How to play online when you been banned


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  1. DaniPhii says:

    What happens with PRO Online Client? It’s such an option too for PSP owners! 😀

  2. GuitaristMatt says:

    I really like this article, but it looks like you lost some sleep writing it up.

  3. Im not quite sure how you can get banned for using cheats offline.

    Anyhow, PS3 users can change their Console ID to get back online.

  4. russia_my_home says:

    on xbox 360 rgh you can use Link by Team FSD since Freestyledash 3 directly from freesyledash nobody or only few people use xlink kai anymore for systemlink…

    But good 4 ps3 and other platforms

  5. russia_my_home says:

    my mothers family name is rasputin too 🙂

  6. italkgame says:

    Great article

  7. Octogonapus says:

    So if you used one of these on a banned xbox 360, would you still be able to receive updates for games and visit the xbox live marketplace?

  8. AliFOJ says:

    I’ve used X-link Kai and it’s so trouble some to get it work and it’s really bad. Mostly all the servers are dead and only some limited games available to play online.

    • 12345 says:

      I remember it was a hassle to set-up back in the day. But there was a xlink USB adapter that you can buy and it makes the installation really quick and simple.

  9. Yol Morefi says:

    Cheat online… T_T