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Next PSN maintenance set on Thursday 10-10-2013

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  1. Claudio says:

    Maybe I’m just paranoid, but what if sony is creating a decoy update so that we update our vitas and then they launch a super really meaningful update just afterwards?

  2. Deathhell says:

    Im on ofw 2.12, and i do have the gameocracy vhbl, but im not sure if i should update to 2.61 or these new update, im 100% sure that im willing to do anything to get on that TN kernel jailbreak.(i support all hackers and coders i love u all, im majoring on that on college).thank you, please some1 guide me

    • wolframio says:

      jailbreak is for iphone and criminals

    • Octos says:

      I am sort of a layman of these parts, but its my understanding that if you want to use the Vita for exploits, you should stick with Gameocracy for the increased Ram, which was dropped in 2.60. There should be AcidSnake ports of 2.12 and 2.60, unless he has since said otherwise.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      once TN-V4 comes out, it’ll be ported to Gameocracy (matter of fat he’s already porting it right now), so keeping Gameocracy in 2.12 is an 100% possibility that you’ll get TN-V4, but updating then you will have to rely on the next ninja release, which you can miss and then loose any possibility of TN-V4.

      • deathhell says:

        Thank you, for the clarification i didnt no they had a port the TN-V4 to the ofw of 2.12
        Been supporting since the day i had knowledge about hacking

    • Nice Guy says:

      Stay on 2.12 that way you won’t need to buy another exploitable game when TN-V4 is released. And you will have more memory available for your homebrew games.

      It’s worth the wait if you mainly want to use your Vita for homebrew (Emulators) and PSP Backups.

  3. axel says:

    I guess the maintenance is for the upcoming PS Vita Slim release on the 10th of october.

  4. Sky Yuki says:

    Jeez pacific time
    Asia here
    Already 10 october

  5. Mike says:

    wololo yo no me quiero perder la liberacion TN porfavor dime como hago para saber a tiempo lo de la liberacion ? donde la anunciaran y si el juego lo voy a poder comprar en mi cuenta PSN USA ?

    • Rider says:

      Tienes que registrarte en el foro talk y estar pendiente de los anuncios de wololo, la noticia aparecerá en la página principal del foro pero como eres nuevo usuario tardarás más en recibirla. Además el nuevo usermode exploit es exclusivo de Japón.

  6. Haze7 says:

    The TN release should be handled very delicately. I wish we had an insider in Sony.

    • deathhell says:

      Lmao!! word too, but i doubt it cuz people that are hire for sony must sign a contract about releasing release date and other sort

  7. DarkenLX (Louis Royal) says:

    This Does not Mean there will or will not be an update for the vita but here are some of the reasons of the “Maintenance” that Sony does:
    1-(Very Rare) Actual Maintenance (PSN Server Cashes Etc.)
    2-(Less Common) PSN Store Content Added or Removed (Games DLC or Store update in general)
    3-(Varies) Game Patches(PS3) and or PSN Server Optimizations
    4-(Most Common) Ps3 and or Vita Update (Minor X.??)
    5-(Common-Less Common) Ps3 and or Vita Update (Major ?.XX)
    IMO it could be 2 or 3 maybe 4 but too soon for 5

  8. Lan says:

    Does anyone know if the exploit can be ported on a mexican account? Casue I don´t want to switch to a USA account.

  9. Chuckthetekkie says:

    I just find it funny that Sony has to take parts of PSN offline for maintenance yet Microsoft doesn’t have to do that. I guess MS has perfected Xbox LIVE maintenance.

    I have 2 PS Vitas, one on 2.02 with UNO and the other on 2.61 so I can go on PSN. The 2.61 3G Vita I bought with a 32GB Vita card all for $250. But the 32GB card is still too small.

    Am I correct in assuming that TN-V4 will be released for UNO with the increased RAM?

    I just wish that Sony would fix that damn downloading issue when you try to download something from the Vita store on the Vita.

    • Trollege says:

      I will admit, XBox Live is better than PSN. TN-V4 will come on the UNO exploit im pretty sure. I hope TN doesn’t live up to his name (Total Noob xD) and give us the exploit now. Let’s hope he gives us the exploit in December (once ps4 firmware can actually be tested and there’s probably a *we messed up* firmware patch after PS4 is released so…

  10. francis says:

    hi! im on vitafw 2.60 with arcade darts as game exploit. can i have tnv4 when it comes out and be applicable to my game exploit? info only. thank you very much.

  11. wootgolor says:

    When we get tn-v4 for golor 2.12 do we delete our homebrews/emu or keep them there for tn?

  12. tinostar91 says:

    I just don’t understand why they need maintenance to add specific content. New games are being regulary added without maintenance

    • JHON says:

      please the z tell me about ninja rlease please i dont want to miss total noob s realse please here s my email sb201032@live.com

      • Neji_Ro says:

        Shut up! every time that i was reading news in this page i can see your email and you saying please! please! someone can send me a email whith the ninja release.
        Just be patien noone went to send you the ninja release, you shoul visit the wololo’s page every day for read about it!
        Thank for all wololo, the z, 173210, tn-noob and the other devs for your hard work.
        I’m really sorry if i write wrong but english is not my mother language.

  13. Sky Yuki says:

    Holy *** i gotta wake up at 4.00 AM in my time to prepare 4 update

  14. sathriel says:

    Hm, that might explain why I am unable to open Dark Souls 2 beta page 😛

  15. Kai says:

    Is it true the next usermode epxloit will only be available on japanese account?

  16. A.G.DAW says:

    Will TN still release Kxploit on 3.00? im worried

  17. A.G.DAW says:

    Will TN release a Kxploit on 3.00?Im worried if he’s still release it

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