How to View Documents on your PSvita


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23 Responses

  1. Jamski says:

    Kinda tricky and needs quite some practice and patience… but very helpful! Thank you for the post man! 2 thumbs up! :)

  2. Sai says:

    Or just use your phone.

  3. JV says:

    Its off-line or must be online to read the document? i read documents sending it by email.

  4. MalaPersona says:

    Sony – Don’t letting us use our devices the way we should since … always

  5. JV says:

    Please… its online or i can read it offline too?

  6. hgoel0974 says:

    Well, nice trick but I have a way which makes it much simpler, I’ll write about it soon. :)

    • Darkenmal says:

      Please do Hgoel0974. And if you could email me as well since I do not frequent this place often (my name plus I would be sincerely greatful.

      Also could I read PDF’s offline?

    • Abdou005 says:

      The ” ” is the most easier way to read Pdf Online, i used it before having Tn-v and Bookr homebrew. Wooow that homebrew is a Miracle really <3

  7. nevercall says:

    export a pdf to jpgs…
    put the files in one folder,
    upload the folder to vita..
    go to pictures,
    find the folder,

    read the book.

    • sakke says:

      Talk about filesize. Jpgs arent very sharp either ex. reading small text from a large jpg can be impossible.

      • nevercall says:

        well the file size.. hmmm..

        as for reference…

        light novel Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya
        176 pages
        300-500 kB / page
        the total folder size is 71MB

        inverted color to save battery life..

  8. Haze7 says:

    Hey! I already knew this! I saw this in a website and the pictures and descriptions are identical. This is straight up plagiarism!

    • wololo says:

      Thank you and apologies for this. I have removed the article and am now pointing to the original instead. The guest blogger also apologized privately to me for this and won’t do this again.

  9. VictorWei says:

    Hi WOLOLO, Have you released the OPEN CMA for 2.12?? I cannot find it.

  10. Sal KNightRO says:

    At least give me some credit for making you aware… ;)

  11. nevercall says:

    sir wololo

    is there a way to make a pdf reader from PSMobile dev kit?

  12. raymond says:

    I did half of it and got a document error. Should I put a document in that area. I got alot in DRIVE

  13. momo says:

    i’ve been use this technique for a long time..
    well, i found it myself.

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