Best PSP/Vita homebrews for September 2013

If you’re one of the lucky people running an eCFW such as TN CEF, or ARK, or maybe VHBL on your Vita, or simply if you own a PSP running a Custom Firmware and are looking for good homebrew games, look no further. Here is our ranking of the best 10 homebrews this month, as voted by you.

Reminder: you can add your own homebrews to our /downloads Database, and vote for your favorite ones. This doesn’t require any login.

No huge surprise this month, but a few new welcome additions.

10. PSP Revolution

You’ll never truly understand life until you’ve played Dance Dance Revolution… PSP Revolution will of course not give you the same physical experience, but is still a nice challenge for your fingers. Still one of the best musical games on the PSP to date, and it’s a homebrew :)

Download PSP Revolution here

9. CEF 6.60 TN (Vita only)

Many Vita owners have been enjoying homebrews in the psp emulator for a while now, since the first release of VHBL more than a year ago. But Total_Noob’s CEF stepped the game up by introducing full psp homebrew support, plugins and backup supports on the Vita. This is still limited to the lucky people who are able to get the exploitable games in time, but CEF is the most popular eCustom Firmware for the Vita even today

Download CEF here

8. Vita Pr0xy

Skfu’s tool is a proxy and as such will work a bit like Charles proxy, except it has a few additional features dedicated to the Vita. All in one, the perfect companion if you are trying to stay on a lower Vita firmware.

Download Vita pr0xy here

7. Yifan Lu’s openCMA

An alternate to Sony’s Content Manager Assistant, this version of openCMA lets you, among other things, to copy files from and to your vita without being connected to the internet. And this is for Linux (for Which Sony does not provide any support)

Download openCMA here

6. Wagic

Wagic is an heroic fantasy card game inspired by a famous TCG. Although I personally haven’t been updating Wagic in a while, our devs team is still maintaining the SVN code, and our community is still adding new cards regularly.

Download Wagic here

5. yMenu

yMenu is one of the many menus for VHBL. It is efficient and pretty sexy.

Download yMenu here

4. Open CMA

The patch from Virtuous Flame that lets you copy files from and to your Vita without having to be connected to the internet. Yes, having to be constantly connected just to copy files is stupid and unnecessary, as proven by the popularity of this tool.

Download openCMA here

3. Lamecraft

Lamecraft never leaves our top 10 for very long, it was the surprise homebrew of the Genesis competition we organized in 2011, and remains one of the best psp homebrews there is. And, until Minecraft finally gets its port, it is the closest you’ll get to play Minecraft on your PS Vita (or your psp, for that matter).

Download lamecraft here

2. PSP Guitar

A new comer in our monthly ranking. This is a fairly old homebrew, but I guess classics never die

Download PSP Guitar here

1. Pro CFW

The PSP is not supported by Sony anymore, but still has lots of users. Pro CFW is the most popular custom firmware, works on all models of PSPs with the latest firmware, and unleashes the power of your console. You can check our install guide here

Download Pro CFW here


Keep voting and adding your homebrews to our community database! Apologies for the time it took me to review the latest entries this year, I’ll try to be more diligent moving forward :)

  1. rafael707’s avatar

    Question:how many lucky people you think have eCFW on their vita? US? Worldwide?


    1. wololo’s avatar

      Good question. When we released TN’s eCFW initially, and based on the numbers of downloads + a bit of extrapolation, somewhere between 10’000 and 50’000 people got the eCFW. How many of these people have updated since then, I can’t tell.


      1. rafael707’s avatar

        Wow such a small percantage, feel bad for the newcomers who missed out hehehe


    2. GuitaristMatt’s avatar

      enough to make certain psp games the number 1 downloads of the month.


        1. Nazim hightower’s avatar

          Is there anyway i can private message u something i need to tell u something really bad but i dont want other people seeing it. Please respond when u have a chance.


          1. wololo’s avatar

            you can pm me on the forum, or email me wagic.the.homebrew at gmail

  2. NXTGEN’s avatar

    I had ecfw but then my brother formated my vita then i couldnt delete anything do i updated and dont hav ecfw now and i cant even find my old account


  3. Nazim hightower’s avatar

    hey wololo did You get my email?


    1. wololo’s avatar

      Yup, and replied


  4. NeonAera’s avatar

    Nice list!! What about Halo revamped? I thought it would make it since it was pretty well-made in my opinion, and kinda playable lol Oh well.


  5. Max’s avatar

    firmware can not be 2.61


  6. VitA’s avatar

    Plz i have 1 Question : When We See The Ps ViTa HAckEd
    !!!! !!!! !!! !!!! !!
    .. … .. ..
    … ……


    1. Sky Yuki’s avatar

      Around november when ps4 released
      And new vita firmware released


  7. Hellbelial’s avatar

    September? are you kidding me? i didnt see any VHBL in september i was on your website all the time.


    1. Wizard’s avatar

      What are you talking about?


      1. Hellbelial’s avatar

        Exploit game dude,duh,i didnt see anything,or are those things run without that,what i mean the didnt release an exploit in september.


  8. Haze7’s avatar

    I didn’t know Vita pr0xy existed. I was trying to run Charles Proxy for a long time. This post was very helpful!
    P.S Can you tell me if I can run the new eCFW on 2.60?


    1. Haze7’s avatar

      By new I mean upcoming.


  9. ivo’s avatar

    why does ps3proxyserver need dot net
    when my windows8 says it gots dotnet
    on windows7 no problem aslong
    as u are on the dotnet firmware before
    they changed dotnet into windows8

    no chance for me to buy a 181 vita in store
    and to proxy update to 202 xD
    or use the game download hack


  10. missle’s avatar


    Any update on the release of TN V?


  11. Duke’s avatar

    Hai wololo,

    Can you help my with somthing.
    Here is my question I wanted to transfer a ps vita game with my ps3 rogero 4.40.3 to my vita.

    I saw a program called psnstuff with this program i could download pacages. Fore example..

    Title ID: PCSF000024
    Name: Gravity Rush
    Type: Ps vita
    Region: EU

    If i did this it made a PKG file Wath could be crackt with
    A Rap file.

    I could install it to the ps3 and it saw the legal full game. The name and psvita. wenn i ran it, the screen pops up (Connect) to the vita to transfer)I could not check the last stap because i needed to update my ps3 to connect to the psn :(

    So now….. could this work, because i saw a youtube video about a jurman dude how could transfer it with multiman.

    Please say wath you think of this teory Thanks

    This is a link to better explane the psn stuff.


  12. Sky Yuki’s avatar

    When will psp revolution available on vhbl


  13. totalizator’s avatar

    You mention PSP Revolution but it’s version 0.3 when there is new 0.4 available (compatible with modern CFW + no more slowdowns in the XMB when you have huge music directory).



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