PS Vita 2000 gets an even wackier TV Commercial

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  1. demol says:


  2. Shinny says:

    I like the colors, but really hate the redesign.. about the LCD screen.. well i dont care.. its still good, not OLED, but good..

  3. zorak_torok says:

    Yeah… meh. I like the original… I just dont really get this though. The ps4 will move vita units if enough people show off the remote play. The trick though is to get developers to make games for these units that peole will actually buy and play when that thing called wifi isnt around.

  4. kent says:

    Remind me to hide my PS Vita around penguins. They might steal it from me. haha

  5. PlaGeRaN says:

    Agreed with zorak_torok chances are the 2000 will only be a success after PS4 launch and game compatibility grows.

    It’s a pity they can’t sell us add-ons for the 1000 🙁

  6. mrSoczi says:

    Huh? That is it? That’s “slim”? It’s still big as F***. Me disappoint 🙁 .

    I really love the PSP Go for it’s size…

    • crimsonraven25 says:

      Yes slim, meaning thinner not smaller size all around, Psv 1000 looks better, don’t like most of the colors or design

      • David says:

        One of the things I dislike about the vita 1k is that the start and select buttons are very flat, and hard to press.

        I haven’t used the 2k but it looks like they are raised slightly and more convex.

    • rofl says:

      Why do people keep commenting about things being ‘slim’? Everything (phones, handhelds, devices, etc) has to be smaller and lighter to appease people.

      Eventually we’ll all have tamagotchi size electronic devices. Maybe then people can shut the f*ck up about everything being ‘too big’. Morons.

      • cboushell says:

        From what I’ve seen most things are getting larger just look at cell phones today, most high end phones are huge. I personally like my handheld gaming devices the size of the current vita as well as the psp but for a phone I still use the old clam shell. Not big on talking on the phone or texting.

  7. sathriel says:

    Have no strong feelings about the new model. If it’s cheaper it may get some new people to get the VITA but I doubt it’s going to be of much help to the VITA.

    The advert… well, it’s Japan, as Japan goes that was pretty tame 😀

  8. vicsidious says:

    Hahahaha I love those Japan commercials, reminds me of the I C H I B A N : Lipstick for men commercial!
    Thanks for the news.

  9. Stef says:

    0.11 — Out of the way nitendooo !!

  10. ivo says:

    hi what about a ps3 cfw ? 4.5x cfw ?
    one that installs over ofw like with 3.55 cfw ?

    more cheers and greets 🙂
    ninja ps3

    • zorak_torok says:

      There is a better place for this… but base model fw can be flashed using hardware. … meaning if your ps3 ever had 3.55 on it then it can revert WITH hardware. No new cfw, just current upgades to the old fw.

  11. Epicsnail says:

    My birthday is on the 10th 😀

  12. Something x3 Lightside says:

    Happy Feet 4 : The Game for Vita?

  13. The Kick says:

    So the penguins are going to make good games, normally-priced mem. cards, and remove transfer restrictions?

  14. Patrick says:

    Blaystayshon Vita!

  15. Let's go says:

    Hopefully they’ll be redesigning some games. Or else what’s the point…

  16. saturos says:

    Vita i5c

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