Team on there. :)

  33. NeonAera says:

    Awesome!! Can’t wait.

  34. lala says:

    what is clear is already pretty much all that was found on the hack the vita but go no further people will be able to hack the ps vita as the psp.

    I think the hack vita games never veras day sony biien is too strong for the hacker without wanting to offend

  35. Questioneer says:

    Does the limited ram affect the ability to play psp isos?

  36. jake says:

    Proof everyone on this planet is a noob – Total Noob calls himself total noob. We’d all be like super noob :'(.
    I’m glad these exploit are coming, they give us some fun when thers nothing to do :).

    If we’re putting so much effort into bringing cfw to the vita (2 years and nothing), I wonder how long it will take for the PS4 to hack.

  37. Archaga says:

    Decisions, decisions :/. Get the exploit when it comes out and enjoy the PSP games I didn’t get a chance to play along with emulators. Or keep enjoying the benefits of all the free/discounted stuff constantly being pumped out for PSN+ members.

  38. As stated by Yifan, (those who still didn’t realized that Sony did a great job making the Ps Vita secure from being fully hacked) – “The system memory is on the same chip as the CPU, so you cannot try to piggyback the RAM. Plus anyone doing a hardware hack would have to have expert electrical engineering skills and access to expensive tools.”
    The PS Vita Devs can make exploits, but without electrical engineers, this is why PS Vita taking so long to be fully hacked, and thanks to Sony again, for making heck of a secured handheld system. All the Devs deserve a big credit for their hard work and time too. I do wish that Devs would all work together on a exploit to make it fully hacked, and The Z would do that by contacting all these Devs some how…
    It’ll be the biggest history printed on Sony, I promise you that! Anyways, I hope that clears out the noobs who are begging for a fully hacked Vita. I hope you guys enjoy the next Ninja Release! I sold my vita long time ago when I finally realized that PS Vita was not going to be fully hacked anytime soon, hope the noobs understand this too. Peace.

  39. LuKe_AA says:

    Challenging “hackers” by putting up walls and more walls, just to prevent the system to be hacked, is a war lost from the start; all it’ll take is time.

    the only people all of this annoys is the average user, not the “hacker”.

    I’ve yet to hear of another handheld system, cellphone, iOS, Android, any existant multimedia storing device which requires you to update to the latest firmware just to send a photo to your PC from the system in question and viceversa.

    Not to mention, that this could have had more sense for the PlayStationPortable system, for its wider library of games after 1 year of launch (or earlier; within December 2005, it had MH Freedom – which would then start a series of games exclusive to the PS Vita System – an announced exclusive game for the FF anniversary, other good games already) it’d give an assurance to developers for their product to not get pirated.

    On a system which 1 year after release still lacks a solid library of games, with very few announces for the near future – and among the best ones there are either remakes of other games and/or multi system games, some of which happen to play better on any other system other than the Vita, due to missing modes and whatnot, tho still no exclusive fresh new titles – and on which user and/or kernel hacks would only unlock and empower the device itself, making wider use of its potential, all these anti-piracy measures feel just like an unnecessary load of bull****. It’s like putting thousands of locks on an empty treasure chest.

  40. mart says:

    wololo i would appreciate if you can kindly reply to this. is there a way for me to continue to use the online features on my ps vita and not upgrade to the latest firmware? i wouldnt want to lose the vhbl but also find the map and youtube app very useful.

  41. Psvitafan says:

    can i have the tnv4 before christmas?

  42. raju says:

    is there any hack released for ps vita 2.61

  43. francis says:

    waiting for you!!! yeah! tnv ur d best!

  44. kaun pich says:

    i live in korea i bought ps vita in korea but when i copy exploit game 101 megamax into my ps vita why it not appear on my ps vita sreen.please help me ?

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