How to play online when you been banned

This has happened to me quite a few times, getting banned for system mods or cheating in a game offline. So now your console is banned from playing online, well it’s banned from playing on their servers. So if you know anything about tunneling you can still get back online with your system. It may on be on the big networks, but you still can get online an that is what really matters. This was real big with the old xbox, and I still use them to this day. There is a list of tunneling software I still like to use.


xlink kai is a global gaming network- bringing together xbox, xbox360, Playstation2, PS3, gamecube ,DS, and PSP users, in one integrated community. It is software running on your PC (windows, linux) or Mac that allows you to play system-link enabled games online for free. Kai is the only service that is not console specific, and boast one of the friendliest communities available.


-Supports xbox, xbox360, Gamecube, PS2,PS3, and PSP system-link/ Lan enabled games.

-2 gaming modes ( messenger and Arena).

-Integrated chat in all areas.

- No port forwarding required on almost all network setups

-PC to PC and PC to xbox voice, Conversation using the SPEEX codec

- Extremely simple user interface

-Auto update notification

-Compatible with wifi networks ( not all wifi network setups)

-network connection monitors

-Support for university dormsand proxies such as Italian Fastweb ISP

-Lots more features for you to discover.


XLIL is a Linux GUI launcher and installer for the Xlink kai tunnel software. It’s published as a distro independent application. The software is programmed in Python using either pyQT and can run both KDE and Gnome.


neXBC will change the way you play system link games. You will no longer need to join rooms, or even be at your PC to play. neXBC is designed to let you play the games you want with the people you want, for as long as you want without having to touch you pc. Fire up neXBC, set your game type filters, and relax for a evening of non stop gaming. This works with xbox, xbox360,and psp


XBSlink is a proxy for xbox360 and PS3/2 system link games. Simply run XBSlink useron the internet or XBSlink cloud and ply your favorite game over the systemlink  Feature just if the game consoles where on the same local network.


-play any xbox360 or PS3/2 system link games

-unlimited number of users

-automatic UPnP NAT port forwarding

-internal chat to communicate with connected XBSlink nodes

-cloud list- Join a cloud of other XBSlink users

-GUI and command line (non-GUI0 mode

-Lots more features for you to discover


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  1. DaniPhii’s avatar

    What happens with PRO Online Client? It’s such an option too for PSP owners! :D


    1. datsikboyz’s avatar

      only if your router can provided a legit network for your PSP, then yeah. im using kai and its great!


  2. GuitaristMatt’s avatar

    I really like this article, but it looks like you lost some sleep writing it up.


  3. GregoryRasputin’s avatar

    Im not quite sure how you can get banned for using cheats offline.

    Anyhow, PS3 users can change their Console ID to get back online.


    1. SofaKing’s avatar

      ya, sure. can i have YOUR console ID?


  4. russia_my_home’s avatar

    on xbox 360 rgh you can use Link by Team FSD since Freestyledash 3 directly from freesyledash nobody or only few people use xlink kai anymore for systemlink…

    But good 4 ps3 and other platforms


  5. russia_my_home’s avatar

    my mothers family name is rasputin too :)


  6. italkgame’s avatar

    Great article


  7. Octogonapus’s avatar

    So if you used one of these on a banned xbox 360, would you still be able to receive updates for games and visit the xbox live marketplace?


    1. hackinformer’s avatar

      No, once your console is banned from live. You have to manually update your system via demo disc or the live web-site.


  8. AliFOJ’s avatar

    I’ve used X-link Kai and it’s so trouble some to get it work and it’s really bad. Mostly all the servers are dead and only some limited games available to play online.


    1. 12345’s avatar

      I remember it was a hassle to set-up back in the day. But there was a xlink USB adapter that you can buy and it makes the installation really quick and simple.


    1. Yol Morefi’s avatar

      Didn’t real well, just woke up, my appologies ^^



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