Game Releases Of October 2013


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25 Responses

  1. meanpaul says:

    You forgot Pokemon X and Y

  2. jc_gargma says:

    You also forgot Valhalla Knights 3, and Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland

    • jc_gargma says:

      Oh yes, there is also:
      Angry Birds Star Wars
      Atomic Ninjas
      Gundam Breaker (JP)
      Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth (JP)
      LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril
      Worms! Revolution
      All Vita games, to be out this month.

  3. SonicUltimateFan1 says:

    You forgot Sonic Lost World.

  4. x-eye says:

    Wow. One vita game…

  5. Sky Yuki says:

    When will i ever really see any vita game coming out….
    PS4 Released???
    PS Vita TV Released???
    Kernel hack success??? (make new game so people want the game interest of hax)

    • squiggs says:

      You really need to re read your post before submitting it, and they’re are like 3 games, vita tv has not been anounced in america yet

  6. ivo says:

    hi, my game qcma aint working for me on ubuntu :(
    i compiled ffmpeg and installed qt4 or 5
    but on the libusb im lost
    as on libav

    Package libusb-1.0 was not found in the pkg-config search path.
    Perhaps you should add the directory containing `libusb-1.0.pc’
    to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
    Package ‘libusb-1.0′, required by ‘libvitamtp’, not found
    Project ERROR: Package libavformat not found

    • mr rab says:

      Have you compiled libusb from source and installed it? if not use this command: git clone git://
      You should start a thread if you want more help.

  7. subvita says:

    Vita kernel exploit is already done.. will be published soon..

  8. Jokkomaahru says:

    I just finished Beyond. It’s a masterpiece. Felt like reading the most thrilling book ever created. The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls = best games i’ve ever played.

  9. Shivox says:

    Battlefield 4 FTW!
    How could you forget Battlefield 4 …

  10. demol says:


  11. Death of Cjaos says:

    The TMNT game IS coming to the PS3, though. The PSN even boasts separate trailers for each character, I downloaded them onto my PS3 and watched them…

  12. Ryley says:

    Or what about Minecraft for PS3, 4, Vita?

  13. NNNRT says:

    What about the PS3 versions of Watch Dogs, CoD Ghosts, ACIV Black Flag, & Battlefield 4? :P

  14. bobert says:

    How could you possibly forget Pokemon!
    also, PHOENIX WRIGHT on the 24th!

  15. Ryley says:

    Ok, I always come here everyday….

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