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Best PSP/Vita homebrews for September 2013


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24 Responses

  1. rafael707 says:

    Question:how many lucky people you think have eCFW on their vita? US? Worldwide?

  2. NXTGEN says:

    I had ecfw but then my brother formated my vita then i couldnt delete anything do i updated and dont hav ecfw now and i cant even find my old account

  3. Nazim hightower says:

    hey wololo did You get my email?

  4. NeonAera says:

    Nice list!! What about Halo revamped? I thought it would make it since it was pretty well-made in my opinion, and kinda playable lol Oh well.

  5. Max says:

    firmware can not be 2.61

  6. VitA says:

    Plz i have 1 Question : When We See The Ps ViTa HAckEd
    !!!! !!!! !!! !!!! !!
    .. … .. ..
    … ……

  7. Hellbelial says:

    September? are you kidding me? i didnt see any VHBL in september i was on your website all the time.

  8. Haze7 says:

    I didn’t know Vita pr0xy existed. I was trying to run Charles Proxy for a long time. This post was very helpful!
    P.S Can you tell me if I can run the new eCFW on 2.60?

  9. ivo says:

    why does ps3proxyserver need dot net
    when my windows8 says it gots dotnet
    on windows7 no problem aslong
    as u are on the dotnet firmware before
    they changed dotnet into windows8

    no chance for me to buy a 181 vita in store
    and to proxy update to 202 xD
    or use the game download hack

  10. missle says:


    Any update on the release of TN V?

  11. Duke says:

    Hai wololo,

    Can you help my with somthing.
    Here is my question I wanted to transfer a ps vita game with my ps3 rogero 4.40.3 to my vita.

    I saw a program called psnstuff with this program i could download pacages. Fore example..

    Title ID: PCSF000024
    Name: Gravity Rush
    Type: Ps vita
    Region: EU

    If i did this it made a PKG file Wath could be crackt with
    A Rap file.

    I could install it to the ps3 and it saw the legal full game. The name and psvita. wenn i ran it, the screen pops up (Connect) to the vita to transfer)I could not check the last stap because i needed to update my ps3 to connect to the psn ๐Ÿ™

    So now….. could this work, because i saw a youtube video about a jurman dude how could transfer it with multiman.

    Please say wath you think of this teory Thanks


    This is a link to better explane the psn stuff.

  12. Sky Yuki says:

    When will psp revolution available on vhbl

  13. totalizator says:

    You mention PSP Revolution but it’s version 0.3 when there is new 0.4 available (compatible with modern CFW + no more slowdowns in the XMB when you have huge music directory).

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